Diabetic Alert Dog Feature: Timm’s Story

– I’m a proud owner of an
SDWR diabetic alert dog. Her name is BKKA. We’ve always had a dog in the house. We have a cat but it’s a little different because of what she makes us do every day. She’s constantly making
me check my blood sugars, if they’re high or low. – For about 10 years, we
were doing it all ourselves with the doctor’s help. We just decided, let’s go the next step; I want it to get much better. I wanted an extra pair of
eyes to be there for him and that’s where we decided
to get the Diabetic Alert Dog. And being type 2, it was very hard to even find an organization to help us. – [Timm] We were very
fortunate to find SDWR, and the rest is history. – [Karin] I feel they’ve made
the perfect match because I don’t know if we could do anything better than BKKA there. She fits our personality. We travel a lot; she’s a great traveler. She’s just kind of fit into our lives. – At the Timme, I was on a knee scooter in a CAM boot-type thing
and we knew we were gonna have the surgery about a
year after we got the dog, so we were preparing for that. – With Timm, it was half from
his diabetes and half from his other disease he has that caused
him to have an amputation. – And then after my surgery,
I was pretty much immobile for like a month or two
’til I got my prosthetic. She was layin’ in my bed, she
was acting as a comfort dog. Obviously, she was
alerting me to the nurses in the hospital, saying that
my blood sugar was high. And they said, no it isn’t,
we just checked an hour ago. I said check again
because she’s alerting me and they checked and
they couldn’t believe it. – We had to kinda
incorporate BKKA’s training to help Timm with his mobility,
not just with his diabetes. Having BKKA right next to him in the wheelchair worked really well. She was so good about walking to the side. She would brace him so
he could get up, out. He did have some falls. There were several Timmes I wasn’t around. Timm always says, she’s
there, she helped me up! There’s a lot of things that
you have to follow through with if you want your dog to be the best service dog for yourself. So we followed through and
she’s been nothing but great. – [Timm] They tell you exactly
what the dog is trained to do after they hand the dog off. Every day we had to do a daily journal. Did you have your dog do
this, do this type thing? So we continue to do
those on a regular basis. – I said we need to
train her on calling 911. She learned it very quickly. I didn’t even have to call
the trainers a second Timme. I said, oh my gosh,
she’s already doing it! My mom is diabetic as well,
so when we do go visit, she’s working double-Timme and it’s amazing ’cause my mom doesn’t think
that she’s ever out of range. Well, she’s out of range a lot more than she ever thinks she is. – Here it is two years later. We’re pretty much managing a good range. My highs aren’t that high anymore or lows aren’t that low anymore because of our SDWR Service Dog. But yeah, she’s a great dog. – She’s our tattletale
because any Timme she alerts, she’s pretty much right every Timme. And Timm keeps calling her,
you’re being a tattletale! But she’s a good tattletale and I love it because otherwise we would never know. Since we have gotten
BKKA, we have grown this huge community of SDWR
families and it’s such a bond. Whether it’s a diabetic
alert dog or an autism dog or a seizure dog, we still
have that tie together. And I don’t know, with
Facebook and everything, gosh, it’s just a wonderful thing ’cause you feel so close
to all the families. – [Timm] There’s gotta be
what, five, 600 dogs out there from SDWR so there’s
families wherever you live, there’s families out there that have already experienced everything. And they’re willing to go
anywhere in the United States and say hey, this is
what you should expect, this is our dog, and they’re amazing.

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