D&D One-Shot: Rabbit Hole (1/4) with JoCat, Hour, Pau, and Shao

(intro music playing) Jo: I think we’re ready Jess: Ha, we’re very entertained by the dice. Jess: I’m gonna take your toys away if you don’t- (laughter) Jess: I’m gonna be the mom. Hour: I’ll behave, I’m sorry. Jess: Alright. Jess: Alright, so- Jess: Gettin’ in the mood. Jess: So, Jess: After a long adventurous trek through the Eastern mountains, battling all manner of beasts, the swelling thunderclouds overhead forced you to seek shelter in the valley. In the dimming light, you settled down on creaking floorboards of a dilapidated temple. It certainly wasn’t your first choice. The old shrine howls as wind weaves through its scarred ancient body. Water paters loudly on the roof as the scent of rain joins the pungent smell of burning incense. Hardly the sound sleep you got at the Daywater Inn, but certainly beats the shitstained goblin nest you begrudgingly slept in a few nights prior. You’re still not sure if you’ll get that smell out of your nose. Though in that comforting lantern glow, your weak bones grow heavy and sleep comes to each of you. And as you wake, why don’t you introduce all of your characters? So, how do each of your characters wake up from a long rest? Shao: Uhh. Jo: Who wants to go first? Jess: Who wants to go first? Jo: Wait, does he wear his hat to sleep? Hour: Maybe. Jo: Wow. Jess: Maybe? Jess: Yeah! Do you want to go first? Jess: We’ll call on you then. Hour: Slowly waking up- I just- I just umm keep my hat stuck to my face. And under it, I put my hand under just to rub my eyes. But I try not to let people see. …who I am. Jess: You’re just kinda like, AH rub my eyes- hat back on. Hour: Just calmly rubbing his eyes. Jess: You might be the first person that wake up or so. You just try to get awake before everyone else just so you can get tidy and ready. Hour: Yep, just wake up and get ready before everyone Hour: Yeah the only reason why the orc wakes up, is because- my character is just standing there right outside the door staring at the sun. Jess: Ahh, it’s beautiful. Pau: Aww jeez- Shao: Ahh! Jess: Yevelda! How do you wake up? Shao: She was just snoring loudly until her snot bubble popped. And then when she opened her eyes- she saw the faceless, sort of, ghost demon. And she’s like- “AHH- Why do you have no face?! Get away from me!” Jess: I will say you’ve been adventuring for awhile. Jo: Yeah so we know each other, right? Jess: You’ve grown accustomed to it. Jo: Or does she do that every time-? Hour: Maybe she does that every time she wakes up- Jess: Maybe she does that every time she’s just like- Jo: (mimicking Yev) AHH- Ahh- oh its just you, Ran. Jess: It’s fine, no, it’s great. Jess and Jo: Just every morning/ every time… Jo: Oh my god- Jess: It’s actually the alarm clock. Jess: Everyone uuh- wakes up to Yevelda just screaming. Shao: And with that she just wakes up. Shao: I mean well okay- She- she calms down. and she- she’s like oh! okay- You’re alive. That’s great. Jess: Also, if you can’t find yourselves you’re here. Pau: Does she go to bed every night thinking, “Are one of my friends are gonna die while I sleep?” -like…why? Why is that a standard good morning? Jess: That’s just how it works for this lovely half-orc. Shao: Okay yeah. Jess: Alright so we’ll call out- Jess: This lovely faerie dragonborn gets up. Pau: So like I imagine- Lumi’s like- when he sleeps- he kind of curls up into a ball and like I can imagine him waking up and he’s like poking his head above his tail- and then goes ahh yeah, dear god, is it morning already? And then he uncurls himself, stretches his arms a little bit. Yawns, then goes over to his other party mates- And then goes like, Good morning everybody! That’s the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in awhile- How do you guys feel ah! Shao:We’ll I almost saw a ghost demon, but everything is fine. It was just Ranmaru. Jess: Again. Pau: Lumi is just- Lumi is just putting a hand on Yev’s shoulder and just says- Yev please, you do this all the time- Hour: Ran, useless, is looking up at the sun. Hour: He says, Ah yes, just as the sun rises we follow. That’s it that’s all he says. Just super useless. Jo: Super cryptic. Ren: Yeah, super cryptic. Jess: So is Erzer just silent? Jess: Oho, just gets up? Jo: Yeah Erzer just gets up and yawns. Just rubs Truffles on the back. Just kinda, cuddles with her a bit. And just kinda lifts her up. Shao: Oh Truffles. Jo: And ahh- And he greets everyone with a hearty wave and a big smile on his face. Jess: So as each of you awaken, you notice that it is still night. Though there is no moon. You wait thinking you woke too early, but the sun refuses to rise. Shao: That’s probably nothing. Jess: It’s probably fine. Jess: So what is everyone’s passive perception really quick? Jo: Ahh, 14! Jess: 14. And you can note that by looking on your sheet- And if you scroll all the way down- Jess: At the very bottom. Jo: Underneath all your skills. Jess: All your stats- Jess: So I think it’s Erzer that notices- So, Erzer! You notice a few bodies lying on the temple floor. Uncannily they share your face and clothes. Impossibly you watch- Your bodies continue to sleep on the floor as you stand upright- You look at your hands in the light- and they are mildly transparent. Jo: But what about my companions? Jess: Oh she’s also asleep on the floor. Just a little piggy- Ahh- it’s almost as if you all have twins on the floor sleeping. Jo: Erzer just waves his hands frantically and points. -points at all the bodies still sleeping. Shao: Ahh, look at that pretty woman on the floor. She looks great. Pau: I look at the floor. And I look at Erzer. And I look at the floor again. Huh, that’s strange. I haven’t read about this. Jo: Do I know what’s happening? Can I do like a- Jess: If you want to do some- If you want to try to uhh- -make