Deep Cuticle Cleaning Nail Procedure ? Removing Dead Skin From Nails ?

21 thoughts on “Deep Cuticle Cleaning Nail Procedure ? Removing Dead Skin From Nails ?

  1. My mom asked me why i just threw up when i have no fever. I showed her this video and asked her the same thing.

  2. I'm in pain just watching this..
    Ppl, do NOT do this.
    A few years ago I tried this and eventually my entire nail came off. Because the tools I used or something like that were working against the nail growth direction thing and then my nail started peeling off, from the cuticle and upwards to the tip of my finger. Today, my nails are better but the ones that got ripped are dented in places even after 4 years.. do not do this unless you want to experience what I did!
    lol my ability to explain be like –
    oh i never had any whoOps

  3. You're not supposed to remove your whole cuticle, just push the dead skin back. Your cuticule protects your nail from bacteria and infection. This got me fucked up-

  4. Is it just more or does anyone get so sensitive when you can actually see the skin lifted a bit? When I get my nails done I can’t stand the park when they clean the cuticles? I feel like my nails going to fall off?

  5. My friend pushed my cuticles so far back my nails bled… It hurt. Never letting her near my nails again.

  6. It feels nice when they remove all the dead skin in the pedicure, but not when they screw up your nails in the process. Mine were left with cracks and chips. They do this to force you to keep going back to get them redone so you cover up your ugly nails

  7. What's the point of this it's just a waste of money and they don't even look good who the hell is gonna look at your nails anyways

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