De-fuzz Fuzzy Fur LOL Surprise Pets Blind Bags Box ! Toy Video

yes all right so we're gonna be opening up some surprise up blind bags look at how cute these are oh yes are you ready it's time I love that the lol are like super duper fuzzy now okay check out the checklist whoa look at all of these absolutely precious pets we have to see which ones we are going to find here is our little scooper wait a minute that's a clue it's got good ears and a headband right in the sand we can actually dig out the surprise yeah and it looks like this pet is going to have absolutely what these pets are are these I think these are so absolutely adorable now you can leave your pet fuzzy just like this or you can dip your pet in some water and you can rinse away all of the fuzziness but honestly you guys I love these fuzzy just like this this is so cute so if I get a double I will absolutely be fuzzy it but I love the fuzz on them so this little bunny is so cute actually so fuzzy I wonder if it could even fit the accessories pink bunny looks like a all right pink shampoo whoa oh the pet just popped out who is this little fuzzy pet is it a little yellow one oh we got another pink one we got a pink one you ever get another bunny that looks like a little bunny but it looks like a different bunny no but his ears are so bunny like it is so huge yeah surprise blind bags soda pop whoa scooper whoa I can almost see it right here oh there's tiny shoes too here are the other two right there one for each of its little paws little puppy's feet are so fuzzy you can't even wear the shoes unless you're deep unless you D fuzz the pup which maybe will do if I get a double one just Oh cutie cutie oh but it can wear this cute little harness just move its little fuzzy body this scooper oh it's gonna be a little puppy who drinks from the milk carton and where's all this cute little pink glittery outfit we have inside of our sand surprise well inside of here we've got a little neon lime color a little neon orange color you use this fancy pen this one oh well look at that hairstyle this is the glitter poodle look at look at look at out of my collection I have another one that's double poodle since I already had one in my collection so that means it's time to eat all right time to be fun so let's take this one who's gonna look like a totally different puppy once we take that plug out so go ahead and dunk it into the water and if I just slowly rub on the puppy look at that the fur just starts to magically built right off of her I can reveal what she looks like oh look at that she's got pink fur underneath her fuzzy orange fur and this is the perfect time to give your puppy a total unique hairstyle if you wanted to see orange in here see how she lookin fuzzy there we go totally different puppies oh we got another soda pop a kitty cats scooper and in here oh you can kind of see it already right here and just scoop away some of the sand here in the front oh it's a pair of sunglasses in here here we go oh there's some really cool sunglasses with a little chain on them oh we've got a cute little jumpsuit this little pet a little you're the most beautiful blue eyes or she can totally rock her sunglasses if there's another one I do not have in my collection so I'm gonna leave her fuzzy wuzzy little polka dotty outfit a matching sippy cup and this one because a little puppy scooper oh this one just kind of popped out here it is there's something there's something there's something Oh somebody loves to get groomed and brush a little puppy brush blue fuzzy puppy oh you guys these aren't just like the softest things in the world we totally groom her with the brush – all right so we'll add her in with her other fuzzy friends now we're going into the second layer and open in a step there we go baby so we've got two baby Pink's two hot pinks in one coral like a red velvet puppy who comes with this two-toned loose if you cut a red scooper there's a little kitty face on it little kitty I think that's a little kitty underneath here and the kitty has this little harness to wear and she also has these shoes to wear red white and blue these are just for you let's see what is inside of these two baby Pink's we'll open them both up maybe we'll get twinsies pets we've got a yellow scooper this one has Oh a blue kitty cat scooper pink white and blue and gold copy little blue outfits like pattern underneath – oh and love this fuzzy pet so the one inside of here must be different since the accessories were so different this one the little birdies just want to cry because these are so cute what is in their sand surprise Wow oh this one must be for the little puppy since the bird only has two legs the puppy has four so we've got a parish so we got a shoe for each paw and in this one oh I love that turquoise color for the bird we've got this cute little tiny collar to wear Oh adorableness no that looks so cute now the hot pink bottles see we've got a blue kitty scooper this 100 kitty cat bubbly bottled a blue sippy cup oh wait a minute that looks familiar just like a little blue outfit it's just like what this little pet has that's the same outfit right it has the same outfit and the same scooper we might be able to Defoe's this pet wait a minute let's open up the sand surprise wait we got two white shoes and two little itty-bitty blue shoes I'm seeing samesies so far are we gonna have a twin and OH what is this one but the hairstyle is totally different so they must be two different kitty cats I thought we were totally gonna be able to debug this pet because it had the same wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute is this the same pet just with different color fuzz oh I think we might actually have a twin okay let's do fuss this one with the black fur and see if it kind of has that same pattern underneath right let's see is this a double pup oh I hope it is I hope I'm not defunding one that I don't have already so here we go dip it into the water and just kind of brush away the fur a little bit it's this one that I have or not I don't even know I don't even know anymore oh I see a little spot okay look at let's see that pattern oh I think that is the same puppy your puppies can actually be the same pet but just different fur colors that is so cool all right keep on see fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy shake shake shake shake me alright so out of the fuzz look at that okay so we've got a really really cute little jivin cat so there we go so here are the same kitties they just a different color fuzzy on them can you believe that so this one is the one that's underneath here so now I get to keep this one a beautiful blue this one I get to enjoy just the latest wait let's get her dressed in her outfit yeah that was so fun D fuzzing this kitty now let's get back to this one and see baby this one is a pony there's like one pony to find right here little Nate man just eat please be a majesty and this is oh we've got a little tiara weight and a little bow wait a minute wouldn't a Majesty your Royal Pony but she's so royal scoop scoop scoop golden royal shoes that are also red alright so we opened up all of these super duper fuzzy lol cups maybe stay royally awesome and fuzzy happy Oh cookie swirl world I can be a cute yummy gummy bear whoa look at the gummy bear it's bouncing it's bouncing it's bouncing I can't go keep on going it's the official cookie swirl C app game you guys it is available right now you can download it for free at the Google Play Store and the App Store it's hello cookie fans whoa you're at the end of the video home remembers what color was this puppy's fuzzy fuzzy fur before she got D fuzz do you remember what color was her floods fur was it red purple orange or green by cookie fans

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