DEAR PETSMART | tiny tales cage review

hey guys so I know I said I wasn’t gonna
do one of these videos but I just feel like it has not been talked about
enough so today I am going to be reviewing the tiny tales comfy house by
Petsmart if you don’t know yet Petsmart came out with their own line of hamster
cages sadly all of which are unsuitable it’s
very disappointing because Petsmart could do so much better and if you want
to help pet smart create better and more humane hamster cages for hamsters please
sign the petition down in the description bar below we’re trying to
get 20,000 signatures before we send it off to pet smart and then hopefully we
can work together with them to create better humane hamster cages unlike these
if you are unfamiliar with hamster care a hamster should have a cage that is no
smaller than 450 square inches of floor space I actually recommend even bigger
because they are animals who need a lot of space now this cage has only about
241 square inches of floor space and I just want to point out it does say here
ideal for hamsters gerbils and mice because I know I’m gonna get a comment
saying this is made for dwarf hamsters, no it’s not it doesn’t list anywhere that
it is only for dwarf hamsters and this isn’t suitable for a dwarf hamster
either they need just as much space as any other hamster another thing I want
to mention is how disappointing these cages are for the fact that these are
specifically marketed towards children as you can see the box is super like fun
looking there’s a cartoon hamster on the back it literally says collect and
connect them all it sounds like a children’s toy a hamster is not a
child’s toy it is a living breathing animal hamsters shouldn’t be marketed as
a child’s play toy so let’s get to opening this cage, oh my gosh so we have the bars here some styrofoam, my rabbits litter box is bigger
than the base of this cage. Oh are you trying to help me help enough thank
you okay I got everything out so the first thing that I see in here is it
looks to be stickers because once again this is marketed towards children as a
children’s toy this really reminds me of a McDonald’s Happy Meal when you get
like little extra things with your toy and then there is Oh a word search too
nice yeah this is literally so marketed
towards children it’s not even funny so one of the first things I actually want
to do is I want to measure this base myself when you’re measuring a hamster
cage usually the measurements on the box are going to tell you the outside
measurements not to mention these have curved edges so this cage is most likely
even smaller than what I said at the beginning of the video so after I have
measured the base myself it turns out this cage actually only has a hundred
and fifty five square inches of floor space slide a clear tube panel okay one
of these thingies why is it so difficult okay this like clippie thing is not clipping
down on there so that’s not clearly secure, wow love that this wire does not want to stay in the place
ooh this wire literally is not it does not fit this base that’s great. We did it
it is secured to this base! Cleo you’re literally the same size as this hamster
cage isn’t that hilarious so the rings that go on these tubes are
so hard to literally take off once you have put it on a tube oh my gosh can you
imagine trying to clean these. This wire is not even in the base okay you good? Okay so I got the platform in there and it’s actually secure this time so it’s not
gonna like wobble around, now it is telling me to grab the water bottle and I want to
point out how badly made this water bottle is if you can see this the spout
goes down do you know the type of angle a hamster is going to have to reach up
and drink at this they are going to have to bend of their neck so terribly bad it
can actually cause issues when they’re having to bend their neck like that to
drink out of a water bottle I really don’t like this water bottle at all I
really just don’t like this cage in general the next step is to attach this
wheel which has tubes in it I do also want to point out this video that comes
with the cage I think this is like a six inch wheel this is too small for Syrians
and most hamsters unless you have a robo then yes this is going to fit alright
but any other hamster this is going to cause back issues and their back will
Bend especially since Syrians are actually
one of the most popular bought hamsters this isn’t suitable for them this is
supposed go oh there we go okay that’s a little bit better, k you, can you, you just like just sit there honestly.
connect okay get all these tubes I guess and I got to do some connecting yay oh I have to create the hidey hut okay
so these thing, we have to build Did I put this on backwards? oh shoot remove the cap from the right side of the house take that off, throw it away gotta pop this one out that is not my favorite type of secure-ness but oh
there we go ha ha we got it. Doesn’t wanna attach which isn’t safe because
you need it to be secure we’re just gonna leave it like this because I
absolutely have tried my hardest I cannot clip these for the life of me no
matter how hard I push on this clip it does not want to stay down, this is
literally floating I bet how does this i brok- how does this door even open I don’t phew I’m sweating so bad
right now so that was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do I
have had more success setting up an Ikea detolf than I have this cage um
let’s just go through this a little bit this this doesn’t even attach- like this
bit- this top part it’s not even attached because I literally have tried my
hardest to try and clip these things down like I’ve pushed with all my
strength it will not clip the base this is about a two inch I think this is
about a two inch base hamsters need to have a section in their cage that has at
least six inches of bedding so that gives them the ability to burrow a
hamster can’t burrow in two inches another thing I do want to mention a lot
of people think that just because it has this little Clubhouse on top of here, they
think this adds space it really doesn’t
this really does not count when it comes to hamster floorspace a hamster needs
running space they don’t need climbing space and a level like this does not
count when it comes to floor space so overall I’m just so disappointed with
pet smart so I’m just looking at this cage the
wire popped out oh there we go popped it back in so now I wanted to show you guys
what the cage would actually look like if they had a hamster in it, this is honey
my Syrian hamster so honey is a relatively small Syrian which is why
she’s okay to fit through these tubes but an average size Syrian I would
really worry about trying to get through these tubes and I would worry that they
would get stuck as you can see she can’t even fit in this wheel and her back was
bending quite a bit when she did get in there a hamster living its lifetime in
one of these cages can cause serious stress to a hamster and boredom you’ll
often see your hamster climbing the bars of the cage because they have nothing
else to do as well as constantly bar chewing. Honey has been in this cage for
less than five minutes and she already is starting to chew on the bars I also wanted to show you guys for in comparison here this is a 110 QT bin
cage this has around 500 square inches of floor space give or take and this is
compared to the tiny tails cage so as you can see the tiny tails cage could
probably fit in this cage if I detach the tubes it could probably fit this
way two and a half or three times so if you were thinking of getting one of
these cages please save your money and go for something else bin cages are
cheap you can also find used large tanks on Craigslist or kijiji this just is not
a good cage and it does not provide the hamster the space it needs so please for
your hamsters sake go with something bigger so yeah guys now I need to take
this all apart so I can put it back in the box and take it back to pet smart
because I’m not giving them any of my money so I hope you guys enjoyed this
review thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “DEAR PETSMART | tiny tales cage review

