CUTEST PETS EVER! | MyCraft Minecraft Survival | Part 2

Aphmau: Go up and right click it! Aphmau: Go up and right click it! Jason: They don’t care. They—they—none of them care. Jason: I did!
Aphmau: Huh… Jason: It looks like I’m eating it. Jason: Now it’s raining, and I’m just gonna hit the cat. Aphmau:Jason: This is—this is terrible! Jason: This is terrible! Aphmau: Hey, guys! Welcome back to Mycraft. Aphmau: Today, we are at our lovely house Aphmau: with our lovely cow Aphmau: and our lovely Jason. Jason: Hey, everyone! Aphmau:Aphmau: And Aphmau: we need a lot Aphmau: for this house.
Jason: Yeah, we’re missing— Jason: We’re missing everything. Jason: I mean, half the house is not built. Jason: I mean, we need more logs to finish the house. Jason: We don’t have a kitchen or a table Aphmau: Mmhmm.
Jason: or, like, anything else. Jason: Like, we’re missing so much. Aphmau: Yeah.
Jason: So, we—we need to go get stuff. Aphmau: A lot of stuff. Aphmau: So, Aphmau: we have to do a supply run. Jason: Yeah. I mean, I don’t want to cut down the trees that are here Jason: because I want to keep a lot of the trees here. Jason: So, I mean, you—out this window, Jason: you can see off to the right, there’s a whole forest. Aphmau: Ooh. Oh!
Jason: We should go there and start, like, Jason: looking around for logs and other stuff. Aphmau: Yeah!
Jason: Plus, like, we should start gathering stuff for, like, a farm. Jason: Um, like seeds. Jason: And maybe horses. I don’t— Jason: There’s so much. Like, we need everything. Aphmau: Yeah. I want this place to look decked out. Aphmau: Also, our cow is very lonely. Jason: Eh, he looks fine. Jason: Okay, so we—we need to get Jason: supplies readied before we can get out of here. Jason: So, um, do we have…tools? Jason: Like, axes?
Aphmau: Uh! Aphmau: Yes! Aphmau: So, actually, last time, I made like this whole chest over here, Aphmau: and it’s got like a bunch of, like, Aphmau: stuff inside.
Jason: Ooh. Aphmau: Mmhmm. Aphmau: Alright, I’m good. Jason: Alright, I’m ready.
Aphmau: Oh. Jason: I’m over here. Aphmau: Oh. Hey! Jason: Geronimo! Aphmau: Did you just jump down? Oh, there’s water down there. Jason: Yeah, there’s water down here. Jason: Yeah, you—you did it last time.
Aphmau: Woo! Jason: Where—oh.
Aphmau: Oh, look at that mountain. Jason:Aphmau:Jason: I’m going—like no joke, Jason: when you are not paying attention, I’m gonna find a way up there Jason: and just destroy the entire thing. Jason: It is such an eyesore.
Aphmau: No! Aphmau: No, no! Aphmau: I’m gonna make that into a little, like, Aphmau: floating garden…house…thing Aphmau: that is an eyesore to you.
Jason: What? It’s like—it’s like ten blocks of land. Jason: You can’t build anything on it. Aphmau: It’s gonna look so out of place. Aphmau: It’ll just annoy you. Jason: Is that a cockroach? ‘Cause it— Aphmau: It’s a cook-a-roach.
Jason: I mean, it— Jason: Ugh. Aphmau: It’s a cook-a-roach. Aphmau: Kill it! Jason: I don’t even know where it went! Aphmau: I don’t even know where you went. Oh, there you are. Jason: I’m going this way. I’m going to cut down to the trees. Aphmau: There are a lot of treEEES and lava. Jason: Alright, I—I need a lot of logs, Jason: so I may be here for a little while. You can… Jason: either help me or go and explore. Aphmau: Disturb this bees nest, you said? Jason: Don’t… Aphmau:Jason: Nothing really happened. Aphmau: (high-pitched) Aaahaha, I got a queen bee! Jason: What does—what does that do? Aphmau: Uh… Aphmau: It’s a bee. Aphmau: Do we need more food? Jason: Yes. We need a—a whole lot of food. Jason: I mean, if all we have are porkchops, Jason: I mean, that’s not really like… Jason: you know, gonna last us that long. Aphmau: Alright, well, I’m gonna get more porkchops. Jason: Okay, I thought you were, like, gonna get like, apples Jason: or find some crops and like, something renewable, Jason: but no, you’re just gonna murder pigs. I mean, that’s fine.
