Demand CS Insecticide ePestSolutions DIY Pest Control

Hi, I�m Lynn Hitt, President of ePestSolutions.
This morning I�d like to talk to you about a product Demand CS made from Syngenta. Demand
CS is a lambda-cyhalothrin active ingredient. It�s a micro cap formulation, which means
the micro cap actually encapsulates the active ingredient to protect it from the elements�sun,
heat, moisture�which is basically what breaks down the chemicals in the environment.
Demand CS, you can get up two twice as long as a regular liquid insecticide. Widely used
for a wide variety of insects from roaches, ants, mosquitoes. It�s been around for quite
some time. It�s widely used in the pest control industry as their go-to product for
regular residential and commercial pest control. Syngenta makes the product. It�s very good.
To order this product, call us at 888-523-7378 or visit our website

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