Dehydration in cats explained by Dr. Justine Lee

if your cat was just diagnosed with
dehydration sometimes we see that when they’re losing water from some source.
Where would they lose water? Well if they have underlying kidney disease their
kidneys can’t work as well and they can’t filter out the waste from the body
well. If your cat’s vomiting profusely they vomit six seven times in a row they
can get really dehydrated. The good thing is most the time dehydration is really
easy to treat but it requires a veterinary visit. If your cat is really
dehydrated we recommend putting in an IV catheter and hydrating them with
intravenous fluids but sometimes we can do it under the skin
that’s called subcutaneous fluids so fear not dehydration can totally be
treated but you always want to check with your veterinarian so we can
diagnose it and treat it right away

2 thoughts on “Dehydration in cats explained by Dr. Justine Lee

  1. Hi !
    It is extremely hot in France at the moment and my cat does not hydrate much, not more than usual … is this normal? Good he sleeps a lot all day too ^^ lol! Thanks for this video 🙂

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