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today we are talking about diatomaceous earth which is natural pest control 100% food grade 35 diatomaceous earth continuing on our series dog cat dog a dog a dog acts hey guys welcome back to diatomaceous earth us like what the heck is diatomaceous earth well vivacious earth is shells from many made moons ago like prehistoric aged shells that are microscopic and under a microscope they look like broken glass shards yeah so to us our bodies they can handle that but to insects and bugs and pretty creepy crawlers they can't handle that it kills them dead yeah mother nature's like yeah here you go you want some natural bug killer kind of fruit dog food human proof like my desserts all an insect has to do is either creepy Carl acrostic or ingest some diatomaceous earth and yeah like gonzo it's only a matter of time before they're and it so what we do for our pest control how we use it our house our outside of our hose and on our pets is we buy diatomaceous earth by the 10 pound bag and the bulk which lasts somewhat quite a long time like flour or a fine sugar your drywaller drywall taping powder like ninety minute mud it's very important I must note that you get a hundred percent food grade it's important that you get food grades so that it's safe for you and your pet rook and yeah I said you give us humans can use it all right we do use it so what we do is we have an Old Spice Old Spice as we were saying we have an old spice rack you know the ones that have place right let's place bottle anyway that have things the hole so you can sprinkle it out oh and how we use it is you can sprinkle it directly on to your pet and then just kind of shake it into their fur we often do it for our cat not so much our dog because it's just really a lot of there's so much hair that it's it's really dusty it is really dusty water I think yeah you're gonna ways to get it into his body yes so to avoid the dust storm I just simply we only have a few rugs in her house and so I'll take it and I'll sprinkle it into our rugs and it'll work its way in Y is really good the worm and also we like to put it on his max because he loves his max and anywhere outside where he often lays he has a few shady spots where he'll often sprinkle it yeah it'll prevent the fleas and he might survive the subtle buck father him takes care of it right away so I highly encouraged getting you know a big big we might not be the 10 pound bag but get a big bake and then just grab yourself a little container you know the whole reduce reuse recycle the three hours you're helping the environment and you know helping your pets and yourself true so not only can you apply this on the exterior of the body but how do we get our pets to ingest it all you need to do is mix it in with their food that's it it's tasteless odourless it's very easy for you to mix it in your pecks not know it's there yeah we can't taste it they eat it dietary and Earth has a ton of minerals in it it really does magnesium there's sodium calcium irons and a many many many other trace minerals that your animals needs so it doesn't not hurt to get those microscopic shells into their diet yeah get it in them get it on them however you can it'll take care of the pests and you know make them happy to boot you know what else it does what it's a dewormer yes it takes care of all those worms looks like you don't even have to give it to them they eat it and the worms are going get like roundworm tapeworm but worms whipworms hook worms takes care of them all like get rid of all the only of those eat diatomaceous earth and it's super cheap a lot cheaper than the medication getting it from your back you may be wondering okay so we know how I don't get it on their body we know how to get it in their body but how much do we actually do em so for puppies half a teaspoon mix it into their meals for anything under 80 pounds that's not a puppy one teaspoon anything over 80 pounds two teaspoons and if you want to jump on the bandwagon of natural pest control like we do you want to do this continuously yeah it's always mix it in there you do that way you're on top there getting these great minerals there's no downfall to it you just gotta mix it in with your daily 19 it's a natural easy to use and if you're curious to use it yourself as a natural dewormer for the human population you would just use one to two teaspoons and mix it in your water and take it for two weeks up to a month and you are detox detox and warm talks to you what I mean so until the next video bye okay can you lay down Bing Bing hey Stan good boy easy easy

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  1. Just be certain it is food grade, not the type used for pool filters and other uses. Those contain amorphous silica and can be quite hazardous if inhaled. Personally, I have tried food grade DME for garden pests (aphids) and was not impressed, it did not work very well at all. We don't have fleas where we live so have not found a need for flea control so I cannot comment on that use.

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