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hello YouTube hey guys hi so I philosophy is you might have seen that we've made some Dan and Phil a comedy calendar yes where we've had such crazy weird ideas as Donna Phil go to work go down movies are just themed by the but what a great load of hilarious mistakes well we thought if we did it again we wanted to put it up again and it has to be big we should do something crazy so my brother came up with the amazing idea all over it wait for it dan and Phil and dogs what a concert I mean what did that mean we didn't know but it just sounded like an amazing excuse so fast-forward a couple months when this crazy idea got way out of hand and now we have actually produced lieutenant Phil and dogs 20 18 calendar that is right we have made a calendar where for every month of the year we have posed with a different breed of dog you're inspired by like awkward family photo / those 80s pet photo shoots that crazy cat ladies would have you know every month of the year there is literally a different spoilers for a breed of dog and themed aesthetic outfit to go with it now all dan and Phil shakhov you care and as we were playing with all these dogs and it was such an epic and momentous time in our life I mean even if you don't give a crap about buying the merch just seeing us hanging out with dogs for a week we thought we had to document this here's what happened so it's currently about nine o'clock in the morning I mean looking quite breezy for nine o'clock you you have that startled area I haven't slept because I'm so excited because today we are shooting our calendar they want let's do it my dog senses are tingling perks are that whole or the Phil's birthday bum balloons and absolutely the balloons I promise this is accent happy birthday dad and we were like should we change those well actually you know what it's kind of funny I'm sorry Barrow right now we're just waiting for my dog which is a corgi the best this was my actual birthday I've got to look beautiful for the dog we actually put dog treats into Dan's makeup so the doll I guess that's how they do it they just they crush up biscuits seems to be the script for Silence of the Lambs on this camera on the dressing room not creepy at all beautiful this is not us do you like your the beat yes what's this Phil so these are our mood boards for each month so we brainstorm different dog children different colors blue could be a secretion accord it's like an outtake from it comfortable filters drowning in the fluff right so heavy keep protecting the attack I want him to come back fill with this home shopping warehouse aesthetic dungaree lad is just leading down flashbacks I just felt like I was getting traumatizing flashbacks safe by the way like what what what do they need to keep in there open it oh oh it's locked now I don't even wore my Chihuahua's my hamster was bigger than hello wants to know what don't breathe matches with this the world doesn't deserve you so April we're going for like cherry blossoms dance babe you've done you already know the sheep is arriving in a universe of pink oh my god we're about to try and hold a sheep while people very awesome hit some treats in his head oh that's why he loves you so much wearing that just to impress I'm wearing that just in person so I'll be his favorite he's gonna love me and he's gonna come home with me you janesville we have I've been calendar boxes cool nation the oxygen whoa party over getting Christmas stuck with two out-of-control Pomeranian yeah like full conversations in Pomeranian I mean I could just watch two Pomeranians scream at each other for about five hours I don't know about here who's gonna win Dan vs. foam with them nations hey Phil you've made a friend I have named a better trio we'll wait so really the Pug is now dressed in the spine the scariest right now he loves it is there a heavy pug I love those Taylor's white wings and the concept of the day is school school with the Greyhound channeling jenna Marbles is clément hot dog August which is hot dog vendor I I mean honestly this outfit is gonna be the hell out of the day December with ultimate love for you to snacks in this job popcorn or apricots og and neat oh god flashbacks no I bought some lost it's just good at the school day it reminds me of my packed lunch but it's cheese flavored this does not taste like cheese this is this is the opposite of cheese it's really cheesy yeah it's like really fake chemicals sit down actually that was actually just annoying the noise these were not made for me like to entertain is here with Winston who is being an ideal school people Winston who like Kanye is pioneering skirts well this is ready for a twister Wow do you know maybe we didn't think this through what dog on table of plates of sausages this is what Dan's been most excited for all day sausage sausage sausage dog it's a dog suss it is a hot sausage dog dog dog dog he's doing the baby somebody stop him right now we look like we're about to drop the hottest boy band cassette of oh yeah happy things are quite Sheba's like the sushi so June is my birthday month so we thought it would be most appropriate to reflect this with so much thing on the sofa so the concept is literally us a french bulldog and then just browsing on our laptops hoesley browsing you're having fun there just I mean look this isn't the most unnatural situation for you as it filled look who just invented the new iPhone that's right we are the interior designer Dunville what do you think about these gloves these are actual real glasses evil I'm freaking out right now these yeah I can't see anything I'm also released my fluff levels have reached critical time the photo shoots over no more betting dogs stated a living now we even do I dunno in this dopest world there's no dogs you know I guess we'll just have to relive it every day when we get the calendar oh there we go I hope you enjoyed the main we peaked there matters that we're never gonna like that was that fun but it is real it's a thing a fully functioning 2018 calendar with dates and stuff you can get it on the store also we have made a chocolate advent calendar as well as countdown to Christmas this own special pom tastic design with a cheeky summer head on the back so if you want some chocolate or you want to get your life in order who cares about us it's about the dog it's all about it's about thematic aesthetic colors dogs and a couple rat 365 days of dog bliss supper action so if you enjoyed this give us a thumbs up I mean it's not what you're gonna say subscribe for more dog content because for them anything click here I'm channels last videos up there goodbye or should I go with a bork bork

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  1. “If I was a cold-blooded snark this would be fine” You are a cold-blooded snake Daniel.


  2. 1:24 that's the jacket he was wearing in the "choose one photo to expose the other person" penoff challenge ?

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