Aphmau: Rragh! Jason: There are a lot of like, uh, seed, um, like, Jason: places for seed items that are—are inside the grass. Aphmau: Ooh.
Jason: Because of Pam’s HarvestCraft. Aphmau: Oh, that’s right. Aphmau:Aphmau: Horsies! Jason: Ooh. But do—we don’t have anything that we could— Jason: I guess we could just tame them. Aphmau: Um… Jason: But we don’t have a saddle. Aphmau: No, we don’t. Aphmau: Ohh. We have to, like, go looking for one Aphmau: and we have to—I really want a horsie. Aphmau: Alright, so we have stuff for a wheat farm for a little bit. Jason: Are there any other seeds that you have? Jason: Like, were you able to find any of the, um, Jason: the Pam’s HarvestCraft, uh, tufts of grass? Aphmau: No, not yet. Um, maybe this one right here? Aphmau: Let me check. Aphmau: Oh, yes I did! Aphmau: I just found it as you said that. Jason: What’d you get?
Aphmau: I found some mustard seeds. Jason: Ugh.
Aphmau: Um, Aphmau: I found some peanut seeds. Jason: These—these are not helpful.
Aphmau: And I found— Aphmau: I found some cucumber seeds. Jason: Alright, that’s a little helpful. Aphmau: Ooh, I found some more stuff of, uh, Aphmau: Oh my gosh, I found a lot of stuff. Jason: Good. We’re—I—like I have no idea where you are. Aphmau: I found some carrots, so we can definitely lure Aphmau: those pigs into their doo—well.
Jason: I found a bunch of tigers. Jason: I’m going the other direction. Aphmau: If you see the horses, then I’m definitely over here, Aphmau: but I can no longer carry, like, all the stuff that I wanna carry. Aphmau: ‘Cause I—ca—er—you! Aphmau: What are you doing to that horse?! Jason: I didn’t do anything. I’m just clicking on it. Aphmau:He doesn’t like that. Jason: Oh god, oh, he’s trying to—he’s—aww. Aphmau:Aphmau: Alright. Come here come here come here. Jason: What? What am I doing? Aphmau: Look, I need you to carry more veggies. Aphmau: Here. Here’s one right here. Aphmau: Um… Jason: That’s a flower.
Aphmau: Yeah, carr— Aphmau: Well, oh. Aphmau: Uh, well, that—it—it…
Jason: That’s a white flower. That is not a vegetable. Aphmau: It looked like a vegetable to me. Aphmau: Also, it’s a plant.
Jason: No, it was a flower. Aphmau: Plant equals vegetable to me. Jason:I’m so sad right now. Jason: I’m gonna build some more, okay? Jason: You—you organize, and I’ll build. Aphmau: Okay. Aphmau: Ahh! Stuff fell over here! Jason: Yeah, I heard something. What was that? Aphmau:The, uh, the sound foam fell. Jason: Oh.
Aphmau: It scared me. Aphmau: It scurred me, Jason, so bad. Aphmau: Okay. Um, wait. Aphmau: Can I—can I—can I put, like, a kitchen in here? Aphmau: Like a te—it doesn’t have to be like a real kitchen, Aphmau: because I wanna decorate it better, Aphmau: but can I put, like, a temporary kitchen in, just so I can move, like, Aphmau: the vegetables and stuff? In here?
Jason: Yeah, but what does— Jason: What does a temporary kitchen mean? Jason: Are you just going to build chests and put them in and call it a kitchen? Aphmau:
Jason: I mean, we have—we have the ability Jason: to make actual kitchen things, like a fridge and an oven and countertops.
Aphmau:Aphmau: Ooh, okay. Alright, give me a second. I—I—I wanna, um… Aphmau: Let—let—let me innovate. A—and then you can come in here Aphmau: and and and, you know, tell me I did a good job.
Jason: Make fun of it? Jason: Yeah, make fun of it.
Aphmau: Huh? Aphmau: No no no no! No no no.
Jason: Um… Aphmau: You’re—you’re—you’re—you’re—no. Aphmau: Okay. Alright, I made something I think you might like. Jason: Are—are you sure? Aphmau: Yes.
