Cyberpunk 2077 News NEW Images, Pets, Japanese & Gamescom 2019

In the latest news from Gamescom 2019, several
new images were released, including V on the Yaiba Kusanagi Bike. Richard Borzymowski revealed
that V will hear a cornucopia of languages, particularly in the City Centre. For example,
Japanese will feature prominently, as the Japanese language is associated with the business
elite in Night City. On the topic of gunplay, Borzymowski explained that while CDPR have
not made an FPS style game before, those working on 2077 are gamers themselves or have previously
worked in the industry on other games, so its incorrect to imply that the designers
are not intimately familiar with the genre. He also commented there are around 4-5 gangs
per district, so potentially somewhere between 24-30 gangs in the game, but he would not
give an exact number. CDPR confirmed they will be releasing a 15-minute
edit of the Gamescom and E3 demo, followed by developer interviews on August 30th, 8PM
CEST (Central European Summer Time) or 11 AM PT, on their official twitch channel. Stream will be hosted by Hollie Bennett.
Miles Tost, explained that while 2077 can be completed without killing anyone, V will
still need to engage in violence. V cannot simply talk their way out of all situations.
On the topic of animals and pets, Miles joked that food is difficult to come by in Night
City, so its unlikely you will see many. Miles also hinted that players who attempt
to think outside of the box when attempting to find solutions will be rewarded for their
endeavours, particularly in the Night City underground. CDPR believe that the players
should never be wrong, so if something should logically work in the game, its important
to try and cater for it, even if the choice could be perceived as stupid by some. If V
does make such choices though, NPC’s will comment accordingly.
V’s ability to Climb, Double Jump and Charge Jump amongst other things, will greatly enhance
the players ability to interact with the environment. In terms of climbing using the Mantis Blades,
it will be specific to certain areas. For my Polish subscribers, Mike Pondsmith
confirmed he likes Zurek. Thank you for Chippin’In

47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News NEW Images, Pets, Japanese & Gamescom 2019

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  2. The images are so juicy! I just may have to try some of that sour soup one day. Outstanding, can’t wait to watch the stream.

  3. 15 edited minutes (suddenly felt invisible dagger in my back…. or i just misinterpreture everything and create a self stab situation)

  4. i'm always trying to find best solutions that don't end with extermination of everyone around
    except for talking in deus ex or dishonored
    1. hacking turrets and cameras and alarms to stay undetected (bots to open their lockers and use as additional hideing space)
    2. trying to find vents and move boxes for cover from any sight or simply block security from going towards me
    3. throw breakble items to make enemies look the other way
    4. use scanner to find weak walls (and meke new paths after knocking out everyone nearby so that the won't activate alarms)
    5. try to construct stairs from random trash
    6. observe and learn security patroll patterns to quickly move betwen them
    7. use long range tranqualizer to take down one guard and any other that could try to wake him up (after that hide sleeping princesses)
    8. simply try to get guards to gas containers (or use traps/grenades)

    and who knows how many more

  5. not a big fan of ŻUREK but it's one of more popular (all the military field kitchens rideing to sell it at random spots)

  6. So is it 50 minutes of gameplay or 15 minutes of gameplay cuz I keep hearing two different things saying 15 minutes of gameplay?

  7. good as always i like thinking outside the box unless it will take me ten times longer to do something then most times i am like nope let just get down to brass taks and do what we need to do

  8. Welp Cyberpunk 2077 and DBZ Kakarot are literally going to kill 2020 games.
    Btw have you seen the new Cell trailer?
    I'm really hyped, because that game will have huge details with hundreds of hours of content.
    Hopefully it'll come out around January 2020, so I'll be pretty much settled for the Cyberpunk wait

  9. The Stream will be Available on August 30th, 8PM CEST (Central European Summer Time) or 11AM PT (Pacific Time) on the official CDPR Twitch channel.

  10. I'm a badassed military grade driver in real life (Think that Isreali chick from NCIS) but can't drive worth SHIT in games.
    Basically, I'm the guy that gets scores of game overs in missions where you have to stay in the car, cause I wreck it.
    So, I'm a little bit curious, uhh, can I get the gecko for my cyberbikes in CP2077? Cause seriously, I'mma need dat shit!
    Also, what do ya suppose "Cybermon Chrome" & "Cybermon Carbon" and "Cybermon Go!" are gonna be like? LOL, JK! XD

  11. Ahh these few small details are the things that makes go, "damnn.. these guys are passionate about what they are doing!!"
    Awesome video man, ty for the updates

  12. CDPR don't make promises that you cant keep. whats more important to your CDPR, the game-journalist or the consumer that buys you're game and supports yore company. I am very disappointed in you CDPR, you pulled the same shit with the last year game-play demo.

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