Daredevil Kitten! Kittens Growing Up

doing you daredevil you're so tiny you doing crazy stuff already so we got a missing pharmacy to get them for Bernie's eyeball let's see did you guys make a mess how come this bed is Joey I don't want it to get on the bed mama cover this up like I noticed last time she covered it up because it was poop see nope it just got down so kilojoule oh you look bad alright are you doing you keep doing hey mama you guys should say hi to mom quick it well I could get pinky Archie are you doing what are you doing already you ready for your eye jumps every half an hour I mean every five minutes for half an hour is the first got a warm wet compress how are you doing yeah you feel better I guess I just got stuck for one day huh yeah meanie let's get that eye taken care of is making this how is there poop on the side of the litter box how's that happen blue squid there but on the litter box are you going in the bathroom in your island-wide yeah he probably is she probably is I need to get a little oh my gosh no way did you just grow up overnight that's amazing well that is amazing oh my gosh that's so cute and honest about the wet washcloth but they like nursing in it what well you make it awesome Isis for you babies actually using the litter box is good you've run long she's using the litter box yes you took good that was so good can TiVo my gosh because I better got the little litter box out foot of babies but then I think mom will start using it but good that is so cute what is there about wet wash sharing and Beavis um human babies like sucking on a wet wash are too

29 thoughts on “Daredevil Kitten! Kittens Growing Up

  1. Aww! That is so awesome that Pinky used the litter box! I have to say sometimes Mama kitties aren't very helpful with their kittens litter box training though, lol. Put one that is small enough that the Mama couldn't really use it but the kittens can? I don't know just a thought.

  2. Too cute they sure are playing more. Has mom accidently layed on her kitties. She just flops down. She looks very comfortable. Too adorable well they really look good hopefully the worst has past. Beautiful little family. Thank you for all that you do for this family .see you guys are in good hands.

  3. Baby's first litter box trip! Those little baby butts are so cute, little wobbly legs. Awwwww???. Lookin' good!!!!

  4. Pinky looks like a handful.

    Edit: I know that kittens who are separated from their mothers too early like to suckle on sheep's wool. My parents' cat was abandoned by his mom too early and so he would suckle on a wool mat whenever they brushed him for the first few years after my parents adopted him.

  5. Mom is the purriness cat. And the little one crawled into the big litter box–amazing!!!! Now that was some video timing. I lived hiw Mom just flopped into that bed. She's quite the kitty. Whoever adopts her will be happy!!!!

  6. Pinky is so smart. She's officially potty trained. Should have named her the Brain instead of Pinky Lol. Cats are great.

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