Diamond Pet Foods Business Spotlight (Meta, MO)

hello my name is mark shell on the vice-president for diamond pet foods our products are sold worldwide and made right here in me desert diamond pet food products are shipped 70 countries around the world all 50 states making me found across Missouri and your favorite farm and feed store our independent pet shop diamond pet foods was found at April 1st 1970 currently diamond pet foods is a fifth largest pet food manufacturer in the world diamond pet Foods employees about 180 people at our meat a facility in the pet food industry Missouri is a very good location many ingredients that are common to all pet foods can be found in the state of Missouri the benefits of the lieutenant-governor's bio missouri program is number one the consumer knows they're getting a good quality missouri product number two the sales of those products support missouri jobs the by missouri incentive means to me Missourians helping Missourians and also giving our four-legged friends a good quality Missouri product you

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