a check or if you- I think you can maybe infer what has happened. Jess: If you want to try to communicate that through sign-language to the rest of the party that’s a little bit confused. Jo: Yeah yeah I guess he knows. Yeah he signs to the party, “It looks like we’re out of our bodies. We’re in some kind of spirit form.” Shao: Yev, stares at her hands. Jess: They are mildly transparent. Jess: You hold them up and you can kind of see through them. in the lantern light. Shao: (concerned noises) Jess: And you look down and you look so peaceful sleeping on the floor. But you’re standing at the same time. Shao: Okay my character tries to- grab her body and goes, “Wake up stupid!: Jess: Your hand just kind of passes through it. Shao: “What? Wake up!” Shao: She says just trying to wave- Jess: Just trying to slap- Shao: Just slapping her hand at the body going, ” Why- Won’t- You- WAKE UP?!” Jess: Just slapping through the body, just like “JUST WAKE UP!” Jo: (foof foof foof) Hour: Ranmaru is just gonna move away from this situation. Jess: This is probably just a walk in the park for Ranmaru. Its probably just like- this has happened to me like several times. It’s fine. Hour: “Yes, out of body experiences are not unnatural- -yet, I am surprised there are more than just me having it right now.” Jo: Erzer is going to take a look outside. Is there anybody else out here? Jess: Ahh, you don’t notice anyone outside the rain sort of continues to pelt down on the dilapidated stairs. Jess: But you notice. Taking a look around the room. A man dressed in billowing dark silk robes, slumped over a fragile tea table. His delicate hands covering his face as he speaks in muffled sobs. Jess: Ahh, see it? There we go. Jess: “I can’t go through with the ceremony. I can’t- I can’t face her.” “Her radiance will burn me alive for what I’ve done. She can never forgive me.” Jo: Uhh, Erzer just leans over the table and just sort of waves a hand infront of the person. Jess: He doesn’t umm- Jess: Just roll me some quick Performance as you try to get up on this table- -this uhh, rickety tea table. Jo: Oh jeez. Jess: Just see how well you ahh- Jess: You know- Do your best. Jess: Oh! It’s good! Yeah- you kinda find Jo: Dirty twenty. Jess: -your footing. Umm, and you’re able to sort of get his attention. And he sort of looks up at you quickly- And you notice his face is completely- A ghostly white. But beautiful. This man has long flowing dark hair. Jess: And he looks to you and just says, “N-No, I can’t. I won’t!” Jess: You got his attention. Jo: Is he transparent like us? Jess: He’s not transparent though. Jo: Oh! Jess: He does see you. Jo: Oh interesting. Jo: Ahhh- Well allies you have mouths. Jess: (laughs) Yeah allies have mouths. Jess: Yeah the boar is just like, “snort” Shao: I run up to the guy and be like, “Help us!” Shao: “Are we dead?” Jess: “No, No- get away from me!” Shao: (sniffling) “We need help! No!” Jo: Erzer just reluctantly comes over and- pulls Yevelda to the side. Jo: Just trying to calm her down. Just “Shhh!” Jo: Just patting her. Shao: Okay, I’m calm. Jess: I’m calm, I’m calm. Pau: I imagine so Lumi kinda leans in because he’s kinda tiny. So he needs to lean in to see and is like- Pau: “What’s happening here? Jess: “What do you mean what’s happening?!” “The ceremony’s about to happen. I’m not ready- I’m not ready- ” “I-I can’t I just. I won’t go through with it.” “I-I just won’t!” “This night won’t end-” “I’ll just keep it night…” “I’ll just keep it… night.” Jess: And as you approach the figure- Jess: In a fluid motion, a wave of silken cloth just sort of washes over him. Jess: And suddenly- With a twist and a curl. He becomes a small white rabbit. Jo: Oh. Shao: A bunny rabbit! Jess: And he attempts to run away from you all. But each of you, if you’d like- -can try to catch him. Hour: Aww yeah! Shao: I’m gonna catch the bunny! Jo: Erzer just sort of makes a pointing motion- -like catch that rabbit! Jess: Catch that rabbit! And its sort of just bounding about in the room. Jess: just a hop and a hop. Shao: What should I roll for that? Jess: Just make me a Dex check. Jess: Or if you’d like to- An Acrobatics or Athletics check. Shao: Hang on let me see which is better- Pau: What kind of dice to we roll? Jess: However it looks like Ranmaru just instantly dove over this rabbit and just kinda- -and just took it. Hour: In the silence just whoop! Jess: Yep just a silent sweeping motion of cloth, just whoop! Jess: And you just kinda take- Shao: But I want it! Jess: Yeah you just kinda take it up in your arms. Hour: Uhh, does the bunny react? Shao: Can I hold him? Please? Jess: Yes currently Ranmaru is currently holding this little bunny. Shao: Can I hold him? Please? Hour: No! Jess: And you notice that the rabbit is just sort of squirming and squeaking. Shao: Can I pet him? Hour: “Cease your reach. Please Cease your reach.” Jess: Alright. Hour: And he starts petting the bunny a little to try calming him down and- is like, “Ahh poor little thing.” “I wanted to ask a question before you turned.” “To your… other form.” “Just hear us out, we’re not here to hurt you.” Jess: Just roll me a quick Animal Handling. Just to see how well- If he’s calm enough to talk. Jess: Ahh- yeah, yeah. It’s like enough. Ahh, yeah so you just sort of gently pat the bunny. Just kind of stroking its fur. And uhh- You notice, it’s stopped kicking you which is a plus. And it settles down into your arms. And becomes very quiet. Hour: Ahh wait sorry. I paused for a moment thinking that’s so cute. I spaced out. Jess: It’s so cute. Hour: So cute. Umm- Hour: He just mutters, “Won’t you help us understand? Your situation?” And he’s just hoping he might turn back into a person again. Jess: It just looks back up at you with these huge blue eyes and just says- “I can’t face her.” “I can’t face the sun.” Jess: “I was supposed to-” “-renew