Defending our Bird Nest from the Neighbor’s Cats

this is Kat Lee on my front door and this is the cat that's been doing it for months meow and he's back once again but this time I'm ready for him snip snip sorry I've had a bit of a problem with neighborhood cats in the past if you haven't seen my previous videos I got sick of closing urine off everything and went about improvising my own humane cat repellent to tackle the problem first lane provides the motion-activated water spray with random parts from around the house and my car which worked reasonably well with a number of cats like this stealthy black emic laser eyes we put the system through its paces with a couple of visits and then also other regular visitors like tabby green collar and fatty fatty 2×4 we've both parently morphed into levitating caterpillars but once the repellent was packed up the cats kept coming back to step up the fear element to hopefully provide something a bit more memorable for the cats I set it up again this time adding some extra acoustic and visual aspects to the mix and we got a bit of a party vibe going it seemed to work well because cats hate parties however the cleanup in the morning was a new inconvenience and the four-hour set-up time and the thundering sounds in the middle of the night which sometimes we're just false activations fast forward a few years and the cats are back and they are more bountiful than ever picking on everything almost nightly our latest batch is not kept indoors or in a secure enclosure by their owners however none of my immediate neighbors own cats so I figure they must travel pretty far my current theory is we actually live on a secret cat superhighway and I still try alternative deterrence like bleach to try and mask their feet smell but seriously me closing up for night is pretty much on par with Will Smith in I am Legend [Applause] but now there's a new concern and it's life or death there's a family that needs our help too native New Holland honey eaters have decided to set up a home and raise a family in a nest that's been built way too close to ground level on the cat highway so I'm concerned they're gonna get killed by the cats because it's happened in the past us humans introduced cats here in the first place so I'm going to take some responsibility and help defend the nest while also hopefully reducing my ongoing cats problem so the solution we're going back to basics a motion-activated water spray setup I'm going with this option because are we operational every night and self resetting in case of multiple cats but this time I've come up with the crazy simple design so anyone could make their own at home with about 15 dollars in parts in as little as 45 minutes if you've missed it my recently upload video shows you how to make your own like this in as easiest form but to defend the backyard I'll be using this slightly fancier version of that build because it's more durable and can run on batteries and stuff and it looks way cooler links for both versions will be in the description we're ready to put this spray to work defending the backyard to capture the results of this cat shield this time around we're running for HD infrared security cameras which are rolling 24/7 and then our water spray will be triggering a bunch of other stuff to trigger some lights and a digital SLR firing some nice crisp skills look at that just like old times I've set up the sprayer in the main cat thoroughfare and as usual I've left the gate open the main reason for this is the cats jump over the fence anyway and they use the car as a launch and landing pad so it's put a fair few scratches in the paint we are ready to go I had been checking in on the eggs for the last few days but before I had a chance to get any footage the birds have hatched within the last 24 hours or so I've named them dragon and ragel their bodies are about the size of a marble at the moment you can get perspective against this pen but they look like they're doing well I've been passing the time playing a game of why the hell is my head stuck to the floor are crap its gravity this sucks the Sun is setting the mom is back from getting some formula at the chemist and she's sitting on the nest to provide some warmth and protection however the night is dark and full of tabbies it's just after 11:00 p.m. and we have our first visitor whoever named under sniffer he hasn't noticed the birds nests but he has noticed the plastic panel I put there so I must be a regular visitor it gives it a sniff to see if it's safest now let's sniff under to see if there's any difference to the top no all good smell consistency here let's check the other end but no it's definitely not safe if it smells exactly like that one time his owners tried to give him a bath which he responded to at the time with a very clear and polite no unfortunately I had some issues with the stills camera taking the photos which didn't fly this time but let's check out our video replay the trajectory of the waters landed right on under sniffers head he has chucked it into reverse gear and then with the acceleration of a thousand cat power he is out of there kicking up a dirtbike style rooster tail of sand after where every lives to grab himself a towel and riding his cat diary dear diary having a bath is fact we've made its morning without any additional cat visits the birds have survived the night they're enjoying a sleeping while mom and dad try to think of a way to use a microwave and coffee machine without waking them up it's now night number two the cameras are reset and working it's just gone 1:30 a.m. and there's a bit of activity near the cars I can't believe it but under sniffer has returned hey either completely forgot about his visit last night or he thinks he can slip under the radar by going through the front yard to complete his sniffing mission he pauses at the wheel and takes a pre sniff pit he then makes his way towards the gate he has a quick muffler back rub and then he's paused at the gate he knows he's forgetting something a bit more of us sniff might trigger that memory recall now what was this pace again can't really remember just have a bit of a sniff it ah that smells like my face juice yeah definitely