Hello and welcome to Animal Watch and
this week we’re meeting the formidable anti-poaching dogs of Ol’ Pejeta Africa.. Vast, wild and beautiful. Mountains
stretching to the clouds and Serengeti spanning thousands of miles. The cradle
of human civilization and home to the Big Five. Elephants, water buffalo, lions,
leopards and the rhino. Kenya situated in the east of Africa is celebrated for the
richness of wildlife it possesses, but this beauty hasn’t gone unnoticed.
Poachers are drawn to this natural wilderness in the hope to claim a rhino
horn worth $60,000 a kilo on the black market or perhaps ivory, a lion skin or
even an illegal hunt to adorn a head on a wall from a once beautiful and
breathing creature. Ol’ Pejeta Conservancy – famous for its black rhino
restoration project and the protection of the last two remaining Northern White
Rhinos on Planet Earth have had their fair share of heartbreaking poaching.
This sadness has however resulted in the creation of a super anti-poaching team
of heroes both human and canine. Meet Ol’ Pejeta’s anti-poaching team – A highly
trained and skilled set of Rangers who work hand-in-paw with a lethal team of
canine comrades. Meet Otis a super skilled bloodhound
who is first on the scene when there is an intruder alert. His powerful olfactory
system is 40 times more powerful than that of a human and will take the
Rangers rights to be intruder’s location Meet Drum Springer Spaniel – highly
trained to locate ammunition of all kinds and will find any incriminating
evidence hidden by intruders and poachers His enthusiasm and
energy is boundless until he finds what he seeks… and then there is Diego
Ol’ Pejeta’s jewel in the crown – 45 kilos of pure muscle and a locking jaw that
can break a person’s forearm. Not only can he track a poacher for miles, his
sheer strength and lethal command controlled man-training means he is the
one that will take a fleeing intruder to the ground if they refuse to surrender.
You had better NOT run from Diego that’s for sure. So today I’m meeting the
terrific trio along with their trainers and protectors at Ol’ Pejeta and we’ll
find out just how lethal this super team really is. Hello John. Hello Anneka. Pleased to meet you. This is Diego He’s a Belgian Malinois dog. He’s a patrol dog. Oh wow!
He’s amazing We use him as a patrol to patrol with our team at
the night. Oh he’s so muscular Yeah. Would you like to see the other patrol dogs?
Yes I would love to see all of your dogs That would be fantastic Anneka this is Otis this is a bloodhound
we use him for tracking he’s absolutely beautiful then of course
bloodhounds have got incredible sense of smell don’t they so if you have an
intruder here you go out with your bloodhounds to try and find a person
that’s come in. And you know we have done a lot of
work with Otis and we have a lot of success with him and we have a lot of people
arrested and pending cases in court regarding the dogs and Otis
is among the first dog unit in the country to be satisfied by the
So if you get an intruder and they tell you there’s an intruder how
many of the bloodhounds do you take out with you?
Because we have three dogs here, tracking dogs, one dog’s on the trail two dogs back on the land cruiser, so maybe when Otis is on the
trail we have two dogs to support him and bring another dog in and bring him
out off the track, because sometimes you can’t take up to the whole day.
How far away can an intruder be? Now days you can’t track up to 12 kilometers.
12 kilometers that’s amazing!
so he must be fit to track the one we are following. He’s amazing and of course he’s a
huge wildlife hero then, so one of the Ol’ Pejeta heroes aren’t you?
And he’s still young he’s twenty six month old now and they still have
time to improve, because we give our dogs work up to eight years. then he will be retired, so give him somebody who can take care of him That’s lovely and
he’s such a beautiful dog look at him What a wonderful temperament, so docile. He’s very affectionate.
And now you have met Otis would you like to meet the puppies? Our
next generation of dogs for tracking.
Puppies! One of the interesting thing about
Bloodhounds are they’re amazing long ears. Now these dogs have been bred to have very, very long ears ’cause when they’re
tracking on the ground the ears flick the soil and sort of wafts the smell
towards their nose and their amazing sense of smell will then be able to to
pick up more of what they’re following and of course with these future
generation of tracking dogs the poachers means more lives saved here at Ol’
Meet Drum a Springer Spaniel. we trained him to search for weapons and ammunition and now he’s a one-year-old, he’s still young.
He’s still young, so he’s still in training.
Yes still training, so he
came here to support the anti-poaching unit especially Bloodhounds and Dutch Malinois, so we
can take the dogs, tracking dogs so you can track and we’ll get to
to somebody’s house, maybe we think you have a gun, we can use a springer
spaniel to search the house. So he’s basically got an incredible sense of smell and of course their personality is they like to flush things out, they like to find things. And of course we know he’s got an wonderful personality as well. Look at him, he’s so excitable, you can tell he’s still young. But when he goes off to find something, he’s really good at it. Once he have the harness on. You put the harness on the dog, you know he working.You not to pull him again. He do what he supposed to do Ok so once he’s working, then he’ll be on the job Now if he’s sniffing out ammunition and weapons and things like that, do you have to give him something to smell? No, no, because now he know what he’s doing. We put his harness on, we tell him to search Once he’s searched, we do not
