D’Backs Dog Days of Summer at PetSmart Patio

It’s the Dog Days of Summer at the PetSmart Patio in Chase Field where baseball has gone to the dogs, literally. Take your pup to a ball game, but don’t be a rookie Come prepared!
Our four-legged MVPs should have collar tags with up-to-date stats and information. Knocking it out of the park is great Knocking people over isn’t. Use a short leash instead of a retractable one. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a mitt… or a mutt! Always keep an eye on your pet. Sit, stay and play in the pet zone… Concessions areas are for humans only. Nobody likes waiting when nature calls, and that goes for pups too. Give them potty breaks often. And be a team player and pick up after your pet. Now you’re ready to root or woof for the Dbacks at the PetSmart Patio. Let’s play ball!

14 thoughts on “D’Backs Dog Days of Summer at PetSmart Patio

  1. Ok so I went to your 'about' and you wrote that you bring joy and happiness to animals and the community,so why do I see so many videos about petsmart torturing animals and freezing them alive? And one video I saw was when a rat/rodent was lose and one guy purposely stepped on that rat?!

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