Designer Dogs 101: Schnoodle Dogs 10 Facts About Schnoodles Popular Designer Breeds – Animal Facts

intelligent active and downright adorable this legal has become a popular hybrid dog breed across between a poodle on a Schnauzer he can be found in many colors and sizes ranging from six to 76 pounds this little has a place as a lap dog a family dog a therapy dog or performance dog describe this forever happy this designer dog generally has the poodles willingness to please mix with the sturdiness and energy of the schnauzer playful and lovable this dog lives to have fun and is always the center of attention hi welcome to animal facts today we discussed the cunning companion dog the smooth yeah oh my god strong one let's get scary before we start take a moment to LIKE and subscribe for more fun fun effect then they game developed in the 1980s the Steudle may disappearance due to an increased interest in poodle mixes although it's not as popular as many other poodle process it is gathering a dedicated following thanks in part to its playful good nature and low shedding low dander coat it is possible that early Snoodle type hybrids were created in England and known as truffle dogs specializing and gathering truffles tell us about your Snoodle in the comments below or tweet pics to us at animal facts us Mendon a people have been crossing types of dogs for millennia in the attempt to achieve a certain look temperament or working ability a breed is a group adults related by a common ancestor this is how we get the well known purebred we know today by selecting puppies with the desired trait and breed them over several generations for the trace to become set today most hybrid or designer breeds like the Schnoodle our first generation dog will parents of two separate breeds this leads to more genetic variety among the hyper breeds to keep in mind that any facts about the Schnoodle will most likely be generalizations and may the pseudo tends to be curious and intelligence he loves to investigate this environment this is also an active dog that frequently needs to burn off excess energy and will typically do so by running left key going indoors due to their intelligence the still we'll usually take the training quite well Jehangir this noodle is also very friendly and we'll get along with children as well as with other pets this is a dump it enjoys human interaction and will often strive to get attention from the family name escape breed associations such as the AKC the UK sea and the sea casein do not recognize this noodle or any other designer cross as a breed however some major Kennel Club's do its up registration of crossbreed and mixed breed dogs for performance events such as agility and obedience unfortunately as with many other designer crosses the popularity of noodles has led to a rise in puppy mills selling this off and they say although this noodle hasn't achieved a celeb status of some of the more established breed it has found its way into the homes of some celebrities including Claire Danes and Dakota Fanning and then they buy in most cases noodles are bred from Miniature Schnauzers wood either a toy poodle or a miniature poodle there is another version of this noodle which is spread to the standard poodle and the Giants know this dog is called the giant's noodle and then maybe because this legal has a fairly low shedding coat here's a good choice for allergy sufferers you certainly do brush in grim them on a regular basis however and some trimming of the coat will be necessary just noodles floppy ears also puts him at risk for infections so be sure to keep it ears clean and dry during bathing and maintain the cost of Snoodle it's a cross between two different breeds it is difficult to get an exact lifespan of them in order to determine the life expectancy of the Schnoodle you need to sit as the average lifespan for both parents the miniature schnauzer is a small breed dog so it has a fairly high life expectancy between 12 and 14 years the standard poodle is a medium size for you so it can be expected to live between 10 and 12 years miniature poodles have a longer lifespan around 14 years while toy poodles have been known to live as long as 20 years the lifespan of your Snoodle will be affected by which version of poodle is used in the Crofts noodles bred for Minister schnauzers is a standard poodle may have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 14 years if you're single will spread from a toy poodle or miniature poodle if lifespan could be longer likely between 12 and 16 years although higher life expectancies are not out of the question then they lent it is recommended the students get around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day this could be a walk a job or playtime a little through physical and mental needs are not met they become destructive disobedient and develop behavior problems well there you have it a rather in exact list about a special designer dog breed what facts did we miss with such variety we're likely going to have to come back to this one so before you go take a moment to LIKE 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  2. So true!! My baby Sidney loves being the center of attention. She's the perfect balance of playful and chill. Super sweet, definitely loves to please us and completes our family. She's not a fan of small or hyper children.

  3. I came back to this breed because I may get to adopt one from a rescue group. I think that this breed might be a good fit for me. Will let you know what happens.

  4. i love my schnoodle. He is so sweet, gives me kisses every morning and whenever i leave the house. he is smart, energetic, funny, and a risk taker (especially when he tries to play rough with my 11 year old yorkipoo – she does not like it when he does that). He gets along well with my other dog, but since he is only 7 months he is not great and understanding boundaries and danger. He is so amazing though! I love my schnoodle

  5. I have a 6 year old male Schnoodle we got him when he was 1and half old my first dog I have had a lot of cats but let me tell you he is extremely handsome and smart all around awesome I will be getting another one after my cat passes away love cats and dogs

  6. My schnoodle is the shortest by the rest of my dogs by far but yet is the boss of them , his legs are very short but man can he run

  7. So cute! Considering getting a schnoodle for my family. Was a little confused by the baby voice, but very sweet video!