my vows.” “But-” “I can’t-” “She’s so angry at me, I-” Jess: And he points over at the table. And you see upon it- An ancient scroll that’s just sort of bound up. Although it is very old, it is of incredible make. Hour: Blinking has he listened to the words- -he-he had a small but- tingle in his mind where he thought- Hour: “Are you the moon?” “Are you the rabbit? Are you the moon rabbit spirit?” Shao: (gasps) A moon rabbit! Jess: He nods. Pau: Aww. Shao: It’s a moon bunny rabbit! Hour: “Huh, I feel honored to meet the moon.” Jess: You see outside that there is no moon, outside- -in the sky. Jo: Ohh- Hour: Yeah so it is the moon. Jo: E-Erzer gives like a respectful bow. Shao: Can I still pet him? Jess: (laughs) Yes, you can still pet him. Jo: Ahh, I love Yevelda. Jess: Such a gentle soul. Hour: “Maybe ask why she’s mad at you?” Jess: Yeah and you can just see- -you can just hear- You can hear this poor rabbit’s heart just going- -just a mile a minute. And its ears are just- folded down- over its body as far as it will go. Jess: As it tries to hunker in- (Jocat’s desk explodes) Jo: Oh jeez, everything is falling apart. Pau: Are you alright? Jo: Yeah! I’m okay. Hour: Fell down from the cuteness. Jess: Erzer the Silent is not so silent. Jess: Knocks over a lantern. Pau: The curse of the moon. Jess: (laughs) Umm- Jess: Essentially- -he sort of meekly says- “I made her angry. I-” “I killed the goodess of food because she was so wretched.” “I’m afraid my wife will never forgive me.” Shao: “There, there. It’s okay.” Jo: Erzer just comes over and pets it as well, and uhh just kind of- – kind of does, like a real confident like a- -fist pump and thumbs up. Like toward us in a, “Leave it to us!” kinda motion. Jess: Aww- Shao: Yeah! Jess: Its ears perk up a little bit and uhh- Jess: It uhh- It does sort of- Take a paw and kind of- -maybe nuzzle your hand a bit- Jo: Aww- Jess: And direct you over to the table. Jess: And just says, “Maybe if you could help me-” “Maybe it would impress her if I-” “-have-” “-a nice ceremony-” “-to renew our vows.” Jo: Erzer just kind of elbows Renmaru. Hour: Hmm? Jo: Just like, “Hey you’re a priest right? You know things about ceremonies.” Shao: “Oh yeah yeah, you can help!” Hour: He’s just squished in between two people trying to nudge him- -he feels so uncomfortable. Jo: Like both of our eyebrows like raising- Jo:Just like “Ehh?” Hour: But he just feels unconfortable. Even if you can’t see it in his face, you can hear it in his voice. – he just says, Hour: ” I only know the relationship between life and death not between two lovers. I’m sorry.” Hour: Just a small mumble. Jo: Erzer just does like the hand motion of like, “Same difference.” Jess: Just- same difference right? Jo: Like the raising and lowering hands. Shao: “Yeah whatever he says!” Hour: He’s just squished in between trying- -not to make the moon god uncomfortable in his arms. Jess: You can kind of- Hour: Sorry my kid’s squeaky. Jess: You can kind of feel that he’s sort of- -wiggling a bit trying to get down. In your arms. Just- Hour: He slowly crouches a bit just to set him off on the ground. Pau: Can I pick him up? Jess: He’s trying to get down, and you like instantly scoop him up? Jess: I mean yeah if you want to scoop him up- Jess: He’s not gonna necessarily- Hour: Trying to get away from the two squishing him- He just softly taps their shoulders so he can move- -from in between and… he looks at the scroll. And he looks to the rabbit and he says- -umm- “What kind of ceremony were you thinking of?” Hour: “Was it this?” And he gingerly tries to pick up the scroll. And doesn’t try to open it yet until he has permission. Jess: And you can see uhh- the rabbit put its paws together in sort of an opening motion. -and kind of spreading it. Hour: Nodding he opens it along and tries to read- -what’s inscripted in it. Jess: Alright, and hopefully you can see it now- Jo: Ohh! Pau: Oh my gosh Jess you’re so prepared. Jess: Gurk- Jess: I said I was prepared! Hour: I’m so excited because of the legend! Jo: Wait hold on. Hold- Hold up. Hold up a minute. Did you draw this background? Jess: What? Jo: Did you draw this background, this map that we’re on? Jess: I edited it. I did not have the time to draw it myself unfortunately. Jo: Okay, but you drew this rabbit- this like this that we’re looking at. This scroll. Jess: Yeah! And the rabbit token. Jo: Wow that’s awesome. Jess: Aww thanks boo- Shao: Okay okay okay- Jess I do do maps but I was like- I don’t have time. When I first made this thing, I just wanted to get it out of me as quickly as possible so- Jo: Understandable- Jess: So I got some assets. Just like here we go go… BUT- umm- Jess: So you do open the scroll and you see what appears to be- -what appears to be some sort of wedding ceremony. To the best of your knowledge. Umm, and it seems to involve- Five different items. One of them being- Ahh- three nuptial cups. What appears to be a tree branch. And of course the white rabbit. A cup of blessed sake. And a traditional groom montsuki. Hour: Ahh, montsuki! ohh- Hour: It’s so cute. Aww, I’m crying. -my weeb’ life. Jess: Weeb’ life… Jess: And the rabbit, as you sort of look it over- -just you know, nods shyly. Shao: It’s so pretty! Jess: I’m afraid I don’t have the- items in order to conduct such a ceremony. Jess: I sort of scattered them to the wind in my haste- -but I might know someone who knows where they ended up. She lives not far from here. Jo: Erzer just hops on top of Truffles. -and uhh just kind of- -just comes towards the door and waves his arms in a, “Let’s go!” kind of motion. Shao: Yeah! Wait for me! Yea! Pau: (sneezes) Excuse me. “Yeah!” Jess: And who has the- Hour: The dragon sneezes. Jess: Rabbit at the moment? Hour: Uhh- Ranmaru just uhh- -kneels in front of the rabbit. “Oh dear god, I see what you’re looking for but I must