Death Dodging Goat | Big Cat Week

this mountain goat is a high-altitude killer he doesn't headbutt he stabs with 12-inch stiletto horns and fights at the mountains edge this mountain lion is too hungry to care with the right approach she could kill him with a single bite but she attacks head-on ruining the element of surprise the goat dodges death but is forced onto a Ledge it's a deathtrap but the mountain lions are novice she misses her chance a goat seizes his he attacks but can't escape the big cats claws rough paths on his hooves give him the grip of a climbing shoe allowing him to change tactics he gets behind the lions defenses the hunter becomes the hunted backed into a corner her rear is protected but she's trapped on shore ground the goat goes all out for victory it's a slugfest the goats horns are hitting home the mountain lion lashes back at lightning speed cats can perform rapid and powerful moves up to 70 percent of their muscle mass is made of fast twitch fibres in humans it's around 40% fast twitch fibers contract quickly and release energy rapidly allowing explosive action but the goat has a defensive shield of skin nearly 1 inch thick the cat's claws won't cut through it's a stalemate on a knife edge the mountain goat stands his ground the lion slinks away the goat is king of the mountain the young lion isn't ready for the big time she needs to focus her hunts on food that doesn't fight back

37 thoughts on “Death Dodging Goat | Big Cat Week

  1. Aside from the 'freeze action' replays, the encounter between goat/cougar was exciting. I'd never be able to witness anything like this.

  2. @Dear National Geographic, it looks like this one slipped by your editors – it should be "Death-Dodging Goat", with a hyphen between Death and Dodging.

  3. Thinking of the National Geographic brand from when I was a kid growing up, I really thought they would have been above resorting to this cheesy style of narrative — calling the encounter like a prize fight in a ring, the hard rock guitar riffs, the rapid repeat replay, the exaggerated tone, of tension, the break in the narrative to give the science-lite explanation.

  4. the narration on Nat Geo is horrendous … mute this program immediately … drawn out and repeated scenes are dreadful too.

    They'd be lucky to get a pass at uni if they turned this in.

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