Cyberpunk 2077 News Never Fade Away, Game PLUS & Gamescom 2019

CDPR released Samurai’s newest single, Never
Fade Away by Refused. For Cyberpunk lore aficionados, Never Fade Away was from Johnny Silverhand’s
solo album A Cool Metal Fire. The song was described as a departure from the main stream
sound of Johnny Silverhand which gave his music a new dimension. The basic rhythm is
simplistic and concise, and it makes no pretence at being a song about 2020, but does not leave
a gritty metal aftertaste like its peers. It was reinterpreted for Cyberpunk 2077. Marthe Jonkers, senior concept artist, disclosed
that CDPR learnt a myriad of lessons from the Witcher. If you tell an epic story, it’s
fine but if you tell a personal story, it resonates better with people. And that’s
CDPR’s approach again this time. In terms of character creation, you will no
longer choose your gender. So instead of the dichotomy between female or male characters
you now choose a body type. CDPR want you to feel free to create any character you want. A life size replica of the Yaiba Kusanagi
will be present at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. On the topic of a new game plus, Richard Borzymowski
seems to suggest CDPR have not finalised which approach they will take. Borzymowski explains
you can finish the story and you are left in the open world, or you can start a new
game with the character you have previously developed. With the first approach, the benefit
of playing more is that there are many, activities. Borzymowski presumes that most players will
first finish the story rather than do everything there is due to time constraints. The other
approach basically funnels you into one of the playstyles? So CDPR are looking for a
way to ensure that you can keep your progression, while still taking a different path in order
to see those parts hidden behind previous choices.
Mike Pondsmith revealed that he used to travel to Morro Bay a lot when he was in college.
This influenced his decision to create Night City in that specific location. One of the
reasons was that its deliberately difficult to access the place.
When asked about meeting Morgan Blackhand in 2077, Mike would only comment let’s see.
Correction to previous news, the gameplay livestream will be happening on 30th August,
8PM Central European Summer Time. Finally, the winners of the Gamescom 2019
cosplay contest were decided. Thank you for Chippin’In

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  2. Yeah i totally agree with what's said about the song
    It totally has a more personal and emotional feel to it
    Love it

  3. I am pretty disappointed in the fact that their only going to be 15 minutes of new footage shown, We've been waiting for 2 months for another chunk of gameplay and all we're getting from them is a bit? Because of spoiler's? That bothers me, but more so over, I'm worried the game will be pushed back, I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I don't think it'll be out in March…

  4. many people will do EVERYTHING before main story to get best progrression and ending and to start doing game guides
    others (i see you speedrunners) will do only main story (in a really sad way) and start doing everything post-finish only to regret

    best way would be to have a way to actiwate new game + after finished exploration of post-ending gameplay

    in mass effect we had option to load a save file of main haracter with unlocked weapons and armors and stats but with same origin

    in legend of queen opala (during development) there was a special item that activated have given option to start the game again with all unlocked and gathered items (as always without unique quest items) and stats but with different origin (beastmans and human)

    my suggestion is to make home space
    special cyberspace at apartament that saves players memory (your diary) and allows to start new game + or basic new game a with side option of expansion with finished origin knowledge (but just the knowledge) and just call it a simulator or a braindance or V poser gang indoctrination system or AI development program (since i don't know what's behind the scenes)

  5. So how do we develop a female V if we can't choose gender? I hope they didn't do that to pander to the outrage mob on Twitter.

  6. Fuck DRM! Fuck Microtransactions! Fuck predatory practices! Fuck Epic Games! Fuck EA! Fuck Activision! Fuck Ubisoft! Fuck Bethesda! The seed is sown, I'm chippin' in!!!!! grabs the guitar and starts playing

    I have learned to play the song on Guitar! Chippin in'!!!!

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