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do you have a cat that gets aggressive when you play most the time those are young cats and it's a super common problem when you think about it it's no wonder that they do because most of us are actually taught to play with cats in a way that will cause them to scratch and bite at you and in fact we roughhouse with kittens all the time unfortunately when you roughhouse with a kitten with your hands or your feet you are really teaching that cat to go ahead and target predatory play towards your fingers and your toes and that's pretty much the last thing that most people want on a regular basis so it's so important that when you are going to teach your cat about how to play with people that you play with remote toys so that they are more interested in playing with objects rather than your hands if you're going to try and work on a cat that has already started doing some aggressive play behaviors then you want to start by making sure that you have appropriate toys to play with that cat one of the most common toys the cats and joy are called one toy so they look like fishing poles and they have a great little object at the end and there's a variety of companies to make them these are called neko flies and they have a lot of really great interesting ones and what you want to do is really focus on all of your play with your cat being with toys like this rather than your hands or your feet so when you think about it a lot of cats really enjoy predatory play of all different types and that might be moving the toy along the ground like this dangling the toy at the top of the cat so they can bat it around and if Freyer were on the floor we could do this with the long wand but here there's no reason to use it and I can see that she's really liking this see how her whiskers are little tuckered out and their forward she's really interested in this particular toy which is common this particular toy is really popular with cats and also throwing the toy so the cat can chase it and then moving at a different rate the other thing that you can do to play with kitty cats is put toys that have food in them on the floor and roll them around so that when you roll them and when the cat rolls them treats fall out so those are things that are really fun for cats that don't involve your hands and feet as the trigger for the aggressive behavior the other thing to keep in mind though is that when you play with a cat even with these types of toys you may find especially in a cat that's had a lot of experience doing aggressive play that they target your hands or feet right off the bat so if you can get one or two seconds of appropriate play in that's a great way to go play for a couple seconds and if you feel like you need to end the session so that your cat doesn't get too agitated and then start to bunny kick or hits or growl then go ahead give them a treat and the session and come back later when you do that you're teaching the cat that we can have play sessions that don't involve aggressive behavior in addition you could continue to play until your cat starts to have troubles but the problem with that is that then the cat might get too aggressive and then every time you end your session the cat is learning that well I just get more and more agitated when we play instead we'd like the cat to always be playing and having a good time so really focus on ending your session before the cat gets aggressive but if there's any moment where the cat starts to bite at you or certainly hiss at you or grab you then say too bad and end the session completely and that's one great way to help your cat learn to play less aggressively

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  1. I love my Russian Blue but there are times when he'll just go for my feet when i'm in the middle of something if I can't play with him and it drives me nuts and I scream at him and he runs away terrified. I feel guilty doing it but I hate to have a cat creep up on me and bite me. I usually put him in a small dark room for an hour as punishment to make him associate biting me with the experience of being put in a dark room to deter it. But it is annoying and sometimes I just feel like toss him outside even though he's an expensive cat. Dogs can bite in a playful manner but they don't creep up on you. I've never had this with other cats and I believed the Russian Blue was supposed to be a gentle and easy going cat but this 8-month-old can be too full of energy that even a half hour of play with him isn't enough to drain him. It gets too much sometimes and I often regret having him. He can be a very loving cat and i love playing fetch with him but I hate this side of him and the energy he has. It was one of the reasons I chose a Russian Blue over a Bengal cat as everyone told me they're gentle and easygoing but my pedigree has so much energy that nothing deems to satisfy him. I hope he mellows out once he reaches adulthood as I wanted more of an easy going apartment cat which all the articles say a Russian Blue is supposed to be. This video seems to be focused on bites while playing with a cat. Mine never bites me during play, even when I put my hand in to grab the toy wire from him, but it's while I'm not playing with him that he does it, he can even do it after a 30-minute play session after he gets tired and rests next to my feet. None of these videos seem to offer solutions if you have this problem, they mainly assume that people have wrongly allowed their cat to associate hands and feet with playthings, which mine doesn't.

  2. I am feeding homeless cat that constantly scratches me when I try to put its food out. Have to be careful. It was obviously abused before being thrown away. I tell her bad kitty when she scratches and good kitty when she's good. She knows difference.

  3. My cat attacks me when I go to the bathroom. Even when I'm walking toward the bathroom he suddenly gets super aggressive. And when I'm done my business and walk out of the bathroom, he becomes his loving self again. Whats up with that! I can't not go to the bathroom!

  4. I don’t have a cat, but my sister has 2. If I run, they’ll chase me. And try to scratch me. I think it’s because animal instinct, like what they’d do if they see a mouse.

  5. My cat who is about 12years old and she is very aggressive and scared all the time she is so stressed that she bites her arm and there is often a open wound but we can not clean them because she does not let us close, everytime i try she bites and scratches me and even if i put my hand close to her she will attack me, i have been looking for information to help with this situation but i can not find any and so i was wondering if anyone has this same situation or if someone could help me

  6. I found a great toy. . Catnip sticks – natural twigs, they love them. I tied mine to a shoe lace and it's his favourite and they chew it which is good for teeth and gums. Also another thing is the oven glove. When he wants rough stuff he can really play with close contact and not hurt me. He knows when I don't have it on and is gentle.

  7. my arms and hands are all sctatched and bitten…a small price to pay for all the cuteness he gives in return…it’s a bit embarassing when I’m out in public, but I’ve just learned to cop it?

  8. Thank you so much my kitten plays aggressively with me in the middle of the night I dont know what to do and you just showed me! Thank you! ❤?

  9. Our cats bit my hands. Not hard but in a playful way. They quickly learned which hands they could and couldn't play with and bite.
    Sometimes my hands were covered in scratches, but I didn't mind, it didn't hurt at all.
    We don't have the cats anymore, and I really miss them biting and playing with my hands. ??

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