Debbie in LA: Cats Are People Too – Ep. 5

hi if I seem mad it's because I am I'm sorry but I am not sorry I had an altercation today with my landlady she had the audacity to come into my apartment because of some bug problem and I don't give an s if I have a bug problem or if it's apartment protocol and of course she finds my beautiful sleeping angels minding their own business and their apartment or as she calls them three smelly fleabag cats now I'm being fined $300 a month because of her and I am so appalled by her actions and the entire human population which brings me to the point of this block cats are people too I am sick and tired of people giving me dirty looks when I'm at Petco minding my own business because I couldn't find a sitter to shop oh my gosh look how adorable how old is she oh my gosh mine are 17 months and he's on his second life and she's 22 months on her sixth life oh my gosh look at these hey this is a real baby yeah my wife gave birth to her it took a long time at least my children stopped wearing diapers come on it is hard being a single mother I'm sorry I didn't mean to use my policeman voice but I am a single mother these are not my animals these are my babies they are not cats they love me like I am their mother every day I come home they greet me it may not be in English but they greet me and beautiful kisses and purrs and cute little buckle displays they are just like you and I they have opinions just like a person does for example the other day I spent 4 hours slow cooking a beautiful lemon and herb chicken for their dinner pepper ate most of it but thought next time it could use a little less pepper and then she rolled her eyes when I made a joke and of course has usual lady potatoes thought it was a little too dry and I should try using a Dutch oven next time for a fight when I'm sad they come up to me and ask me what's wrong hey let me know that it will be ok with what brush against my leg what is wrong with you people year 2013 since when did the Communists get attention your bird water weight now we've all gonna play potatoes

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  1. i know how you feel am a cat lover also and cats are very sweet and smart but my cat pass and i will never forget her she was my baby aways by my side.

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