ask you- What does this have to do with us and our bodies?” Jess: “Oh dear…” Shao: Oh yeah wait… Jess:Yeah oh dear we’re leaving our bodies behind. Jess: The rabbit just sort of- Hour: My friends are impulsive but I’d like to ask- Jess: The rabbit just sort of uhh- -nods and just says,- “I’m afraid this is the hour of the spirits” “and you were caught in the crossfire.” “I- I- apologize.” “I was greedy.” “I extended the night so that the sun might never come.” “So I don’t have to face her!” Jess: “I’m afraid you umm-” “-you might be stuck in this twilight for-” “-awhile?” Jess: He’s kind of… He looks up at you meekly. Hour: Ranmaru just- Shao: I mean it’s not permanent right? Hour: Ranmaru behind his mask only falters a bit, but he just makes this very neat smile that no one else can see. Hour: And he just reaches and pets the rabbit’s head. Hour: “Well-” “I understand.” “Maybe not your relationship. But I understand your reasons to do what you have done.” “And we will go out of our way to help you.” “Only because-” “People like us need the moon and the sun together.” Jess: And it will nod graciously. Jess: And it will sort of. Perhaps extending its welcome- -it just sort of beckons for you to pick it up again. Hour: Reaching forward he just sort of picks it back up into his arms. Hour: Will you help us find what you’re looking for? Jess: “Indeed but- -I will warn you all. It’s probably not safe for- -mortals to- -stay in the spirit realm for too long.” Shao: Wait, what why? What happens? Jess: “You might be stuck between the realms.” Shao: “Ahh.” Jess: “But- I’m sure it will be just fine.” Shao: “Ahh yeah yeah-.” Jess:”Just whatever you do-” “just don’t get lost.” “And don’t die here. Just be careful around who you meet on the way.” Shao: Gotcha. Jess: And its ears fold back on its body again. And it just sort of shivers. Hour: Ranmaru just pets it gently. Hour: We will not speak of its identity to others. Jess: Mm hmm- Shao: Okay, it’s our pet bunny. Jess: (laughs) We got very distracted by the bunny. -All like pet the bunny, and Jocat’s like… “guys.” Jo: Our pet spirit bunny. Shao: Yeah it’s our pet bunny. Shao: We’re naming him Steve. Pau: I- I have a question. Jess: “I have a name…” What? Pau: Wait what’s his name? Jess: “My name is Tsukiyomi. (god of night)” Pau: Tsukiyomi. Shao: “Oh okay.” Hour: Tsukiyomi-san. Jess: Tsukiyomi- yep. Tsukiyomi-sama. Jess: Alright. Pau: He’s a really dark dude I love him. I love him. Jo: How do you spell that? Oh okay. Jess: Oh you’ve got it? Hour: Yep, Tsukiyomi. Pau: I have a question- Jess: Mmm Hmm? Pau: So like- -I made my dragonborn a wise man. “Would he happen to know-” How long its safe for mortals to stay in the spirit realm? Jess: Yeah go ahead and make a- I would say it would be a- A religion check Pau: Religion check. Hour: I love your music choice by the way. Jess: Yes very ethereal. Aww it’s pretty good. Pau: Nice. Jess: You would surmise that its probably not healthy to be here any longer than a day- Shao: Wait so we’ve got- Pau: We’ve got 24 hours basically. Shao: Goddamit. Shao: Yeah no problem. Jess: Yeah its probably fine. Shao: Let’s go! Shao: Wait can like Jocat’s- boar handle two people or- Jo: Probably one other small person. Pau: I’m the small person! Jess: We can say, we can umm- We can say that umm- in this sort of spiritual state- -your boar is quite a bit larger than it was before. And you could maybe carry more than one person. Jo: Oh alright- Jo: Okay, hop on board crew! Jess: As you carry the rabbit. Hour: We’re all in this together- Jess: As you sort of descend the steps of the temple. -the rain sort of, you know, pelting down hard. On your person. Hour: I’m just gonna place myself here since it’s easier to catch. It’s so hard to move- Jess: Despite your hands fazing through your body, you still feel fairly solid as you walk along the earth. Aaaand let’s get- Get goin’ then. Alright let’s- Jess: Descend. So, you sort of see as two stone lanterns flank the entrance of the shrine’s gate. One appears to have succumbed to many years of weather and lies in a crumpled heap, though oddly it still burns with an eerie blue light. Shao: Can I fix it with my bare hands? Jess: You can try. Jo: What you’re gonna lift it? And put it back in place? Hour: You need that Elmer’s glue. Shao: I’ve fixed stuff with my bare hands- Jess:Yeah go ahead and make an Athletics check as you try to lift this BIG stone pillar. Shao: Hang on- Come on- Jess: Aww- Yeah it’s its- fairly- Unfortunately it’s really well soaked from the rain. And it just sort of slips out of your grasp. But you manage to see as you lift it up slightly- That there’s ahh- There’s a dead body under there. Pau and Shao: Ahhhgh- Jess: And as you sort of disturb the lantern. This ethereal blue light sort of spills out of it. Jo: Oh- Jess: And just hangs in the air. Shao: “Pretty Lights.” Jess: Pretty Lights. Shao: Can I touch it? Jo: Oh no- Jess: (laughs) I mean you can, yeah- Pau: Jess, did you draw this (token)? Jess: Ahh no this (token) is ahh, not mine. Pau: Ahh, okay. Shao: I use my free and to like- lightly touch the blue flame. Jess: Alright. Shao: Hopefully it won’t kill me. Jess: Ahh yep- great. So you reach out to the blue flame. And uhh- You can feel- -a part of yourself- -start to slip away- As it sort of- Like you take your transparent hand and try to touch the fire- And almost like- -a vortex it just starts sucking you in. Shao: Suddenly I feel tired. Jo and Shao: Oh no- Jess: Thankfully you manage to get your hand out of there before it- -just ahh- -before it does any major damage. But ahh- Jo: Erzer just does like a shoo motion. Like towards the fire. Jo: Like trying to swat a fly away and uhh- Jo: And grabs Yevelda. And just like, brings her along like a child. Jo: Just like “Get away!” Jess: Just like “No!” Jo: Yeah by the arm. Like the mom