Digging Tower ☆HAMSTER DIY☆

How to make a digging tower You will need: Popsicle sticks Strong scissors / wire cutters Metal file / sandpaper PVA glue Pencil Sticky tape Blutack Begin by laying out 2 rows of 18 sticks. This will be the main wall of the tower. Tip: use rulers or anything with flat edges to straighten up the sticks. Take 2 more sticks. These will hold our wall together. Cut about 1cm from each end of the sticks, so that together they match the length of the wall. File down all the rough edges with your file or sandpaper. Sketch out a hole big enough for your hamster to fit through. One by one, cut the segments out. Be careful not to split the sticks! File each one as you go. Splinters can be harmful to hamsters, so it’s important everything is smooth as possible! Now it’s time to glue that panel onto the middle of the wall. PVA glue is non-toxic and water-based, so it will dissolve if ingested. Other glues like hot glue are not recommended as they are plastic-based and could cause blockages if accidentally swallowed. Cut 3 sticks in half for the fence. Make another panel, this time for the top. Make a third panel for the fence, leaving enough room for the bridge. I left a 5-stick gap, but I’d recommend 6 or 7. Flip the wall and add panels to both sides of the bottom. Then add panels to the center and top. Glue a stick above the doorway for strength. The side wall has 2 panels of 9 sticks. Chop the ends off 4 sticks to make panels. It’s easier to assemble the wall with the panels facing down. Mark and cut out another doorway. I shouldn’t have glued them yet. ^_^’ Add a fence to the top the same way as last time, and panels on both sides of the bottom. Glue a stick below the doorway for strength. You will need 10 sticks for the platform. Make a fence. Glue 2 sticks to the platform to keep it together. Flip the platform and attach the fence. Now for the ladder. I made mine 5 sticks wide, but I’d recommend 6 or 7. Cut some sticks to make steps. Flip the ladder and glue a stick to the center to attach the two halves. Cut the ends off a stick. Flip the ladder and glue them to the top. Add 2 more bits of stick for strength. Lean the walls together. Glue along the meeting edges. Glue sticks in the corners for support. Use 1 under the platform and 2 between the walls. Divide 2 sticks into 3 sticks to use as steps. Glue them onto the side wall. Lay down 5 sticks for the base of the tunnel. Attach the sticks together with 2 beams. Start building the wall at a 90 degree angle. Add bits of stick to keep it together. Use 8 sticks for the roof of the tunnel. Use sticky tape to temporarily hold the sticks in place. Use a tube big enough for your hamster to use as a template. Blutack keeps the tube from rolling. Lay the sticks over the top, tape side down. Fill the gaps with glue. Trace around the tunnel on the side wall. Cut out the hole (I should have done this before gluing the wall). Make sure the tunnel fits. Finally, glue the tunnel in place.

100 thoughts on “Digging Tower ☆HAMSTER DIY☆

  1. That looks fun to make. I don’t plan to adopt a hamster. Maybe I will make things for them and support other hamster owners.

  2. 9:43 sweet Vanilla sleeping. I love ALL your videos there so inspirational and I have four hamsters ones a dwarf and the other three are Syrian. I made/tried to make all your tutorials. P.S thanks for sharing your videos to the world.( if I get up to 100 likes on this comment I will buy another hamster).

  3. I am kind of curious as to what kinds of scissors you are using. None of the ones I have can cut through the popsicle sticks well.

  4. Awesome tutorial ! I firmly believe that your fuzzy friend is not spoiled and here is why, if we remove any creature from it's natural habitat it is our duty to go above and beyond to give them the most amazing life possible to help compensate for their kidnapping. Love them with all your heart and soul or don't adopt at all.

  5. Hello Vanilla hammy! I have a question I have 3 syrian hamsters What recommended size should the hamster cage be? I put them in a 10 gallon aquarium they’re cage is only temporary it will be changed soon. They always run in the wheel and eat alot!

  6. Is hot glue safe for them? Like let’s say their is a bit of hot glue coming out of 2 potstickers is it bad?

  7. You make it look so easy working with popsicle sticks.. i spent 3 hours working on a hanging bridge and it always fell..i scratched that idea cuz my back was aching.

  8. My no haf a hamster, but haf a guinea pig end my does a hause for my guinea pig shes name is Taca?my not speeak in english, but i know a litle! Beautifol hause!!!??

  9. could i make some bits out of cardboard (obviously not the floor invade it breaks) but like a side out of it? (not all the sides because it isn’t as strong)

    edit: also, RIP Vanilla

  10. I have a tip for those without sandpaper. Use a rough chair or a price of. Loo red paper or something.my chair has a rough surface so I used that and it left no splinters

  11. I might try and make this for Buttercup since she really likes to dig but my other two hamsters couldn't care less about digging XD All hamsters are different though. Amazing video

  12. Its so nice to see an owner who really cares for their hamster instead of sticking them in tiny cages. You're awseome?

  13. I really want a hamster ???❤️❤️❤️❤️ they’re so cute and I’ve literally looked up everything about them. I swear I’m in love ?

  14. How did you cut the holes? Every time I tried the popsicle sticks broke, does anyone have any other way to do it???

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