allow him to touch, because maybe a gun is loaded or it’s a bomb that can kill, so
once they come and get him and tell him to sit and we give him a Kong ball or something and run away but we not allow him to touch the magazine or a gun
cause it’ll be more dangerous.
So when he finds it, he’ll just sit
He’ll show you, then he’ll just sit, give him a kong and take him from the place. What a clever dog Meet Diego, he’s a Dutch Malinois, he’s one of our patrol dogs. He patrol with our team in the night to make sure Ol’ Pejeta perimeter and corridors are safe and
also he patrol to support our wildlife and also to support our communities so they
work together with the bloodhounds and the spaniel
so you can take all the dogs if anything happen. So Diego, he’s a Dutch Malinois and of course he looks a lot
broader in the head, doesn’t he to a Belgian Malinois? They look much smaller in the face. He’s ever so muscly. Now he’s one of the dogs that will go and grab an intruder or a poacher
won’t he and pull him to the ground so he’s trained, proper man trained this dog? And how powerful is he? Diego’s very powerful so you must be careful I think he’ll come for your arm, because he’s trained to come for your arm, cause if you’re armed you’ll try to shoot him – he’ll come for your arm and he will break your arm. He will break your arm?
oh my goodness me Ok so then he’ll grab the arm and then what’s the idea? Just to pull to them to the ground? Yes and he can’t release you until the handler come or someone come to tell him to release So what does he do? Does he just hold the arm really tight or does he shake it?
He will shake your arm. After meeting the incredible dogs I
was told that we were to join the anti poaching team out on an exercise to
demonstrate the lethal capabilities of the squad.The dogs were carefully loaded into the truck and they seemed very excited to
get out there and work to save Ol’ Pejeta’s precious wildlife. We arrived a
few miles away out in the deserted bush where team leader John explained what
was to happen.The two intruders were to head off into the bush and Otis would be
the first dispatched to track the intruders smell. Otis’s excitement was
building so when he was given the scent to match the target he was super keen
and when he was allowed to start tracking, he was fast and strong. We
needed to be quick just to keep up with him. His ears swept the ground wafting
the scent towards his nose feeding him a full detailed breakdown of the intruder
he needed to find. Finally after several minutes, Otis cleverly located the intruders and the team were able to apprehend one of
them. Otis was rewarded with food from the Ranger, so that he understood not to
take food from the intruders in case it was laced with a poison, also this
reinforced that his prize was the capture of the intruder The other intruder
ran so now it was time for Diego to show his skills and boy was he excited to get
going The intruder ran and ran looking back
over his shoulder but it was fruitless as diego was given the command to go. His launch was powerful, his muscles rippled and soon he caught up clearing the
ground and with huge force and agility latching those deadly locking teeth hard
down on the intruder’s arm refusing to let go until his handler gave him the
command to unlock. Even then we could see that he needed a few seconds to come out
of the zone and release Then the enthusiastic Drum was set loose
to find any discarded ammunition and evidence that the poachers may have
thrown away. It wasn’t long before he found what he was seeking. He’s trained
to sit next to the ammunition just in case what he finds is explosive and
dangerous. Rewarded with his favourite toy for his efforts he was very happy.
Everyone headed back to the van for a team photo and a big congratulations was
in order for the furry threesome whose skills have managed to take down two
intruders who could have potentially targeted an innocent animal maybe even
one of the last two northern white rhinos Well I hope you enjoyed this
rather exciting episode of Animal Watch you met the fantastic bloodhound that
tracked for mile upon mile you met the ferocious and courageous Malinois and
you met the fun and wonderful spaniel with his incredible sense of smell and
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  1. The Belgian Malinois is the most favourite dog of military service and police service. This dogs ability is unbelievable. Many Malinois worked in the middle East with the United States forces. One of them was captured by those sick islamic bastards.
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    As for these poachers…Shoot On Sight!

  8. The Malinois is a spectacular dog, but i'm a Springer guy at heart, still miss my 2 springers =(
    3 beautiful, amazing dogs there.

  9. I showed this to my 8-year-old who now wants to run away to Kenya and do work like this. Can't say I don't understand the desire, this is one of the coolest methods of animal preservation out there!

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