100 thoughts on “Def Leppard – Animal (Live on Top Of The Pops)

  1. Is this US Top if the Pops or UK? I remember seeing it on US (Nia Peeples hosting)…could’ve aired UK TOTP on US ?

  2. By their own admission, this was a proud moment for Def Leppard; after being largely ignored even during the Pyromania era, they'd finally become a major act on home soil. This was the show that their glam idols had all played their hits on during the '70s. And for all the complaints about this being mimed: Top of the Pops was about promoting the hit in its single format, the way buyers would hear it on record, cassette, CD and the radio. Fact is, it worked for decades.

  3. Although I do believe they may be lip syncing here. I know this song too well, other than the crowd cheering in the background, I would swear it is from the CD. Don't get me wrong, They are my favorite bang of all time. I love and respect them as much as every die hard fan. But I have listened to this song for 20+ years and as good as they are , they cannot recreate on stage exactly the same as theCD

  4. Omg… Joe and Sav the hottest men on earth!! damn! I want a sandwich of them with me in the middle!!!! 😛

  5. This performance was what started my love for these guys. Almost 32 years later sill love them as much. Keep rocking Def Leppard x

  6. Are they lip-syncing? No way these guys will ever be successful ……. oh wait… They sold 100 million albums? Okay nevermind then.

  7. This is a track .I can tell not real .but I Know that they can play it live IV seen them a few times live but hear they using a backing track

  8. I too use to wear my jeans like Joe, nice and tight (brings tears to my eyes even now lol). These guys are by far the best rock band in the world, such an incredible unique sound, and they are still going strong after all these years… Respect!

  9. Used to be the rage when I was doing my O Levels in St Paul's High School in Karachi. The memories attached to this song brought me here more than the song. They still sound very trendy and modern today. Despite being very loud I always associated the beach, sunshine, brightly coloured clothes, and brightly coloured sun umbrellas with their music.

  10. lypsyncing is pathetic and insulting. Perform live, you sing live it's that simple. It's top of the pops fault. Not the band!

  11. If I'm not mistaking I believe when I got to go to the meet and greet back in 88 with Steve Clark he was wearing those same pants at one point I just knew we we're going to get engaged and I was going to have his baby he was a kind person and a little shy but once u got him talking we we're the same age born a day apart got a very personal photo with him and spent a least 4 hours with him not counting a bit later He was my fav sure wish I could go back to that night love and miss u steamy Steve still got all your little notes and thinking if u all ways ,, Love your little bit as that is what u called me I'm truly jealous of the Angles


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