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From the people that brought you Lunal comes
prescription-strength Immortalia: a revolutionary new combat elixir shown to relieve the crippling
existential crises of your second life. Welcome back guardians, today we covering
some exotic weapon lore, specifically the Jade Rabbit. The Jade Rabbit featured in Destiny 1 not
only in the exotic scout rifle but also in the emblem that could be found on the moon. The Destiny 1 grimoire card for the Jade Rabbit
was very short on lore, only really saying The significance of the markings: 玉兔,
or “Jade Rabbit,” are unfortunately lost to history. However, now that the Jade Rabbit has been
re-introduced into Destiny 2, the lore has been expanded. This being said, to truly understand the lore
tab for the Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit, you need to understand the Chinese folk lore of the
Jade Rabbit. So today, I am going to tell you the story
of the jade Rabbit and how it relates to the Destiny 2 lore tab. The artwork featured at the beginning of this
video was provided by Gammatrap and paid for with your generous donations on patreon. A link is below if you are interested. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy
this latest destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
Firstly, please know that there are multiple stories of the Jade Rabbit and a number of
variations in each story, so this is just one version. Once we understand the story of the Jade Rabbit,
the Lore tab in Destiny 2 will make much more sense. This story starts with the Jade Emperor, ruler
of the Heavens. In the heavens there was an immortal known
as Wu Gang (Wu Gung), whose job was to create the Pill of Immortality. This pill was given to the immortals every
thousands years so that they could remain immortal and was strictly not to be given
to mortals. Wu Gang broke this rule and the Jade Emperor
punished Wu Gang by sentencing him to cut a magical tree that would continuously heal. The Jade Emperor now required another divine
medicine maker to create the pill of immortality and so he sent three immortals to earth in
order to find a suitable candidate. However, the Jade Emperor requested that an
animal be found, as humans were too easily corrupted. The three immortals devised a plan to choose
the next divine medicine maker and transformed themselves into three old men, and placed
themselves in the middle of a forest proclaiming to be lost and hungry. They pleaded with the forest creatures to
bring them food. A fox, monkey and rabbit headed their pleads,
however only the Fox and Monkey were able to find food for the old men. The rabbit feeling guilt threw itself into
the fire, so the men could feast on its body. As the rabbit demonstrated its selflessness,
it was saved and selected to be the next divine medicine maker. The rabbit was taken to the heavens where
it learnt to be a very skilled divine medicine maker and the Jade Emperor was so impressed,
that he made the rabbit’s fur snow white with a heavenly glow, the fur was so white
and smooth, it looked like precious jade, despite the white color. In addition, you can also get white jade,
consequently from then on the Rabbit was called the Jade Rabbit. Whilst creating the immortal pill, the Jade
Rabbit was approached by the Queen Mother of the West, who requested more than one immortal
pill. The Jade Rabbit reiterated the rules, that
only one pill be given every thousand years, to one immortal. The Queen took offensive and made the Jade
Rabbit feel guilty for implying that she would use the pill for anything else, or gift it
to a mortal. The Jade Rabbit eventually conceding given
the queen an extra immortal pill. This would be the downfall of the Jade Rabbit,
as the queen did intend to give the pill to a mortal. The queen had been approached by Hou Yi (Ho-eee),
who sought immortality with his wife Chang’e (Chung-err). Hou Yi and his wife, Chang’e were actually
previously immortals who had been banished to earth by the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor had 10 unruly sons, who actually
took the shape of a sun, and they had scorched the earth, the Emperor had enlisted Hou Yi
when he was an immortal to teach his sons a lesson, however Hou Yi was a skilled archer
and went too far killing 9 of the ten sons, i.e. leaving one remaining sun, the sun we
see today. Even though the Emperor had enlisted the help
of Hou Yi, he was enraged by the death of his sons and banished Hou Yi and his wife
to earth to live as mortals. So to summarize so far, the Jade Rabbit has
assumed the role of divine medicine maker, Hou Yi and his wife are living as mortals
on earth and approached the Queen of the west to get an immortal pill from the Jade Rabbit,
so that Hou Yi could live forever with his wife. The Queen managed to convince the Jade Rabbit
to give her an actually pill of immortality which she then gave to Hou Yi. However, there were some very specific instructions,
he was to spilt the pill with his life, which would grant them ever lasting life, but not
necessarily send them to the heavens, but if he was to eat the entire pill, he would
be sent to the heavens by himself. Hou Yi stored the pill of immortality in a
box and forbid his wife from looking in the box. Whilst on a Hunt, hou yi’s wife succumb
to her curiosity and looked in the box finding the pill of immortality, Hou Yi arrived home
from his hunt, and his wife not knowing what the pill was, swallowed the pill in a panic. Hou Yi wife, Chang’e began to ascend to
the Heavens, however, she was already banished by the Emperor, so unable to enter the heaven
and unable to return to Earth she resided in the Moon Palace. The Jade Emperor, of course, learnt that the
Jade Rabbit had given an extra immortality pill to the Queen of the west, which resulted
in Chang’e new found immortality and entrapment on the Moon. After confessing, and apologizing to the Emperor,
the Jade Rabbit was allowed to choose his punishment, laden with guilt for what happened
to Chang’e, separated for eternity from her husband, the Jade Rabbit proclaimed to
the Emperor that he should reside with Chang’e at the moon palace. The Emperor agreed and the Jade Rabbit was
sent to the Moon palace with Chang’e. So how does this relate to the Destiny 2’s
the Jade Rabbit, the Jade Rabbit Lore tab reads,
“What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?” Do you ever wonder who you were before you
were resurrected? Do you experience debilitating anxiety when
you think about the cold, crushing fist of death? Has the desire to lie face-down on the floor
for hours at a time been holding YOU back? From the people that brought you Lunal comes
prescription-strength Immortalia: a revolutionary new combat elixir shown to relieve the crippling
existential crises of your second life. Immortalia can reduce symptoms of listlessness,
cynicism, and social anxiety. Side effects may include dancing, salty behavior,
and acts of group heroism. Do not take Immortalia while operating all-terrain
thrust bikes. The item talks about a drug that they have
developed in order to cope with the crisis of a second life and being immortal. Remember that guardians cannot remember they
previous lives before being resurrected as a guardian. When you think about the story of the Jade
Rabbit it heavily reflects the story of Guardians, Chang’e was granted immortality but separated
from her Husband, guardians are resurrected as immortals however everyone they have ever
lived is long dead, Cayde-6 is a great example of this. Consequently, becoming immortal and leaving
everyone behind comes with a crippling existential crisis, so this company, we don’t actually
know who they are, created a drug to deal with this, called Immortalia. Now, I like to think that this is Bungie’s
version of adding the next Chapter to the folklore of the Jade Rabbit. Remember that the Jade Rabbit choose to be
with Chang’e on the moon, where she was separated from her husband, remember that
the Jade Rabbit was the divine medicine maker and felt somewhat responsible for Chang’e’s
fate because he gave an extra immortality pill to the queen of the west, so it would
make sense that out of guilt for his actions, the Jade Rabbit would now try and create a
new medicine for Chang’e to help cure her broken heart, and this is what I think Bungie
has added to the folklore, the Jade Rabbit made the Immortalia pill, a pill to help immortals
deal with the crises of their second life. That concludes this latest Destiny 2 lore
episode. If you would like to support the channel and
cannot think of a comment, leave the word, “Immortalia”, to symbolize the new pill
made by the Jade Rabbit to cure guardians of their second life depression. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games, peace.