face juice a sniff sniff that thing smell that Yes Mother face trees because they yeah definitely my face juice on there oh I've got that plastic panel I remember that man that was some good sniffing yeah any map sprite again and he's out of there checking out our photo replay it's given him a great downswing across his back he's sunk in his claws accelerated and then transitioned into more of a rectangle shape kind of looks like he swallowed a cardboard box or something he's then running home to download some brain training apps to try and get that memory recalled to at least reach goldfish level a few hours have passed the birds are still safe in their nest and I don't believe it but one of our original cast has dropped in for a visit it's tabby toilet rug but hang on right there for the non-believers that is a cat taking a pee on a car and for those who just like to argue about the terminology you can call it territorial marking it's the same whole it stinks foul it's on my car so I don't really care about the cat's biological purpose for doing it anyway tabby tall rug is off towards the gate you know just taking the most logical path I know he's just helping me out with a bit of an under vehicle inspection he checks the rear diff for any leaks has a bit of a look for any underbody rust that I might not be aware of checks the tired shred we're all good here okay that's a night's work done he's worked up a bit of an appetite and he's keen to munch on the soft bones of some newborn birds so off to the supermarket hmm okay hatchlings hatchlings which aisle is that it's no that's cucumbers don't want to go down there they've got to be here somewhere but now he's just kind of being brood holding up the queue for other cats ak's on the move and it's a spray the face that is unfortunate we on my car and I we on you well kind of because that would be weird in reality but looking at our photos he's taking a moment to take a good old gaze in the direction of his imminent soaking while pre deploying his claws and then it's business time his tail swells and he's heading home to resume his position on the toilet floor a few nights have now passed and all is quiet on the cat front maybe the cat deterrent is working I'm pretty happy because I don't have to disinfect car tires of cat pee each morning droid on a regular now five days old and have just started to open their eyes they're even happier because you know they're not dead also because they're getting a few extra feathers and finding themselves looking less like shriveled man berries they've just been enjoying the quiet safe nights and then lounging around in the day waiting for mom and dad to give them a spew feed but there's still a long road ahead with many feline filled nights to come night falls you can tell because it's getting dark dragon and ragle are all tucked into bed and the cats pray standing by to defend the yard there are a few unintentional obstacles on the field which are materials in storage for the construction of my anti feline fortress it's just before midnight and we have our first visitor it's another of our original cast its rang a pee bucket look at him he just struts in like he owns the place dudududu hang straight for the open gate and he's gone straight into the spray but from there I have to take you straight to the photos the first frame we can see the water is well on its way to cooling off his fiery orange fur he's popped in a fairly useless half power jump but it's not only taken him further into the motion-activated sprays stream for a full-length wedding and now you should probably pause the video and put your guess in the comments does mr. P bucket a turn and run back in the direction he came from be run through the open gate or see do some kind of stupid up cat thing that humans wouldn't think of let's take a look at our next frame he's checking out the gate latch what's he gonna do he's gone full scratching post on it despite being well aware that there's an opening in the fence that he was early walking towards but it gets worse he's gone full inception style on the fence he's got a firm claw up in position and he's gonna jump over no what's he doing he's going for the other edge of the gate now I know is this a bit of a chimney climb and he's over the top and with the crazy cat blast off he is off almost blowing the gate off its hinges now going back to our video replay after the initial hosing it's takeoff time then once he clears the top and launches he comes into what must be one of the best superhero landings I've ever seen he then hits full thrust on the cat engines and he's out of there and cat jet blasts trigon and ragle have survived another night however this do however this still very confined to the nest and dependent on their parents so it's far from over yet there's more to come check out my video on how to build your own simple animal repellent sprinkler and I've also done up an e-book on how to make the fancier version like I've used in this video links below also I'm giving away some of my working prototypes I use for photographing the e-book if you want one make sure you're subscribed and leave a comment perhaps saying hey you could use it and yes thank you to everyone in my last video who took me quite literally and posted comments saying anything really I don't know why I didn't see that one coming Kristen had a great laugh about it you're all in the drawer – they say so good remember if cats aren't a native species where you live keep them indoors or in an outdoor enclosure at all times plus keep in mind a wet cat that goes home for the night is there not going to be out killing native wildlife and breeding and putting themselves at risk of feline diseases or even just encountering other fed up neighbors who might not take such a nice approaches water if you enjoyed this video hit like and share this video with your friends or the baby birds may not survive now I'm sure they'll be fine I'm Craig Turner my youtube channel is turn 81 and I'll be back with the next Stallman very soon make sure you click the bell so you get a notification and you know otherwise YouTube will kind of hide the results from you because this is how they kind of work now ya see see

