Diane Madden talks about the corruption at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

hi my name is Diane Madden I’m with
Hope for Hempstead Shelter I’m here today I’m on many things but to support these
advocates who are not afraid to raise public awareness they believe that we
can do better for our animals they believe that we should expect to raise
the bar on standards and expectations not lower it to accommodate the
government if I had a message for oil advocates to understand is that animal
welfare is all political it’s 100 percent political and we need to take
responsibility and start taking responsibility for getting very involved
with who we’re electing take a look at their history if they’ve done anything
to improve the lives or protect our animals getting back to Hempstead how
our story ties in to the New York City AC and C and this wonderful protest
which is bringing out probably hundreds of people is that two years ago the
person that took over our shelter where we were finally seeing the experts come
in we were finally seeing loving hands on the animals we were finally seeing a
kill shelter transform into a loving adoption center with a vision until 2014
when Michael pastori formally decades from the New York City
ACNC took over and was fired at our beloved shelter since that day buddy
programs the dogs have been vanished agility programs gone loving volunteers
bands loving just people that would come in from the community felt unwelcome and
worst of all all of the experts that were qualified that had backgrounds of
loving Humane Societies either will push down bully down set up to fail just
recently we lost our coordinator who for two and a half years
or more built this event program almost on her own until she was set up to fail
by this director and resigned we are ready and preparing to file yet another
lawsuit for very much the same reasons for violating freedom of speech for
defamation of character for harassment there’s a bogus investigation internal
investigation going on within the town of hempstead where I was personally told
the predetermined outcome of an investigation that is supposed to
address all of the complaints of bullying and harassment and corruption
and mismanagement and I’ve been told that investigation is about me
that leaves me no choice in the same way that had happened in 2009 to protect
myself to protect the animals and to eventually privatize that Animal Shelter
because I’m going to circle back that animal welfare is all political what is
different about the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is that again
the money the government has managed to use our shelter as an ATM machine as an
employment agency for their own purposes they capitalize on our animals on the
backs of our animals in a four million dollar Animal Shelter three million
dollars is in payroll and yet you walk into that animal shelter at any time and
there are times you don’t see an employee no one caring for the animals
you see if you of the typical volunteers that are
willing to stay silent that is why they hold on to town of hempstead animal
shelter because it is a money issue it is an old mine three million dollars in
many no-show jobs political favors patronage promotions not qualified
reputable staff with proven backgrounds in humane societies or no-kill shelters
you ask why do they push people out they circle the wagons the minute anyone
complains about conditions anyone complains about animal suffering anyone
poses a question they they are made to sign agreements that they won’t speak
about atrocities we want to see that done away way and we want to see it
happen here and we want to see it happen on Long Island

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