grab. Jess: Mom grab. Shao:” But it was so pretty.” Jess: Yes you just sort of- It sort of slowly drifts closer, but it’s- It’s very slow moving. Jo: Also what’s the deal with this building? Hour: It’s a shrine for prayer right? Jess: Yes you do see a secondary shrine- If you would like you can make a History check- Jess: To sort of see what that… or you’re welcome to ask the rabbit as well. Jess: A 12. Yeah uhh- It’s sort of- It’s hard to make out its exact purpose but it seems to be an honoring of sorts. And you can see out front, this offering box. Where perhaps you would insert coins. Hour: Yeah so Ranmaru is gonna -pick up two gold pieces from his- -from his wallet. And toss it in and make a prayer for their journey. Really quick- Shao: Random question, I’m not gonna do it but what if I threw in Lumi? Just a random- Pau: WHY?! Jess: What if you threw him into the shrine? Pau: Yeet. Yeet the entire dragonborn. Jess: I mean yes, but Lumi would certainly make an opposed check if they don’t want to do it. Shao: Hey Lumi, do you want to check out the shrine? It’s pretty. Jess: I will say, uhh- Ranmaru, that you do feel a warmth sort of come over yourself. And go ahead and give yourself inspiration. Jo and Hour: Yay! Hour and Jess: Inspired! Jess: Alright yes- So you’re trying to grapple the… poor little dragonborn?! Pau: “Ahh!” Shao: Come on it’ll be fun. Let’s just try something just for funsies. Hour: Ranmaru moves away and softly whispers to Tsukiyomi-sama, “Sorry for my party members…umm-” “-rash decisions.” Pau: What do I throw? Jess: “Yes, your servants are quite strange.” Hour: “Yes they are- Uhh no, they’re not my servants.” “but they resemble-” Jess: “Why else would they follow you around?” Hour: “They resemble some of mine at home.” Pau and Jess: Oh jeez- Hour: My character has a noble background I’m sorry- changed it. Jo: At the comment about our companion, Erzer does like- you know that gif of the old guy- -who does the shrug of like “Yeah, I mean, I guess?” Jess: Close enough. Jo: That one old man gif. Jess: Yep exactly. Jo: Just yeah they’re pretty weird- Jess: Yeah it’s like, you know something holds us together. We’re not sure what. Jess: Alright so were you throwing poor (Lumi) into the temple? Pau: What dice do I have to roll? Jess: It would be an Athletics check against your Acrobatics or Athletics. Whichever you prefer. Pau: Acrobatics? Oh wait- Hour: You know what, Ranmaru is just gonna stay beside Erzer at this point. Just like yeah I wanna watch this too. Hour: He can’t stop them. Pau: This is my Athletics. 16! Jess: And alright so opposed, so go ahead Yevelda. Jess: Go ahead and- Shao: Yea! Shao: “Come on it’s gonna be fun-” Jess: Just roll your Athletics. Jess: Whoever has the highest wins the grapple. Shao: I’m so sorry- I think I might- Jess: You got this- Jess: Aww you kinda slip out- -and you’re just kinda like, “No!” Pau: Ranmaru! She tried to throw me again! Jess: You duck behind everyone else. Pau: “Ahh!” Hour: Yevelda-chan, we talked about this. Shao: “Fine, ya’ll are no fun.” Jess: (Tsukiyomi) “This is a very weird tradition you have.” ‘… of throwing people.” Pau: “We can always go inside together-” Jo: Erzer- Erzer quickly starts tapping his wrist- -like with his finger. Pau: Time? Jess: As all of you go along the bridge you do notice- a small isle bearing a massive ancient tree juts out from the dark waters. The tree is wreathed with white ribbon that encircles it’s wide trunk. And you see several giant turtles sit on the isle’s far bank. Shao and Jess: Turtles. Jess: You’re welcome to make a perception check- -to sort of see out in the dark. Jess: It is very dark. Jo: Erzer will um- put his- umm- Pau: Shoot uhh- Jess: Wha- jeet- will put? will put things. Pau: Sorry. Jess: Alright- uhh. Just go ahead and make me some perception checks. Pau: Everybody. Shao: Perception check okay. Jess: Oh that’s pretty good. Jo: Erzer just kind of puts one hand to shield his eyes from the rain. As he sort of squints out- Shao: Oh goddamit. Hour: Ranmaru would look clearer, but he’s too busy trying to cover his face with the flaps flying everywhere. Jess: Yes it’s very hard to see in front of these flaps. They shield my face but they are not very good for perception. Alright- Pau: Mine’s too small to see over the railing- Jess: So Erzer you see- out on those -the shore. That the turtles- appear to be more humanoid and monstrous. Hour: Kappa! Jo: Oh yeah! Kappa! Jo: Ohh- Jo: Interesting. What are they doing? Jess: You do notice that they are studying you with clear intelligence. Their eyes gleam in the dark. Jess: And you can see more of them, swimming beneath the waves, and with a perception check that high you count at least perhaps eight of them. Jo: Ohh- Jo: Wait- Jess: And they’re all swimming around this- -tree that’s -adorned with many ribbons. Jo: Wait you said I can ask aid of them? Jess: I said that you can sort of ascertain that there are eight of them there. Jo: Oh oh, eight. I thought you said aid. Like ask for their aid. Jess: I mean you can if you want to. Jo: Like hey, help! Jess: If you want to ask them something. Jess: They do look intelligent. Jo: The thing is that I don’t talk. Jess: Oh no- Jess: Ask the boar to ask the- Jess: Do they know sign language? Jo: This ribbon, its just this big white ribbon that goes around this tree? Jess: Yes it seems to be knotted in a way that seems decorative. Almost in a zig-zag pattern. Jo: Erzer just kind of umm- -just goes over to the rabbit- -and just kinda points- -inquisitively at the ribbon. Jess: (Tsukiyomi) “Yes that’s the umm-” “the sacred tree, that every shrine worth it’s salt has.” “You would need a branch for the ritual but-” “I’m afraid the kappa are very territorial.” Jo: Uhh- Erzer does like a uhh- -like a “pshhh”- Jo: Like a hand out and- Jess: Like a “Come on-” Jo: Like an aww- and he gets