Dinner Date: Starters – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special) | SHORTS #60

*Simon hums* *Simon hums* *meows for attention* *Sigh* Hmm? *Curious sound* *Curious sound* *The sound of exclamations* *Dissapointed sound* *Angry sound* *Rustling of packet* *Interrogative sound* *Spits out* *Clinking of bottles* *Simon hums* Simon : Oof! Simon : Out. *Pleased humming* *Interrogative sound* *A lot rustling of packet* *Cucumber Falls* *Interrogative sound* *Scared cat sounds* *Interrogative sound* *Loud sound of falling* *Takes bite of bread* *Loud sound of eating* *Happy sound* *Sound of ripped cardboard* *Rustling of cat food* *Loud champing* *Rustling of cat food* *Simon hums* Simon : Huuh?? *Happy sound* *Purring* Simon : Ohhh… *Cat trills* Simon : Hmm.. *Interrogative sound* *Scared cat sounds* Simon : Wha..? *Laughing* Simon : Huh? Simon : Hmmm.. *End music plays*

100 thoughts on “Dinner Date: Starters – Simon’s Cat (A Valentine’s Special) | SHORTS #60

  1. kkk eeu goosto mmttttt desse deseenho amo amo amo.. ???????????????????adoooro!!! seraa q sou a unica brasileira q assiste? axo a nn em??

  2. How about a "Simon's Cat Logic: What is up with cats and cucumbers??"
    Why are cats so scared of an inanimate vegetable? xD

  3. EVERY. Time! lol

    Come in with groceries, boom its a new toy. I just love when he ducks into bag to hide then stands up all purring like I helped! 😀 Addicted to these cartoons thank you <3

  4. Die Gurke – The Cucumber #OMG #Funny Unsere mache Garnichts bei Gurken! Obwohl doch drauf rum kauen wie auch auf Aloe Vera!

  5. Cats are neurotic, aren't they? My cat Oreo is currently commandeering a tent I put up in my back yard. Guard that tent, Doctor Fangnclaw!!!

  6. Te puedo enseño español? Xd
    Que es fin de la musica juega? Dirás musica del final xdddd juega es= you play en ingles xd

    Can i teach you spanish?
    What is fin de la musica juega
    Do you say músic in end
    Juega= you playa in english

  7. Why can I see the theme and description of the video in Spanish? I'm from Ecuador and love Simon's cat
    Puedo ver el tema y la descripción del vídeo en español ¿alguien me podría explicar? Soy de Ecuador

  8. nice movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I lose it every time Cat tears open the box of food, grabs a paw full and starts snacking. It's too adorable!

  10. Step 1: Obtain cat.
    Step 2: Deposit cat in room.
    Step 3: Close door.
    Step 4: Sort out any activities that require absence of cat.
    Step 5: Open door.
    Step 6: Play with cat. Preferably while recording for youtube.

  11. parece que hasta el gato de simon le teme a los pepinos, te recomiendo ver videos de gatos vs pepinos :3

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