Delta Dust Deltamethrin Professional Pest Control Dust

Hi, I’m Victoria with EPest Solutions and
today I’m going to talk to you about the Delta Dust. This Delta dust is also offered in the one
pound this is the five pound container. The Delta Dust, the Fantastic thing about
it, it’s a deltamethrin, .05 deltamethrin. The great thing about delta dust that separates
it from most types of dust is that it doesn’t clump up, and it doesn’t absorb moisture,
so it’s not going to get all clogged inside of your Bellow Hand Duster when you go to
apply it. It’s an insecticide it can be used for many
types of pests in the home. Indoor and outdoor like silverfish, ants,
roaches, fleas. You can use it, really when you go to use
it you want to make sure you get it into those point outside maybe around piping, any kind
of AC way. You want to make sure it’s where you think
any type of insect maybe entering the home. Around window seals inside, it’s a great dust. It can be applied with the Bella Hand Duster,
very easy to use. All you need to do is take the top off, you
just unscrew the top right here, very easy just put the dust inside and then you’re all
ready to go. And you can use it easily, I mean I have little
hands and I can still manage to grip this thing. You can just put it along the cracks and crevices,
window seals, underneath refrigerators, behind washers, anything in those sorts of areas. Fantastic products if you have any questions
or if you’d like to purchase this product please give us a call 1-888-523-7378 or visit
us at

4 thoughts on “Delta Dust Deltamethrin Professional Pest Control Dust

  1. Deltamethrin is a safe product when used according to the application label and is a great solution for use in out of the way places to control insect populations

  2. Very safe product, as with all pesticide applications you should follow the label application and proper handling and directions for application.  Delta Dust has been used in the pest control industry safely since it was developed.

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