off Truffles. And uhh looks over at his compainions. And- Uhh- Signs over if anyone knows how to swim. Shao: (gasp) Can I try? Can I try? Hour: Ranmaru smiles and just stands over- Jess: (DM panic mode) Jo: Oh no she’s gettin ready. Shao: I’m ready. I’m ready for a swan dive! Jess: She’s ready for a swim. Jess: And it’s like. “Oh!” The rabbit is just like, “W-w-wait. That uhh-” Hour: Ranmaru just pets the rabbit more. Hour: He just stands there. “Don’t worry I won’t be joining them.” “I won’t be joining them on this one.” Jess: (sighs) “I hope your friend knows what they’re doing.” Jess: “It would be easier if you had some cucumber, but-” Shao: Wait so. Am I ready for the go signal? Am I ready to swim? ‘Cuz I’m ready. Jess: Yeah she’s already partly in the dive motion. Shao: Yeah she’s like on the rails of the bridge just ready for a swan dive. Jo: Oh that’s a lot of Kappa. Hour: Ranmaru just smiles as he watches his friend jump off a bridge. “The thing is Tsukiyomi-sama.” “I’m never prepared for the actions they make.” Hour: He just sits there smiling. Jess: He just keeps petting. Jess: He gets very silent. Hour: He gets silent he’s just so amused. Just like curiously watching people that are less rich than him. Collective: Wow. Pau: I feel the bs, oh my god. Jess: Alright look at these lovely jublies. Jo: Oh god. Jess: They’re great. Shao: So friendly. Jess: THEY’RE SO FRIENDLY. Shao: Wait so. Is it ready? Can I dive in? Jess: Oh sure- go ahead. If you want you can make a Performance check. If you want to do it with flair. I’ll say you can definitely as bulky as you are you can do it with ease. If you wanted to. Hour: Oh man they are far away right now. Shao: Aww man give her a belly flop right now. Jo: I’m gonna reposition. Jess: Yeah, repositioning yourselves. Alright so yep! You do a – It’s not the most graceful swan dive but it certainly makes the best cannon ball you’ve ever seen. As it sort of ripples out- Jo: Erzer holds up six fingers in the air. Jo: Like a sign. Like a judge. Shao: Yeah! Thank you. Thank you. Jess: Adequate performance. Jess: And instantly you do see- -the kappa begin to sort of- -swarm around you. Jo: Oh no. Jess: And reposition. Jo: Oh jeez. Shao: Uhhh- Shao: Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Shao: Erzer give me a thumbs up thumbs down. Is this good or bad? Jo: How are they looking are they looking hostile? Or do they look like just- -like they’re just lookin around? Just checkin her out? Jess: Ahh they definitely don’t look happy. Jess: You just sort of see them give out this almost reptilian hiss. Pau: Can I yeah? Jess: And sort of- Jess: And in sort of a garbled language, speak to each other. Shao: Guys, thumbs up thumbs down? Is it good or bad? Jess: (evil DM laugh) Pau and Jo: Uhh- Jo: Erzer does like a hands shakey kind of… Ehhh? Jess: Are you continuing to approach? Jo: Lumirin you wanted to cast something? Pau: Yeah. Can I cast sleep on-? Jess: How’s about, since you didn’t do it with any sort of stealth, let’s see who goes first as we- Jess and Jo: Roll Initiative. Collective: Ohh- Jess: Oh boy. Oh boy- Is everyone in? I think everyone’s in. Jess: Hmm, I’m lookin. Okay alright- Jess: Ho boy. This is great- this is a grand ol’ time. So- Ahh jeez- Alright so, first wave of kappa. Two in the front. Ho- ho jeezus- Shao: We have made good choices. Jess: Good choices. Good choices were made. Jess: So you sort of see- It dive under the water the sort of turtle-like humanoid- with almost like a bowl on it’s head. Very uncanny- Sort of dive under the water and nip you in the leg or attempt to at least. Jess: Lets see- Jess: Does an eleven hit your armor class? I don’t think it does- No it does not- Ahh- So- You just sort of kick it out of the way- and it sort of screams a bit. Another one comes up and tries to do the same. Hour: Man, all the kappa are first. Jess: That one manages to sort of get around you- and nip you a bit for five. Shao: Goddamit. Pau: Oh jeez. Jess: You sorta’- Each of you onshore just see just a bit of blood -come up from the water. Shao: ACK! Jess: Alright. Little boar! Jo: Alright Truffles is- Jess: Stamping the ground. Jo: Welp, I guess she’s going for a swim. She’s gonna leap into the water. Jess: Alright go for it. Jo: And uhh pshhh- let’s see. Jo: I guess… Can she charge in the water? Jess: I would say it is difficult terrain but- -so long as you can meet your target half speed. Jo: Difficult terrain? Oh half speed okay. Jo: Unfortunately she needs- -wait, her speed is- 40! Jess: Yeah yeah. Jo: Aww so half her speed is- so she still can! Jo: Okay. Jess: Yeah so it’s 20. Jo: So yeah twenty. Oh. Jess: I’ll say you jump down from the ledge and then you’re able to. Jo: Would you say that- This is enough to reach this kappa? Jess: Yeah. Jo: Okay. Jess: Go for it. Jo: Truffles is gonna charge. Which means- The target takes an extra- -d6 (die 6). Jo: So she’s gonna tusk! Whacha! Jo: Eleven? Jess: Eleven… does not quite hit the kappa in the water. Jo: Unfortuate… Jess: You just see this slow moving boar just trying to charge through the water. as it’s flailing up- -the kappa just deftly swims out of the way in the water. Jo: Alright that’s her turn. Jess: Alright okay- oh- Shao: Lumi buddy? Pau: There’s a kappa first. Jess: Okay it’s the two in the back this time. Oh god umm- This is a time- Jess: Okay- Hour: What a great time. Jess: Oof okay, another one comes up! Attempts to take a little chomp out of this uhh-. Oh- it’s a miss. So you manage to kick it in the face. As you sort of struggle- against this ahh- Shao: Yev just keeps trying to stop all of them. “Get away!” Jess: (pained kappa noise) -as you just sort of kick it downward. As it’s sort of trying to- it seems like it’s trying to drag you under. almost trying to get into position. Alright ahh- Secondary one. Let’s see. It’ll try to go to