  1. Help us work with PetSmart to make better cages by signing the petition :
    I really hope this can help any new hamster owners or ones who may be slightly less educated ? I tried to pick a cage that no one had reviewed yet since I know quite a few YouTubers have done review videos on these already, but the more the merrier! I also am returning this cage so you do not have to worry about PetSmart making any profit off this purchase, I’ve also slipped a note into the box incase someone else purchases one not knowing proper hamster care ? This is in no way to bash PetSmart, I am just very disappointed and hope they are willing to create better cages in the future. Thank you!

  2. I came home from college, and my 8 year old brother got his first hamster along with this cage. I'm going to make a large bin cage for him asap! These cages are so expensive and bad. I hate how petsmart market these cages for small animals.

  3. I keep googling this question but unfortunately haven’t found any answers… why is multiple connected cages that add up to more than 450 sq. in. not considered as good as having one big cage that meets that requirement? I don’t doubt this, but I’m the type of person who wants to know the reasoning behind things, not just “because it is.” Would really appreciate if someone could direct me to the research or reasoning for this. Thanks ??

  4. look if you want a toy, buy a barbie doll or a race car. not a living breathing animal. my childhood dollhouse was bigger than this thing.

  5. Thats sad how stuff happens

    Im 10 and i dont see hamsters as toys i see them as real pets

  6. Lol if i was a pet smart employee I would say not to buy any cages here. I would recommend the more suitable cages

    (my mom thought this hamster cage was cute)

  7. I think it’s fine, my 4 Syrian hamsters live in 2 of these together and they all share the whee it’s so cute also they are happy when they go in the tubes

  8. Don’t buy the rocket ship I have three hampsters and their cages are all unsafe my hampster has cage aggression from it I’m very disappointed I need to get 2 cages that are good for my Syrian and my Russian dwarf and my winter white hampster

  9. I was looking for some bedding for my little hamster an employee told me to get wood shavings ?‍♂️. Wood shavings can hurt the hamsters feet. (unless Its Aspen but don't take my word) also I saw a little girl and her mother get a Syrian hamster AND THEN GET A TINY TALES. I hate that so many parents are uneducated about animal Care.

  10. I seen a person on Instagram who had all of the tiny tales cages connected to each other so I messaged her and told her that it’s not suitable and they need 450 square inches of just floor space and she said “I don’t care. My hamster loves it and it fits the theme of my room.” rip the hamster living with her

  11. I currently have this cage because the worker said this was a good one for my syrain, BUT I have a nice big cage that I researched coming in tomorrow! My hamster will be much happier

  12. Honestly I was disgusted by that cage. The stickers are just horrific. Everything about this cage is disgusting. My heart sinks everytime I look at that water bottle. I would never put my Paxton in that dollhouse of a cage. BRB, signing that petition.

    P.S, your hamster is ADORABLE.