Jason: I mean, is it a fridge? Jason: And like an oven? And like a table? Jason: And like a toaster? I can’t wait.
Aphmau: Okay, well— Jason: I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t—
Aphmau: Whoa whoa whoa. Wait, no. No no no no. Jason: That’s a trap door. Aphmau: Don’t look. Jason: That’s—that’s a trap door.
Aphmau: Well, look. Jason: And—and—
Aphmau: It’s like a tempor— Jason: And why does this block look different? Jason: Up here. Did you—
Aphmau: No reason. Jason: Did you change that to, like, birch? Aphmau: No! Jason: That—like—I— Aphmau: It’s the shaders! Jason: No, you totally just made that into birch! Jason: See? Look!
Aphmau: No, it’s—it was the shaders. Jason: It’s different now!
Aphmau: Oh, look! You fixed it! Aphmau: The shaders are fixed! You’re so good at…that.
Jason: You— Aphmau: It was shaders.
Jason: Okay, what—what—what is in here? Aphmau: Look! It’s our temporary fridge until we get more materials. Aphmau: See? It’s out of place. Aphmau: So, it’s, uh—it—it—it—it—it—it’s—it’s got—see— Aphmau: Yeah. So, you could be like, “Hey, I’m hungry.” Aphmau: And you come over here, and there’s food in there. Aphmau: And we could expand. It comes with—
Jason: So I—so I built Jason: all the stairs all the way up here. Jason: Built this little platform, so that we could have, like, a little, like, you know, reading spot. Aphmau:
Jason: And then you built a hole in the wall Jason: with a trapdoor to hide it. Aphmau: When do you read?
Jason: And—and— Jason: and broke the ceiling and replaced it with the wrong wood. Aphmau: That was the shaders! Aphmau: The shaders.
Jason: It was not—it was not the shaders Jason: ’cause I put the the right piece of wood back Jason: and it looked the way it was supposed to. Aphmau: No, it’s the shaders!
Jason: And plus—plus, Jason: the evidence! Look! What’s that? What’s that? Jason: Can you read what that is?
Aphmau: This is an oak lo…wood. Jason: Nooo. Jason: Nooo. Aphmau: Look, I picked it up. Aphmau: It was the one that you… Aphmau: It was the shaders! Aphmau: Where’d you go? Aphmau: Where ya goin’? Aphmau: Are you gonna fix the shaders? Jason: I’m leavin’. Bye. Aphmau:Are you gonna go fix Aphmau: the shaders?
Jason: No, I need more—I need more logs. Jason: I—I need—I need—I need more logs.
Aphmau: Oh. Jason: So, I’ll be right back. Aphmau: Ooh! I’m gonna make something so nice, Aphmau: when you come back, you’ll be like, “Wow!” Jason: Uh, okay. Aphmau: Yeah.
Jason: Could—could you let me know what it is? Aphmau: No. Aphmau: You’re—you’re
Jason: Aww, but—but I’m gonna be out here for, like, Jason: the next, like, ten or fifteen minutes. That’s—
Aphmau: And that’s— Aphmau: That’s—that’s perfect because if you’re out there for the next ten or fifteen minutes, Aphmau: what I can do is I can make sure that—that this is gets done Aphmau: and it gets—it gets nice and that you’ll be like, Aphmau: “Man, you’re—you’re so good at what you’re doing.”Aphmau: Creating, like… Jason: Am I—am I really gonna do that? Jason: Do we wanna make bets to see if I really do that? Aphmau: Yeah. Aphmau: I’m that confident in—in what I’m doing right now. Jason: Okay, okay. Aphmau: And you gotta be honest. You can’t be like, you know… Jason: I—I’m honest 100% of the time. Aphmau: I know you are. Aphmau: So, that’s why I’m laughing Aphmau: because I know how honest you are. Jason: Yeah. Yeah, this is gonna be great. Aphmau: Agh! Jason: Uh… Jason: Is the house okay? Did—did you break the house? Aphmau: No! I mean, yes! The hou—No! No! Aphmau: The house is fine!