shore. So it manages to get up on shore. Jess and Shao: Lumi! Jess: Oh it’s sleep. ohh- Pau: I was targeting the ones beside- Shao: Would it affect-? Jess: The ones closest to… Yeah that’s pretty good. Alright umm- okay So that said you are able to sleep let’s see- At least two- Because that other one is injured, so yeah you’re able to sleep two of them. Pau: Yay! Jo: Nice! Jess: You you can sort of see them, sort of like- -are kind of face-down in the water. Just takin’ a snooze. Pau: Do they drown? Pau: Like kill them by making them drown? Jess: I don’t- I don’t know about that but we’ll see. Jess: Wait no- you cast it at a higher level- let’s see wait. Oh wait so yeah! Jo: That eight is additional so it’s 40. Jess: I’ll say with that, you sleep all three. Eight was additional. Jess: Yeah. Pau: Yay! Jess: Sleeped! Jo: Sleep is strong. Pau: Nice! Jess: So yep, Yev’s turn. Shao: Can I swim toward Truffles? and like attack the kappa- Jess: Yes, you can sort of see that- -they are just asleep in the water. Just kinda dead fishing it. Just limply. Shao: I want to swim toward the kappa that are attacking Truffles. Jess: Oh yeah sure! It is difficult terrain since you don’t have a swim speed. Since you don’t have a swim speed. Ehhh- you could almost get over to it. I’ll say you can. You’re a strong girl. You can swim. Shao: Okay I use my handaxe. -to like, hack the friggin kappa Jess: Yeah! Shao: Yeah! I’m a warrior! Jess: These poor creatures defending their home- Jo and Jess: Yeah how dare they? Jo: QUICK, get them before they continue minding their own business. Jess: Oh no! Uhh- I’m afraid that’s a miss. No. Pau: Yev is having terrible luck today. Jess: Their AC is a little better in the water unfortunately. Jess: Anything else, any bonus actions? Shao: Umm uhh- Shao: I try to hop onto Truffles. Maybe be all warrior like- Jess: Okay sure- Truffles is trying to tread water as this lady is crawling over him. It’s uhh- a beautiful dance. Alright uhh- Ranmaru! Hour: Oh okay I’m going first. Shao: Ranmaru is just babysitting Tsukiyomi and watching this. Hour: Yeah he’s just kinda watching. Jess: Yeah they’re just chillin’. just like ehh- this is uhh- this is a time- Tsukiyomi just sort of looks up at you and just says. “Umm, this is one way to umm- deal with this.” Hour: “It is possible to make peace no?” Jess:” It’s always possible to make peace.” “But certainly not if you just charge straight into battle. I do admire your friends tenacity.” Hour: “They are how you say- adventurous.” Jess: He just nods. Shao: As Tsukiyomi says that- Shao: Yev just keeps waving her arms saying “Shoo, kappa shoo!” Jess: Shoo! As she’s trying to ride a boar and the boar is just like ROAR. Trying to tread the water. Shao: Yes. Hour: Oh my god- Hour: Why are you all like this? Ehh- Jess: Ehh, what would you like to do with your turn? Hour: That’s what I’m thinking about- -what would he do because he’s like spectating. Hour: I think he’ll just- Hour: Wait. Yevelda got damaged right? Jess: Uhh wait- who got damaged? I don’t think- -Ah yes, Yevelda did get a little bit of damage. Hour: I think he’s just going to cast Healing Word. -for now. Hour: Here I’m going to try rolling for it- Wee- Jess: Let’s see. So you’re at 30 right now. Also you can- -sorry, I’m used to players editing their tokens. umm- Jess: I mean to be fair, still lookin’ pretty healthy though. Especially for a barbarian. Hour: Ahh that’s true. I think he’s just going to smile and watch for now. Just quietly. Jess: You’re welcome to try to be passive about it you’re welcome to try to uhh- Persuade them- Hour: That’s true. I think he’s just having a personal strife over should I see what happens next or- -should I actually do something. Jess: Fair enough. Hour: Yeah for now he’ll watch. Jess: Erzer the Silent. Jo and Jess: Herrrrm- Shao: Erzer I’m sorry but I’m going to ride your boar for a minute. Hoping to scare off the kappa. Hope it’s okay. Jo: Okay ahh- Jo: Jeez, Erzer- Jo: Alright. Can I say that he has blunt tipped arrows so that he doesn’t kill them? Just so he incapacitates them, non lethally? Jess: Yeah just let me know that it is a non-lethal hit- -and that’s what you’re going for. Jo: Yeah I’ll flavor it that they’re sleep coated or something. Jess: They hit non vital areas. Jo: Where it’s like Monster Hunter where it builds up the sleep, and then eventually they fall asleep. Jo: Yeah so he’s gonna take a shot at this kappa. -with his crossbow, whatcha. Jess: Oh these rolls man. Jo: Aww man- Jess and Jo: Oh jeez. Jo: Oh beans. Jo: Erzer after firing a shot just goes- -just pretends nobody saw. Jo: (nonchalant whistle) Jess: It just plips right into the water. Hour: Renmaru is gonna move in a bit closer now. Jess: And is just like, pat. Just lays a hand on. Hour: It is dark. Shao: There, there. Jo: That’s his turn. Jo: Aww man. I regret the spells that I picked. I very well could have picked animal friendship but I didn’t. Jess: Aww, I don’t know if these are animals necessarily, they’re -more monstrous. Pau: They’re humanoids. Jess: Humanoids. Jess: Umm- Jess: Alright so, So the two on the shore. Oh it’s these two. umm- So you sort of see- -like two descend upon the boar as well as the half orc riding the boar- Jess: Oh! They’re also not doin so hot. Oh I think those both miss- I will say the boar- if you want to do a tusk real quick As it’s sort of flailing in the water, it’s a crit fail. Jo: Alright- Jess: Oh, go ahead and roll damage. There we go. Jo: Yeah? Jess: Alright. It’s great. -beautiful. Jess: Yes as it’s trying to get around this- -this boar is not happy that this half orc is on it’s back- And is making it even difficult to get close. Sort of splashing and creating a lot of waves. So you see the two on the shoreline of the tree -they’re sort of waiting. Defending their home. Just in case you get any closer. And they’re