  8. This is my 7 yr old schnoodle Kenya. She is the best companion anyone could ever have. Funny, playful, loyal and so affectionate. I love her too death; even tho she purposely teases me just to get me chasing her.

  9. My schnoodle, oh where to begin, she is the best dog ever! Her names Ariel, she's 10 lbs, blonde, very loveable and funny and 15 years old. Although her sight and hearing is starting to go a little, she's still very hyper from time to time (especially when it's time to go out and time for a treat), and she tends to sleep a lot. This dog has gotten me through so much and is one of the reasons I'm still alive today (due to personal stuff). She's always with me and follows me everywhere around the house and sleeps with me every night. She's literally had her fair share on life threatening events but she always seems to make it through better than ever and I thank God everyday for my little blessing that's sleeping right by my side right now… Oh wait, time to go out actually ?

  10. Convinced that I have the sweetest dog on earth and she’s a schnoodle we adopted from the humane society in 2010. She is very high energy and plays like a puppy even though she’s 10 years old. She LOVES car rides and literally jumps into my arms when I grab my car keys because she just wants to be wherever I am 🙂 There’s not an aggressive bone in her body. She is so gentle, she could have your hand in her mouth playing but she doesn’t put any pressure at all. Also she is a very smart dog. Right after we adopted her, we learned she was already trained. We definitely hit the lottery on her, but overall the breed is AMAZING!?

  11. We're getting my son's schnoodle, Yoda, this weekend. He's become too much to care for, for that young family. Fortunately for this sweet little boy, he knows us well, too, and loves to be on our lap and cuddled as much as he can get in. He really IS intelligent, like the video reports. He's going from a busy apartment with toddlers, to an acre all for himself! He's going to be my little workout buddy! Can't wait. ?

  12. Our little girl Juno just passed away at 10 1/2 from cancer. Up until the last three weeks she was constantly getting comments that she acted like a puppy with the fun energy she had. She was an amazing dog and I can't say enough about the Shnoodle being a great companion. We loved her to bits and her Instagram account is @junos_bits.

  13. My schnoodle is just 1 years old. He is a BARKER!! he also loves tearing things up and pooping in our shower?. But he is the funniest loving dog ever!! Also his name is Oakley. He is a mixture of miniature schnauzer and toy poodle

  14. I LOVE my schnoodle I adopted him from the SPCA in Escondido in 2015 after he was found he failed to adjust to a home with multiple dogs but when I got he was WELL behaved and potty trained. He has been the best thing for my anxiety. He is docile around ppl but other dogs get him going. He may be 6yrs old but he is still frisky and loves affection. I’m hoping to have him another 10-15 yrs because at the moment I will be devastated if ANYTHING happens to him!

  15. We got our Schnoodle from someone who was giving dogs away. We didn’t realize what we had until we took him to a groomer who called to say we had a great dog and told what breed he was. He has been a wonderful dog. He is now 14 years old and has been great health wise other than a collapsed trachea. I would caution anyone with a small yo medium sized dog not to use a collar rather a halter to walk them with.

  16. My schnoodle named teddy does not stop barking!!! But he's 11 and still acts like a puppy, and I love him to pieces!

  17. I have 2 schnoodles that are named remi and Charlie. Remi is a white furred dog with black-purple skin. He is also very playful and loving. While Charlie has many colors but is sassy and more poodle. Remi is more schnauzer

  18. I'm trying to find the answers on our dog the way how it acts. It has really bad anxiety like it gets really really nervous around people. And I hate every single noise out there. it's scared of everything so I hope you guys have an answer but if you don't it's all good just trying to find an answer for the reason why ours acts like this. But everything in the video doesn't sound like ours the complete opposite.

  19. Designer dogs! I question that term. I have a terrier pomeranian mix and that's just what any dog that is not a purebred is. A MIX. Cute, sweet animals worthy of being loved yes! Designer dogs?? Nope. That's just a fancy term being used to sell at a high price, mixed breed animals that people used to give away.

  20. My shenoodle is a rescue. She is one of the best dogs I've ever had. When I got her from the shelter she was very sick with kennel cough and every bone in her body was poking out, she was so skinny! But she is well now and my cat loves her. He took care of her when she was sick. She loves attention and is either in my lap or next to my chair. When her hair grew out, we went to the groomer and she looks like a small english sheepdog. She loves people and they like her. Schnoodles make a great companion dog for seniors in apt buildings. She is very quiet and well trained and I love her to pieces!

  21. this weekend i let my schnoodle vomit into my hand. today i touched his feces. I wish he was a human. I recommend this dog.

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