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Dog fiesta The next Gangnam Style? That’s right, bb Aerobics class Getting my workout on No pain, no gain Drop the beat bruh Music is the only drug allowed in this country…☆ Stop standing Don’t, your legs hurt There’s no health issue as of yet Can’t stop the feeling Everybody c’mon, dance till the break of dawn Party like it’s 1999

100 thoughts on “Dancing Dog Gets Lit In An Aerobic Class | Kritter Klub

  1. It is a fail from where a dog naturally stands on two legs ! it is mistreatment ? see youtube. We are not all naive! I unsubscribe ?

  2. That's not normal behaviour for a dog. Someone must of forced him to do this and he must of gotten so use to it. Dogs don't just walk around on their hind legs. Poor dog, please save it…

  3. I've seen a lot of you guys posting "this is abuse!" On This video and sharing a link to a Twitter video of a man abusing his puddle. Which the man isn't speaking Korean and the dog is not the same breed. Also, that dog being abused is not on a leash. Dogs who are abused and are made to walk upright are usually not leashed. This dog in this video is leashed with a harness, more safer on the dog than just a collar, and he is tied to some kind of post while perhaps the owner goes Shopping or to keep him from running off. It's obvious that the dog is standing because he is pulling against the leash which is causing him to stand up straight. No one is forcing him he wants to be with the owner or run off. I used an example of my dog, a Boston Terrier, who is very energetic and if I'm not walking fast enough for him he pulls on his harness and stands up and walks on his two back legs till I start to jog to keep up. In that case I would be abusing my dog too because he walked on his back legs? He does it when he wants a squirrel or wants to walk faster than me. He also dances on his back legs when he wants what's in my hands. You guys are being rediculous. The owners are obviously concerned about the behavior.
    I use a standard leash which are pretty long and I also use a yoyo leash which gives him more distance and still he does the stance.

  4. Cão não dança….não está na sua natureza….é apenas mais um estúpido capricho de um animal que se rótula de….digamos….ser humano….

  5. He might be the cutest thing on earth but i am not taking it that's not normal,a dog dancing on two legs is the most painful thing i feel so sorry every time i see a dancing dog?

  6. his sad face showed how much of punch he got when practice dancing. he is a pet that should be comfortable at home and not in a place makes him a spectacle. this man hurt him.take shoes off this really not funny??

  7. What is this show?are you trying to do the dogs same person?You don't respect and you abuse.I'm very sorry for you're canal.

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  9. No… This is so wrong! Do people not know how these small dogs are trained to stand up on two legs for money and likes! There owners beat and torture these dogs to learn to stand on two legs it's really messed up! Look up the videos about there abusive training ?

  10. He is wonderful HAHAHA

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  11. Poor dog. that's not funny at all. before you hit that “like,” “love,” or “ha-ha” button, please realize that this dog could have been abused for these fleeting moments of entertainment.

  12. To people who say this is abusive.

    1- you can clearly see a leash, it's not technically abuse if they're on a leash, dogs sometime tend to stand up when they're on leashes.

    2. The owner was literally worried for him standing on two legs, checked him at a vet, and you call it abuse?

  13. If the owners are abusive, why do they go the vet to see if their dog is ok ? My cat try to do the same thing something I don't know why and I'm not abusive….

  14. Awhh so i was laughing Because of the dancing dog but behind he had brokken something that is the reason he dances of pain??????

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