Diablo 3 save editor how to add pets

okay everybody this is attempt number two I did the video the first time and then realized I was wearing the wrong headset so you could barely hear me anyways we're going to talk about how to add and send pets from your second account to your main accounts so okay first off of course you're going to need the editor now you're going to need to log in log in is in the top left here top right top that corner okay he get me right right there you can see the mouse pretty sure anyways when you click on log in and you know what course log in now if you aren't able to log in you'll have to purchase an activation code for it for an extra yeah it's an activation code that there is pretty self-explanatory just click on the purchase activation ID and it'll take you to the website to do so now once you have logged in you will begin adding pets now in order to add a pet you would just click new make sure this is highlighted okay go down to cosmetics now start choosing the pets you'll start adding now my suggestion is add these pets first okay you start adding all these pets first these cosmetic ones when she gets to these skip those go to the next ones so there's about 50 plus regular pets up until the liver Canas the ghost dog okay now the ghost dog is only obtainable if you have a pre-order save it will not show up on your account otherwise so now once you have added all of these pets now this is all the pets I just mentioned on a con here once you have added all these pets then you will go to another character and you will add all of the cosmetic pets again just go to here the pet section of cosmetics and add the cosmetic pets on a different tab once you have done so you know make sure you file save all I'm not doing it because my thumb drive is already in the PlayStation 3 ready to go because yeah best of that first video completely anyways now that we've done this part let's go over to the ps3 ok so what you're going to want to do is going to click on you know go to your save data storage save data utility USB device find your file coppy yes yes I'm pretty sure I want to overwrite my save file there is nothing I've thought about more now again this is on my second account so this will not mess with my main account at all now we're going to go and lunch diablo 3 reaper of souls now I am using the ps3 and ps4 versions of the game I do not have an Xbox 360 pretty sure it's fairly similar but do not ask anybody on the site to explain the Xbox 360 version I'm pretty sure there are guides out there on how to but I don't think anybody actually you know there might be but don't ask me to explain the Xbox 360 version you do I'm just going to look at you funny through the screen so now once you load into the game do not click on continue okay don't go to continue do not go straight to more go to export save now once you have exported said save you will go to your art in the institution for okay so now that we're over here we're going to the ps4 now that we're over here to the ps4 we're going to well quit to the title screen go down to more around the import but by now you should already know this part yes except okay so now that you've imported now first the character that you have loaded all of the main pets on Hakan was that character for me not the cosmetic ones you want to log into this character first I don't know if there's a difference you can test that out that's if you really want to continue doing this over and over again now we already know oops okay see I'm got a little lag since I'm on the computer here still so so I'm gonna go run Abass things no go back now see you're gonna transfer everything over oh you know what just transfer everything over even the pink ones you don't have to transfer over the pink ones you're just going to drop on the ground anyways or get rid of oops go back smashed too many buttons okay this will leave him with just you know the bare minimum whatever II auto consumed now what we're going to do is we're going to go to the second character now remember I have done this on soft core so if you want to do this on hard court you have to do these same exact steps just with hardcore characters so we are not logging in to what's-her-face here Clockwerk now we're going to go get all these dope run past the box goofy come back get it get it Oh target yes stereo so now we're going to take everything out you know let me switch over let me switch over to you real quick this is gonna go on whoa whoa volumes we are not expected turning them down okay so pull out everything except for the pink you leave the paint in for now well one person Shire can stay there now what we do go over to the mailbox then you can mail all of these pets over okay so you got blazed you got my bones if you got a prayer on our account um and then the emerald serpent friendly gone across town blah blah blah now you can send all of these to your other account it's going to slow down and may crash the game oh and I'm successfully said and there we go that is all you have to do that's a if you have any other questions hold them just seriously hold them it's just don't like Diffie you can follow this video pretty sure it's pretty simple so once you have done then you log into your main account once you have logged into your main account they will be in your mailbox you will pull them out and then you will learn them or consume them whichever so that is it for this video hope this helped and you guys have a good night or day

9 thoughts on “Diablo 3 save editor how to add pets

  1. Hey, love this video. Iv been looking for a few pets on d3 xbox version. Could you help me? I may have something you need as trade? Let me know 🙂

  2. None of the pets and wings appear to be tradable via mailbox to main account.. Still stuck on secondary where i modded them and some of them appear learnable..
    I create a new item, set Gbid, Pet tier quality, quantity 2…
    Any suggestion?

  3. Hey, could you help me out here? Is there any way to make the Cosmic Wings tradeable? I've been farming for ages and can't get it to drop, this is kinda my last resort. Thanks!

  4. Every time I go into D3 on my Ps3 it says my save is corrupted and only one of my characters remains, but they don't have any of the edited items. Is it because I'm using vanilla D3 on my Ps3? Do I need the Reaper of Souls version on the Ps3?

  5. Works but not without a lot of trouble. Certain items seem to disappear when sending, some items show as learnable even though they've been selected. You can resend and try to relearn the ones that disappear. Pet's are pretty bad. Took 3 mailings to learn them and I'm still missing some though none of them are hard enough to obtain that I'm going to bother trying to resend them.

  6. Do you need to be logged in for cosmetics(wings and pets) ? I can manage to mod some in when I'm not logged in but most don't appear?

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