Jason: I swear Jason: if there are more oak planks that are replaced with birch planks, Jason: I’m gonna go insane. Aphmau: No, there won’t be. Jason: I’m done. Jason: Tigers! Oh gosh. Jason: Tigers! Ahh! Aphmau: What is it with you and tigers? Jason: I don’t know! This is a different group of tigers, okay? Jason: And a bear! Jason: And a bear. Jason: Uhh… Jason: I’m okay. Jason: I’m okay. Jason: Alright, nothing was following me. Jason: That was very strange. Like, I walked, like, almost straight up to a bear. Jason: Without seeing it. And then, it didn’t follow me. Aphmau: I mean, you did just bear-ly escape… Jason: Nope. Nope. Aphmau: Well, maybe
Jason: No. No. Jason: No. Bad. Aphmau:Aphmau: I’m sorry. Aphmau: No, I’m not. I’m not sorry. Jason: Yeah, I know you’re not sorry. Jason: It’s just gonna continue to happen.
Aphmau: I’m—I’m never sorry. Jason: This is—is a perpetual state of—of puns. That’s my life. Aphmau:I’m sorry. Aphmau: No, I’m not, actually. Jason: I’m—I’m already here. Aphmau: No! No! No! Aphmau: Okay, alright. Are you here? Jason: Yeah. I can’t wait to have my socks blown off. Aphmau: Alright. Aphmau: This is—
Jason: Yeah, I’m right here. I’m right next to ya. Aphmau: Alright. Alright.
Jason: Yeah? Aphmau: So I—
Jason: Do you wanna prepare this? Aphmau: Yes. So, our house before, it was bland, right? Aphmau: And I was trying to—
Jason: It was empty. It was not bland. Jason: It was empty. Aphmau: It was empty. Aphmau: But now, I have improved it Aphmau: with Aphmau: these Aphmau: shades. Jason:Aphmau: See? And now—now the sun won’t bother us anymore. Aphmau: See this? Aphmau: This is beautiful.
Jason: Yeah, I see it. I don’t—Jason: I feel like maybe you should have had more time. Aphmau:Aphmau: I had to gather materials still. Aphmau: We still have to get more materials.
Jason: Oh, you put—alright, alright. Jason: This isn’t bad. I mean, I thought you only put on the first floor, Jason: but you have the second floor. Jason: That’s pretty good.
Aphmau: Yeah! Aphmau: We need more wood, Aphmau: so I’m planting more trees out here. Jason: Wait, where? Like, right in front of our house, or…? Aphmau: Yeah. Jason: Are— Jason: But— Jason: But, in front of the house? Aphmau: No no no no no. Like, no no no. Aphmau: Like, in the—in the—in the field in front of the house. Jason: Oh. Oh. Jason: Then yeah, that’s fine. Aphmau: Yeah. Aphmau: I’m also getting more wood because I’m running out of wood. Aphmau: Like, you’re like the woodmaster. Jason: I know, I—the house has taken a lot of, uh, materials. Jason: So, I’m sorry. Aphmau:It’s okay. Aphmau: I am, um, just grabbing… Aphmau: I’m chopping down some wood. Aphmau: So, I’m putting a tree right here, Aphmau: and this place is gonna have, like, a lot of trees Aphmau: in the future. Aphmau: So, don’t be surprised when you just wake up in the morning, Aphmau: and you seea bunch of trees outside. Aphmau: Nice. Aphmau: Oh, more food. Aphmau: I’m just finding a lot of food out here. Aphmau: Which is great, because I’m gonna start a garden soon. Aphmau: Okay, so I’m gonna do some serious decorating here. Aphmau: Stand back. Jason: Okay, okay. I mean… Jason: I mean, I’m—I’m just gonna stand here for a little bit. Jason: Is that okay? Aphmau: No! Aphmau: Yes, that’s fine.
Jason: Okay, I’m gonna—I’m gonna stare through the window. Jason: Alright, so sta—ah, stairs.
Aphmau: Okay, so… Aphmau: Yeah. Are you—are you watching me?
Jason: I am. I’m watching you. Jason: Unless you—you don’t want me to watch you.
Aphmau: Oh, lookAphmau: No, you can watch me. Look. Aphmau: Okay, now watch. Bam.
Jason: Oh my goodness gracious. Aphmau: What?
Jason: So—so do you have any more of those? Aphmau: Any more what? Stairs?
Jason: Oh—yeah—no—so, go into F5. No. Jason: Take that thing out. Jason: That you just had out. Jason: Now go in F5.
