Dairy Goat Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

hey this is Wendy at Chick-a-Woof Ranch
and this is something new that we’re implementing into our goat routine
this is Replamin Gel plus this is something that was recommended to me by
a goat mentor breeder and she has been using this and administering it to her
goats once a week it is a supplement that has just tons of minerals in it
magnesium potassium copper is the important one selenium zinc vitamins a d
e and so on and the reason why she started using this was to help cut down
on the parasite load on the worm load and so her goats love it and ask for it
now and we’ve just started doing this and our non picky goats seem to be the
ones that do love it the others are a little bit reluctant but it’s pretty
easy you have to buy the gun separate from the tube and there’s a CC dose here
there’s five cc’s or ten cc’s and so you put your setting for goats it’s
recommended five cc’s the label does say not more than once a week and that’s
what our plan is is once a week just kind of set it on a day and use this in
our goat routine because we really hate using the chemical wormers we’d like to
get away from it but we do know it’s necessary because we have lost goats to
worm load but if we can keep their guts their rumen and healthy and
you know no goat is going to be 100% worm free and according to the vet
a few worms you know is is healthy keep their immunities up but worm overload
obviously is not good then you’re gonna have you know anemic and worse case
death which we have experiences last year one of the things I like about this
idea versus the copper bolus we tried that in the past but were not as
successful and part of it was the administration first of all it’s pretty
hard to administer the copper bolus by yourself and we tried different methods
as far as opening the capsule to see if they would just eat it
I do know with that you have to be careful too as far as getting it down far enough
in the right position and so with this it’s a little bit of a stretch sometimes
you know me being shorter but for the most part it’s dialed in and it’s just
one click it’s a paste and if I have to I can get
them in a you know headlock and just give it a squirt
so it’s pretty easy and easy to do on your own I hope this helps and if you’re
looking for solutions read about it and see if you think it’s a fit for you
thanks for watching Chick-a-woof Ranch we’ll catch you on the next one

14 thoughts on “Dairy Goat Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

  1. I went to the referral page for the paste and a comment said it's great for an occasional "treat" for their LGD.  If that is the case, any idea how much you would give your LGD? LOVE your videos!!  Keep them coming 🙂  This newbie needs them!!

  2. Lol, I'm always fascinated by the look on homesteaders faces when they post these kinds of videos. It's almost like they are waiting for the 'natural police' backlash. Not saying I'm not for non GMO, non medicated, vaccine stuff. For our persons we don't go near that with a ten foot pole. Yet I've seen things for animals that seem to be an exception. Like some are all for DE, others say it's bad. I can only say I wouldn't give vaccines for sure. Everything else I'd research and go from there. Glad you found something else to try, I pray it's just the thing for your precious goats?. Blessings…

  3. Please heed Wendy. DO NOT feed that product to sheep. It contains copper and sheep are very sensitive to copper. I could kill them.
    God Bless Joe

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