asleep. Alright so it’s tusk, tusk time. Lil Truffles. Pau: Tusk Time! Jo: Truffles is gonna- -slash again with her tusks. Watcha! Jess: Aww it’s a good one. Jo: She’s gonna hit this one but- she’s gonna make sure that it’s bluntly- -She’s gonna hit it on the bottom, just sort of bonk it on the head. Jo: Okay, 3. Jess: Aww yeah. Jess: And I’ll say with a 22, you do knock it out. Jo: Oh really? Okay! Jo: If you are trying to do it in a non lethal way. Jess: Aaand would you like to move any? Jo: I’m afraid of provoking attacks of opportunity- I guess she can swim over here. Jess: Yeah that’s fine. Jo: So it’s not out of the way. Jess: And Yevelda would you like to go with the boar? Or would you prefer- Jo: Like pulling on her tail? Shao: “Wait for me, Truffles!” Jess: Truffles! Yeah we’ll say you’re riding her. Shao: I’m riding her. Jo: Yeah, that’s her turn. Jess: And that one over there is one. -because there’s one that’s ahh- asleep over there and one that’s onshore. Jess: But at this point- It’s honestly concerned about the tree. Especially when all of it’s army is currently asleep. It’s friends are asleep. So- Will uhh- Will confront you instead- -and attack Yevelda -with another bite. Jess: Aww man they are not landing anything. Good. Pau: Because they are in water the currents are very fast. Jess: Yeah I know, it’s like this boar is creating a lot of tide. Pau: Shhhh- Jess: Coming off of it. -a lot of current. Alright. Lumi. Pau: Umm, how do I do the scaling, or the measuring- Jess: Oh uhh you- Pau: Oh there! Jess: So you can see how far they are away. And you can see one of them is sort of knocked out but the Pau: Ahh okay, I’m gonna cast sleep. I’m gonna cast it at level 1. Jess: Oh that’s not bad. Pau: Oh we out here. Pau: We out here. Pau: I was gonna go for two of them. -the ones nearest- -the boar and Yev. Jess: It looks like unfortunately- That’s only enough to take out one. Pau: Alright then- -yeah yeah that’s good. Jess: The other one is still awake unfortunately. A little bit of wave comes over it but it wasn’t enough to take it out. Jess: Alright, Yevelda. Shao: Alright uhh- Jess: It looks like there’s only one conscious arount you. Shao: Yeah, yeah okay. -with my trusty handaxe I’m just gonna- -okay, I’m gonna stand on top of Truffles for a minute and then just- -and then just jump over- -use my handxe- -to slash that remaining kappa. Hopefully it will land- Jess: Let’s see- GURK- It’s like so close it hurts. You’ve all been rolling 8s and 11s it feels like. Jo: You rolled a six just there, that’s rough. Jess: Oh no- I’m sorry. Shao: Yevelda tries to do it but she just belly flopped on the water. Jess: It’s really hard to fight in the water she’s finding out. Shao: She just goes glub, glub. Jess: Also on the back of a boar- Shao: She jumped from the boar towards the kappa but she missed. Jess: It just kinda goes ACK! And swims away a bit. Shao: Yeah she just glub glubs in defeat. Jess: Are you gonna move any? -Are you gonna attempt to uhh? Shao: She just slowly goes back onto Truffles in defeat- -just crossed arms and then she holds her hand up to her teammates and just be like “Don’t- talk about it.” Jo: Like DON’T. Just stop… just don’t. Shao: Don’t- Shao: “I’ve never had waterfights okay?!” Jess: Ranmaru! Hour: Uhh- Ranmaru.. I hate my character. I hate how he’s just enjoying watching- -everything unfold. Jess: He’s just like, “Mmyess” As he pets the rabbit. Hour: Yes he’s like, “Hmm, this is very interesting.” Jess: Very Dr.Evil. Hour: I want him to cast Thaumaturgy though- Jess: Oh okay- You want to try to scare them? Hour: Yeah he’s had his fun. He’s like, “Mm okay this is becoming an issue.” Jess: Give me some Intimidation. Hour: Why is it that no matter what character, it always rolls Intimidate? Jess: Aww jeez, I was even gonna give you advantage, because they are on the loosing side at the moment. Hour: Oh well. Shao: What are these rolls?! Jess: Actually alright… Jess: (Exasperated DM noise) Jess: They are determined. Hour: They are. Hour: Yeah wait, it’s hard to intimidate when they can’t see your face! Jess: Yeah! You like- scowl and it’s just like- And tsukiyomi just sort of looks up like “What are you doing?” Jo: Erzer just kind of facepalm rubs his hand down his face and is like “Uhh this-” Jo: This is a rough situation. Jess: What? I’m scowling right now. Jo: He’s gonna- -fire a blunt arrow at this kappa. Jo: COME ON! AHH! Jess: What does this look like? Jo: Just like- square in the forehead, just like the kappa is swimming- -and it just goes BONK! Jess: Bonk! Jo: And it just goes (zzz). Shao: “Thanks Erzer! Jess: I think I gave these the wrong- It’s a sleepy sleep tokens. Jo: Just tryin to knock it out is all. Jess: Alright yeah you just sort of see- like it almost- -it cracks into it. It just makes this horrible crack noise. Onto its beak. -Then it just kinda. Slumps into the water. Jo: Erzer just kinda cringes a little bit and just kinda goes- “oooh I hope that didn’t-” Jess: That was a little more spicy that I was expecting. Jo: And that’s his turn. Jess: Alright- Jess: Oof, they are out- Those are currently out- the two on the shore- I’m just gonna quickly- After seeing- Almost all of it’s friends just sort of- -are… Pau: Sleeping? Jess: They aren’t even sure if they’re sleeping. They just kinda look facedown in the water. Nnngh Shao: They’re just sleeping no worries. Jess: Uhh, they don’t know that unfortunately. So uh- Jess: Let’s go ahead and just- -roll a quick- Yeah I think another- Let’s do another Wisdom check is in order- Jess: Ohh- Jo: Wow. Jess: They uhh- they back off- You can just sort of see them- Duck away from their home and- Just dive under the water and take the hide (action). Pau: Goodbye. Jess: Alright so! With that, currently out of combat. (end theme plays)

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