Aphmau: Uh huh. Aphmau:
Jason: Yeah, yeah. Jason: Yeah. I—I—I—I don’t— Jason: I don’t know what is going on there. Aphmau: I lift! Aphmau: Do you even lift?
Jason: I—I’ve been put to shame. Jason: I mean… Jason: I—I need to really need to rethink my life now. Aphmau:Look at this! Aphmau: Yeah!Aphmau: Ugh! Jason: Wait, why is that one a different color? Aphmau: Which one do you like? Which— Aphmau: Which would you like? Which one— Aphmau: Which color do you like to go with the stairs?
Jason: I like—I like Aphmau: Do you like this—oh, the…
Jason: the birch. I like the birch. Aphmau: Yeah, I like—I’m gonna make more birch ones.
Jason: Yeah, I mean… Aphmau: Give me a second. I’m gonna make… Aphmau: Look at that! Aphmau: That’s nice. Aphmau: So, our fridge will go here when it’s ready,
Jason: But— Aphmau: but we still got our little…
Jason: Yeah, I thought that was the fridge. Jason: Why is there a bee in there? Jason: What does a—what does a queen bee even do? Aphmau: I—does—nothing! Aphmau: Shut the—just—you know… Aphmau: Sits there. And that’s it.
Jason: Alright. Aphmau: But—but— Aphmau: But, not only that, look at this. Aphmau: Look at this. Look at this. Aphmau: So—so you know we’re having our food
Jason: Wow, that—yeah. Aphmau: and stuff like that.
Jason: Ooh. Aphmau: Yeah. Jason: Ooh. Aphmau: Eh.
Jason: Wait, why is that…? Jason: Why is that chair facing that way? Aphmau: I’m working on it. Give me a second. Aphmau: Uh Aphmau: Eh Aphmau: Uhn? Aphmau:
Jason: Uh… Aphmau: Uh? Aphmau: What if we had a little barista right here? Aphmau: So we could sit next to each other
Jason: Yeah, but, like—look, like—like—like Aphmau: Uh, and…
Jason: like, the chairs are like, cast in some shade. Jason: Why are they casting so much shade? Jason: What’s goin’ on here? Aphmau: ‘Cause shaders are broken! I told you! Aphmau: The shaders are broken.
Jason: I’m done. Jason: Anyway, I want to show you something else. Jason: So—so you wanted to build a little garden.
Aphmau: Okay. Jason: So, I’m thinking that this area right here Jason: we can build something very small. Jason: And then, maybe expand it down to the fields when we’re ready.
Aphmau: Mmhmm. Jason: So, while you were working,
Aphmau: Oh yeah, I— Jason: I went and did this. Aphmau:Aphmau: You got some water.
Jason: But now Jason: we have an infinite water source.
Aphmau: Oh! Jason: Alright, so we have, like, a ton of dirt Jason: in this chest over here. Jason: So, I’m gonna put this down.
Aphmau: Mmhmm. Jason: We can flatten out this land right here Jason: And then use this for, like, a miniature garden. Aphmau: Ohh! Jason: So what—what seeds do you have Jason: and, like, what do you want to plant? Aphmau: Also going to plant some carrots. Aphmau: Carrots don’t have carrot seeds. Aphmau: I thought they did. Aphmau: Do we need—oh, I guess we could have winter squash. Aphmau: I don’t know why we need winter squash, Aphmau: but we’ll take winter squash. Jason: Oh, geez. Is this already grown, or…? Jason: No. Jason: I guess not.
Aphmau: What? I think sq— Aphmau: So, the garden is coming along nicely. Aphmau: It’s growin’ really fast.
Jason: Mmhmm. Aphmau:Aphmau: Um, I’m… Aphmau: going to go and grab some clay. Jason: But— Jason: Wait, why? Jason: Oh, for bricks. Aphmau: Mmhmm.
Jason: Um, okay. Aphmau: Yeah, it’ll make the house look nice. Aphmau: So, you keep working on the house, and— Jason: Um, like, you should look in the rivers Jason: ’cause I’m sure, like, even down here Jason: and, like, in the waterbeds over in the—the field, Jason: you should be able to find some clay. Aphmau: Ah. You’re right. Aphmau: Right. I’m gonna go ahead and do that right now. Aphmau: I’m gonna jump in this water, actually. Jason: Alright. I’m gonna work on the house while you’re doing that. Aphmau: Alrighty. Aphmau: Alrigh—ooh, our crafting bench from before is still here. Aphmau:Aphmau: (high-pitched) I found a kitty! Jason: Is it the black and white one? Aphmau: No, no no. Aphmau: Aw, no. It’s a gray one. Jason: Oh, I saw a black and white one before. Jason: Oh, by the way, do we have cotton? Jason: Did you plant cotton? Aphmau: No, I don’t have cotton. Aphmau: I didn’t find any cotton.
