ready starters back again and doing another updated video and there's not much to tell hi Bailey because dough for about a minute we'll go to the second month I lost weight I'm like Pikachu me you my son sit right here I'm gonna tell and my face a little bit more thunder for this outside house like have been binging on his family in South Philadelphia as I'm talking of just do not I don't work thinking of the major yeah so this is like English my daily routine come to work do my things and cool today a dog groomer so I go down and I just figured this is a mom she just ate he hasn't been doing for a while because she had puppies we don't she super excited one of your colleagues asked a little bit so that way she doesn't have to get the dryer most your keys don't like the dryer so my biggest thing is I will tell enjoy them and I wrap them nice and smooth and stuff a locker sofa the whole thing about your feet hair is it like it's like souvenir so like even if you're talking about it are we the athlete I like she already drank the talent been on for like probably offended not the hold up about five minutes and then just kind of massage and kind of take all the water from the hope thank you hang a moment when she's not cheating so I mean nothing's really planned for today except work and this is my only daughter the day Emily I do movie new moon was should calm down a bit good service I just I really don't think too many people showing their daily shit that's like a relative shit I probably gonna throw a little bit of herb getting babe she looks so cute look little little dome you'll see I may be her finishing her finished look but she's not my eyelashes that I kind of want to keep doing to keep them on I think mama won't like it my groom my hair go say that I don't I don't get it pretty girl Emma hey pretty girl so I really didn't know how to end that video to be honest I totally forgot I was gonna make it a vlog but if I can't like I said so that was just pretty much a snippet of my license for like a brief brief booth window and yeah I'm gonna end this on I'm gonna binge some more of this it's always an infidel via the balls off so the girls are breathing I left work early because I was gonna be there so please not beaches

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