36 thoughts on “Defending our Bird Nest from the Neighbor’s Cats

  1. You're a Funny man. I'am happy to tell you I have a Cat, I hope our Cat is not bothering you. He does come home Dry. Regards Bruce McKay ????‍♂️

  2. Subbed, And I NEED THIS!!!! We have SKUNKS! They get in under the house and when our heat or central air kicks on it scares them and they SPRAY it goes straight into our air ducts and in seconds fumes the ENTIRE HOUSE. If I put some of these around the house I could keep them out from under there. We did hire a guy who trapped a dozen squirrels that were invasive so they had to die. He caught an invasive skunk and it had to be put down. I thought they were going to relocate them instead but I was wrong. So having killed a bunch of animals that didn't do anything wrong I am looking for non lethal ways to tell them to leave the area. I believe skunks are smarter than cats, they are smarter than ours I am certain, so hopefully they will get the message and get the flock out of here…..
    Thank you in advance for you consideration….
    Stinky from Salem, Oregon

  3. Nice camera setup. The one I built has only 1 camera pointed at it however there are more cameras down further. Mine runs using a laser however (no false activation) and has a timeout setup incase something goes wrong.

  4. Dude you should try and stop the cats from getting to the bird's nest instead of stopping them from pissing

  5. I’m actually training my cats to live in an outdoor cage. I would set the gear up to implement a barrier … enjoy your cat castle or enjoy the moat!!

  6. Love your work as always and will be checking out your website. I would love attack gear to keep our cats out of my husband’s spaces …. and also to use against my adult children…. I could set it on a timer to wake them up ! I’m not unreasonable; they should be able to get out of bed before 2pm for a class that started at 10am

  7. I'm a cat person and have no trouble with what you are doing,Cats should be locked up at night,,
    The only thing i would do different is a wider spray,or more of them,,really give the Cat a bath,,could always try a dye system,and let their owner try and work out why their cat has a colour change going on,,of course you would put some thing down to prevent damage to concrete,,
    Hmmm Just thinking a garlic solution,,or some thing hot chili,not sure how a cat reacts to hot foods,,but just cleaning them selves would be a new experience,,
    Keep up the good work,,

  8. Omg the screaming birds ? could definitely use one of these, we have the ultimate destruction cat that visits ours multiple times a day

  9. Great cat blaster. The thing I would improve on it is motorise it and have it track the cat for maximum soakage. Keep up the amazing videos

  10. The bird must've watched your previous (pee-vious?) videos and figured your yard was the safest place to build a nest! Got a good laugh out of this one – thank you!

  11. construct a trap, bring the trapped cats to a shelter. let them know to tell the cat owners if their cats return to your house, you bring them to the crocs next time

  12. I am totally a big fan now! I've even got the rest of my family hooked on turnah's priceless humour! Practical too… brilliant ideas to deal with my cat piddle problem. 🙂
    Hit me with that prototype! The cats here will love it!

  13. I cannot get enough of your videos!! The damn cats around my place make EVERYTHING smell of their vile piss. I am planning a surprise for them. Per your instructions!

  14. I have a problem with cats and black vultures. They are messing up my yard and garden with their poo 🙁
    I'm also positive, one if the vultures stole a dig toy thinking it was a carcass.

  15. Gosh you are hilarious!!

    Our local council lends us humane animal traps, and is very happy to receive the contents. Our council even provides out of hours drop off facility at animal control. I'd recommend you trap the cats so the owners have to pay a fine (something like $75 first capture). Paying a fine sharpens the cat owner's attention real fast!!! Third capture, council doesn't return the animal as clearly the owner is not responsible. This really limits return visits from the feline assassins.

    I think my neighbor has captured more that 30 cats over the years.

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