Jason: Aww. Aphmau:Tigers! Jason: I know! They’re all over there. Jason: Oh. Oh, I have cotton. Jason: I’m gonna use the cotton. Jason: ’cause I think maybe we can use cotton to make string. Aphmau: Ooh. Can we? Jason: I have si—I have six of them, Jason: so I’m going to see if I can craft something with Jason: the extras that I have. Jason: Oh, you can! If you make them into a line,
Aphmau: Perfect. Jason: you can make string. Aphmau:Aphmau: Awesome!
Jason: And so, with this… Jason: I have two string. I have a fishing rod. Jason: And then with the fishing rod, I’m going to get a fish. Aphmau:Aphmau: Oh! Aphmau: Found some clay! Jason: Oh, good. Jason: Babe, I—I am not good at fishing. Jason: I—I—I don’t know what I’m doing.
Aphmau: I’ll come—I’ll—I’ll come fish. Jason: I—I have a fishing rod, and I’m throwing it into the water. Jason: The entire thing. ‘Cause I’m throwing the entire thing into the water. Jason: And—and no fish are appearing in front of me. Aphmau: Alright, gimme a second. I’m gonna grab this clay. Aphmau: Oh, I think I see you. Jason: Yeah, I’m just underneath where the house is. Aphmau: I’m comin’. I’m comin’. Aphmau: Hello.
Jason: Do you see, like—do you see how the particles— Jason: Oh! Jason: I think. Is that a fish? Aphmau: Yeah.
Jason: Can you see anything? Aphmau: I saw it. Jason: Yeah. Did you see the fish? Aphmau: I saw something. Jason: Now?
Aphmau: Aw, yeah. Aphmau: You have to—you have to do it really fast. Jason: Are you sure? Here. Jason: Here. ‘Cause I’m terrible at this. I—
Aphmau: Alright. Alright. Aphmau: Here. Jason: What’re you—what’re you giving me? Jason: What’re—what— Jason: Wait, what? Aphmau:Jason: Where—where did you find this? Jason: And why is it named Jojo? And— Jason: is it attacking me? Jason: Babe, what is this?
Aphmau: No. It’s—it’s—it’s having a—it’s Aphmau: it’s trying to swim. Jason: Yeah, you’re killing it! Aphmau: No! Jojo! Jason: Jojo… Jason: C’mon, Jojo. I don’t—I don’t—
Aphmau: Got a fish! Jason: You—you did? Aphmau: Yeah. Jason: Are you kidding me?
Aphmau: See? Jason: Where? I—
Aphmau:He’s right there. Jason: Is this gonna work on the cat, though? Aphmau: I’m gonna try to find a few more. Aphmau: Um, Jojo? Yeah, you—Jojo, you scare—
Jason: No, let—let’s— Aphmau: you scare the—the fish over here. Jason: Alright, I’m gonna—there was a cat over, uh… Jason: by the tigers. I’m gonna try and see if I can Jason: lure that guy in with this fish. Aphmau: Okay. Aphmau: I’m gonna try to get more fish. Aphmau: And some regular fish. Aphmau: Ugh! Aphmau: Let’s see… Jason: Over here! Over here!
Aphmau: Oh! Aphmau: There you are. Aphmau:The kitty! Jason: I know, but there’s a giant fish in this pond. Jason: Like, right here. Look at this fish. Aphmau: Destroy it. Jason: Uh Jason: Like, should I—now it’s in the sand. Jason: I don’t know what’s going on. Jason: But there’s a cat. Aphmau: Here. Here, you found it, so here’s the raw fish. Aphmau: See if you can…
Jason: Ooh. Jason: Here, kitty kitty. Jason: I got a nice tasty fish. Jason: You don’t want it? Jason: No, ca—cats don’t like the water. Remember?