  13. I only use one of these kind of cages when I’m cleaning out my hamsters cage unless it is in a ball

  14. Thats soo sad especially since the ppl who are most likely buying these cages are little kids who are using them as toys and their parents who dont know about hamsters know about hamsters☹️

  15. Kim Kardashian had this pink castle cage for her daughters hamster, it died within a few days, wonder why…

  16. People make these hamster house so they look cute….which they do……but they only want people to buy them and don’t care about the hamsters health??❤️

  17. Showing my mom this so she knows why this cage are the worst and I want to buy a bin cage so we don’t need to waste 30-60$ for that ugly cage ???‍♀️.

  18. Hey victoria I got to tell you I got a YouTube channel about my hamster milo I just got a new cage and I used my old tiny tales cage into a travel cage it also has a holder not like a wire but a plastic holder he likes his new cage a lot ?

  19. My Qestion my rats cage is massive and there litter tray no where near takes space but it’s real,y the same sive as that?

  20. Hampsters aren't toys kids! Hampsters I like humans but small. That must of took 5 min to make at Petsmart. (Help Petsmart make deiesent cages for any kind of hampster!)

  21. Nearly bought a small cage just to make the employees happy cause they thought my hamster would escape the bin cage I got for her.

  22. Hi Victoria, I was just wondering how do you attach that water bottle to your IKEA cage?
    Can you do a video like that? Or if you do… send me the link

  23. When I was very very young, we once had a classroom pet. I think it was a syrian hamster, since it was about that size. It was kept in a small cage, and it kept on chewing through the bars. Us, meaning me and the other five year olds, kept on poking it's nose and harassing it during the day.
    It's a very vague memory from a long time ago so it only came up while I was watching hamster videos for proper hamster care. I was a goddamn idiot as a child.

  24. Hey Victoria, I was wondering if my dwarf hamster would have back problems if it had a wheel that size I’m still trying to figure out the good and bad things for hamsters! ?

  25. I had a cage like this for my two gerbils when I was five. It was the same brand, with only the first floor and now I feel kinda bad I put them through that

  26. i used to have this cage. it was terrible but then i started watching. you videos and got a cage with 480 sq inches of floorspace! i have a russian white hamster.

  27. You know what pisses me off too is people buy the travel size cages and make hamsters live in them indefinitely. Travel size cages are not even marketed for living in forever and yet people do it.

  28. Good idea writing that note! I signed the petition and had all of my friends sign it too ❤️❤️ ??

  29. I have my hamster 5 1/2 inches of bedding on one side, my family’s saying she has too much bedding and they are saying everything I do is wrong even tho everything is right 🙁

    Edit: side*

  30. I got a tiny tales cage for my hamster the tubes aren't sturdy and just come off. Everything else is fine.

  31. I feel very guilty for getting my hamster a tiny tales cage… Is there any way I could make a bin cage without mesh?

  32. I would never ever buy a young child a hamster or any other animal for that matter if you do want to teach your kid 'responsibilities' I'd get them a goldfish and only let them feed him or her and when the child is at school or asleep I'd clean the tank and do everything you should do but animals are not toys they are amazing I'm going through a lot and to be honest If it wasn't for my pets or friends I would have probably commited suicide a while ago but I'm trying to get help and my animals are always at the back of my mind keeping me sane and giving me some kind of joy and hope so u repeat

    Animals. Are. Not. Toys.

  33. when I went to pet smart today I had someone very very honest who told me that it’s not good to get those cages even tho I already knew that and I ended up getting a fish tank for my hamster and she seems happy

  34. Thank you for these videos! I bought a hamster and watched your videos the same night I got him… I ended up rushing to walmart at 1am to get a new cage because I felt so bad! I can't belive they just hand away little lifes with no care at pet stores like that…. Now I want to buy them all and burn the store down lmao

  35. We once got given a hamster by a family friend who's son didn't want it and the cage was similar to that but with only one layer. We couldn't afford to get any other cage and it was really sad having to watch it live somewhere unsuitable!

  36. In all reality couldn't you use the bottom section as just a traveling cage for a hamster?
    Second, if you did not want to do that, couldn't you use the bottom as part of the bath area? Then, keeping the door off the house section, create a medium-sized hideaway for you hamster beneath a proper bedding area?

  37. That is the tiniest hamster ? cage I ever sall also I have two hamsters and thank you for making a better hamster owner

  38. My aunt used to be a pet smart employee and he quit her job there cuz she knew those cages were hamster abuse and she hated advertising about those dumb cages


  40. I don't know much about hamsters myself apart from my family owning several but I know that cage looks so claustrophobic.

  41. Getting my Hamster a new cage because hers is to small thank you for the information me and my family stay up all night to watch you.

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