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  1. Advice on degus:

    Diet: Degus always need fresh hay and access to fresh water.
    Hay is used to keep their teeth down and is also an important part of their diet. Pellets are optional but it's best to give them to them, either get a low sugar guinea pig diet or one specifically for Degus. Around 10 grams a portion per day will do. It is up to you if you if you do this all at once or small amounts throughout the day.

    Diabetes: Degus are prone to diabetes, this is why degu treats are usually sold as mixed herb and flower treats, so never feed your Degus fruits unless it is a tiny amount around once a month and vegetables once a week(also a small amount)
    Treats OK for Degus in small amounts:
    Most nuts are acceptable
    Seeds such as sunflower seeds.
    Dandelion leaves
    Strawberry leaves
    Pumpkin seeds
    Cherry tomatoes
    My Degus favourites)

    Life span: 8-10 years
    Make sure you are committed to take care of them for this long and under no circumstances give up a degu who has a strong bond with you.

    Behaviour: Degus make great pets and should be active during the day. Unless they have become nocturnal due to a sudden change that may confuse them. Such as when the clocks go back or another reason.

    What to look out for: If you notice something wrong with your little friend take them to a vet immediately. This could be a death or life situation. So be on the safe side.

    Cages: Degus need large cages with platforms so they can jump from place to place. A running wheel is advised and things for them to chew and play with too. A nesting box would be ideal but if you can't seem to get one the. Get creative! Make one out of a card board box or some wood, though if you do change the cardboard box regularly.

    Social: NEVER adopt a single degu as they are extremely social, (unless they have a specific problem and can't be with other Degus) Degus can become depressed and even go off their food so try to avoid this.

    Excersise: if your Degus are putting on a lot of weight a fun thing to do is teach them how to run up the stairs, it's fun for them and is a great way of getting some exercise. Some are naturals and won't even need to be taught.

    Extras: Wooden sticks and stones are loved by Degus as they live to chew and climb on them.

    Any questions then just ask me and i'll reply as quickly as possible 🙂 Thanks for reading if you took the time to. ⭐️

  2. My degu despises men. I found that out when my degu bit my boyfriends finger and messed up the nerves in the tip of his finger.

  3. Why don't my goos like being fussed? The like to climb on me which is supper cute but they don't like to be stroked or have cuddles

  4. Do you have any advise for me because basically we had 3 degus and they were brothers but last yeah one died and just today the other died and now for the first time in there life the one left is alone and I can already see problems like how he won't come near me and when they use to sleep they would huddle up together for warmth and now he's just shivering and I can already see signs of depression because he won't eat or drink or move and I'm worried this will continue and he'll be dead in a few days

  5. they really don't bite, all 3 of my boys warn you plenty of times if they don't like something you are doing. they make a vocal moan, then give you the body language and give plenty of mock bites before they even think about actually hurting you.

    if you keep stressing them out they will nip you, but it takes so much I watched a friend of mine constantly harrassing one of my degus picking him up at every opportunity till he started facing his back whining at him, gave him slow mo mock bites with so much warning plenty of times till he eventually gave him a real nip, which still didn't draw blood or anything like that.

    naturally they are very gentle and don't want to hurt anybody, even when they have squabbles with each other they play by the rules, boxing and kicking instead of biting so they don't harm each other. obviously if females are involved it could be a lot more serious and can be fatal.

    all three of my boys seem to like belly rubs, but only 1 of them likes it this much, where he will angle himself for a better rub lol.
    the others will just freeze for 4-5 seconds while i rub them, then they get bored and start moving around again or searching my hands for food.

  6. What a cute video. Makes me miss deep space nine and my pet rats I used to breed rats for the pet store

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