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  1. How Ironic, I just got the Jade Rabbit a couple hours ago!! That was some very interesting lore about the Jade Rabbit!! In the game play video, what weapon was EDOGG202 using that shot the orange/yellow beam??

  2. I used to watch your lore videos one after a other till I watched all of them! Thank you for continuing to make these. I really do enjoy them. Immortalia.

  3. I'm very sure the Jade rabbit and the lore behind it was featured in destiny beforehand, because I had never heard the story before, but after seeing the emblem all over the moon and the taikonaut and such I found out the lore, I didn't look it up though

  4. I thought the lore from the Helm of the Jade Rabbit and the void streak sparrow stated the Jade Rabbit was a lost military battalion?

  5. Immortalia

    As a matter of fact this does remind me of the episode of the Justice League where toy man fires a beam at Superman but thinking he destroyed him rather he actually set him forward through time a very good distance into the future.

    Know what I'm speaking of isn't involving Superman, this is actually about Vandal Savage if anything, because being Immortal sounds like a great idea in theory except well let's just say same events happened to where you're alone anymore till for let's just simplify and say a very long time.

    It was actually only a matter of time to wear the actual weight of what Vandal Savage did started affecting him over time to where he had to have constant hobbies for the day otherwise he would succumb to Madness, but the point of the effects of immortality kind of kind of shows you what it's kind of like from Savage's perspective.

    Knowing that everybody you ever cared about in the past is now gone and you have no way to pass from that world until you go through the events of your final death that's, definitely something worthy of some brain fuel.

  6. This is such a quality video… Holy hell… The gameplay, your voice, the music, the descriptions you provide of the lore. I've always watched your videos and enjoyed them… But now that i stop and think about it… You put some nice ass work into your videos.

  7. Awesome video. This was one of my favorite scout rifles in n D1 but it doesn’t feel the same as it did in D1. It feels weaker.

  8. The reason why this gun was made originally was because of a cancer patient and the original version of it is called THE FAITH OF ALL FOOLS

  9. It seems like this game is slowly but surely getting better, and hopefully it will recover because I don’t want destiny lore to stop, and great vid myelin

  10. Great video! I just had one thing to add.
    The corporation creating the Immortalia pills is actually Daito, or at least I assume so. Jade Rabbit is a Daito weapon, so I’m thinking it comes from them.
    Keep the lore coming!

  11. I've heard of the story of the lady on the moon and the rsbbit but never thought of this story and jade rabbit being intertwined.

  12. Great video! I was convinced that the Jade Rabbit was somehow related to the Takanome Rangers somehow. I am pretty sure that the weapon's blue coloration (which is the same shade as Ayane Takanome's cloak) is a direct nod to the Rangers, and that the Daito foundry emblem which is a flower has to do with the blue flowers that the Rangers planted along the pilgrim roads to memorialize fallen comrades.

  13. Immortalia, btw my job as a guardian was to seek death at any cost. My awoken hated being alive in such a time of war and death so he decided to join it and in doing so was revived by a ghost. Furious, his mission in life was to kill him self once and for all

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  15. interesting thing on the side: There is an indy developer studio called harebrained schemes. They are the devs of the shadowrun return games, and there logo…is a rabbit. The loretab using the word harebrained schemes in the context of a jade rabbit. Maybe harebrained schemes have a few fans at bungie? probably coincidence

  16. All this weapon needs to be competitive is an increase in precision damage so that it does 70+ to the head and becomes a three tap kill to the head.

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