45 thoughts on “DECORATING CONTEST // Pakka Pets

  1. When you pick it up and drop it I can’t help thinking you’re shaking it down for hearts….?

  2. after the aimation for the sandwich quest a news ad poppd uup and i thought it was part of the video LOL

  3. If you have a Yachi or Marlie, you might see Nelson again in the field of the Park, then, cross the fence through the stupid path again, and then, if you have Yachi, give Nelson Japanese Food, and if you have Marlie you need to give him a Chinese Food. DON'T GIVE him rice cuz' he said no rice….

    Ex. of Chinese Food:
    Chow Mein
    Shrimp Dumpling
    Pork Bun…

  4. Hey Vixella I have a really cute game that you should most definitely play. Its called KleptoCats it's super cawii And I know you'll love it.❤️ p.s your my favorite YouTuber

  5. Oh Sasha, you're amazing x) I'm a huge fan of your Sims' videos and had never watched these type of videos where we can actually see you and have to tell you.. it's really weird, fun weird I mean, I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but it feels to me as if the person in the video was dubbing the voice I know oh so well. This was a lot of fun, as always 😀

  6. tich me haw to play psi love your videos ?????????????i love your videos Ohhhhh i jost love it????????????????????

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