Debbie The Pig Climbs George The Giant Dog Mountain | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

At first, George the dog was truly confused by this little pink blob. He was like, “Are you… a pillow with legs?! Or a pink puppy?” She’s a piglet, George! And her name is Debbie. Even though he’d never seen a pig before, George knew right away that he really liked Debbie. No matter what she was! And she liked him right back! Now, they’re obsessed with each other. And of course, BEST. ANIMAL. FRIENDS. When Debbie arrived, she was a teeny, tiny, little pig. But George didn’t see her that way. He was just kinda like, “Oh, a baby. All right!” George knew that the little baby needed love, and kisses and to snuggle up in the warm, cozy fur of a big brother. So that’s what he became. Debbie loved having Big Brother George around! He was so calm and steady. He made her feel so safe. George was also the perfect pig-sized mountain to climb. And he’d keep an eye on Debbie when she went zipping around the yard. And then when she’d least expect it he’d… chase right after her! “Ooo, I’m gonna get you, you pink pillow!” And George loved spending time with his little sister, Debbie. Even when she stopped being little! She is so big now! But George still looks after her. Because once you’re a big brother, you’re always a big brother. It doesn’t matter how gigantic your little sister gets. Or whether or not she’s a pig. George is there for Debbie, no matter what. For chase time, or naptime or even side-by-side time. He’s the best big brother a pig of any size could ask for.

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