Aphmau:Jason: How does this work? Jason: Cat! Jason: I’ve got a fish! Please! Aphmau:Jason: Please! Please! Jason: Okay, okay. So, I’m, uh— Jason: Look. Look. I don’t have it. I don’t have it. Jason:There it is. Jason: They don’t care. Jason: They—they—none of them care.
Aphmau: Go up and right click it. Go up and right click it. Jason: I did! Jason: Now it’s raining, and— Jason: I’m just gonna hit the cat. Aphmau:
Jason: This is— Jason: This is terrible! Jason: This is terrible! Aphmau: Okay. Aphmau: Wow.
Jason: Now the cat’s hurting me?! Aphmau: Oh no!
Jason: I’m gonna— Jason: No. No. No. I refuse to die this way. Aphmau:Aphmau: Kitty kitty. Aphmau: Kitty, calm down. Jason: Please, cat! I just want to give you a fish! Jason: I didn’t mean for this to happen. Please. Jason: Please. Jason: This—this is the worst.
Aphmau: Lure him back to our house! Aphmau: You’re doing a great job! Jason: Oh no. Jason: Is it—is it still following me? Aphmau: Yeah. Aphmau: It’s gonna be a while before we get back, Aphmau: but at least we got the cat following us now. Aphmau: You’re a genius! Jason: He’s gonna kill me. He is gonna kill me. Jason: He is gonna to kill me. And I have—I have no food.
Aphmau:Jason: I have four hearts. Jason: And—
Aphmau: There’s a witch! Jason: And a witch?!
Aphmau: And a creeper! Jason: And a creeper! Jason: Oh my goodness gracious. Is the cat dead? Jason: No, the cat is— Jason: Is he—is he still f—oh my goodness. Jason: Alright, I—I kinda need you to get ahead of him. Jason: Oh! No. No. No. Aphmau: Okay, alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright.
Jason: No. No. Jason: ‘Cause we need to, like, capture him. Aphmau: Yeah, I know. I—right. Aphmau: So just don’t let him kill you, okay? Aphmau: Uh… Aphmau: Uh…
Jason: Alright, well if… Aphmau: I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying. Just… Aphmau: Right there! Right there. Aphmau: Hold on. Aphmau: Just keep him right there. Aphmau: Oh, the—my—the stupid blinds! Jason: Alright, just—just—just put something in front of the door. Aphmau: Uh, don’t move don’t move don’t move. Aphmau: ‘Cause I gotta get ’em. Aphmau: Ahh! Aphmau: Hurry! Get in!
Jason: Oh. Oh. Jason: I have a little bit of a problem!
Aphmau: Get in! Hurry! Jason: I have a little bit of a problem! Aphmau: There’s a manticore! Oh god. Aphmau:Aphmau: Well, at least— Aphmau: Okay, so… Aphmau: Here’s what happened. Aphmau: And this is how karma affected us. Aphmau: Um, so the manticore is a cat, right? Jason: Is it? It’s got, like, a lion. Jason: I guess it’s a cat. Aphmau: It’s—it’s—it’s like in the cat—it’s—it’s like in the cattery. Aphmau: Like, the cat family. Aphmau: Um, and so, it—it saw that we angered the kitty, Aphmau: and, um, Aphmau: it decided to, uh, make us Aphmau: uh, Aphmau: explode. Jason: Alright, so if you—if you haven’t noticed, Jason: you know, since, you know, when you were gone, Jason: I fixed up the house a little bit. Aphmau: Mmhmm.
Jason: Um, Jason: I kinda added in this roof, Jason: so I kinda wanna have it, you know, come to a point at the top. Jason: And, uh, this area right here, I want to actually put a fireplace. Jason: So… Jason: In order to have a fireplace, though, we Jason: we kinda need Netherrack, and Jason: that means we need to go to the Nether, Jason: and get a diamond pickaxe, Aphmau:
Jason: and all that jazz, so this… Aphmau: Eee!
Jason: this is kinda, like, a long-term project. Aphmau: This is so cool! Aphmau: I love it! Jason: I know. If—if it wasn’t raining, it’d be—it’d be better. Jason: But, it’s raining.
Aphmau:Aphmau: Aw, it’s oka—aw, it’s okay. Aphmau: Don’t worry. Look! Aphmau: I’ll show you something that we got. Aphmau: Come here! Jason: Yeah? Jason: Yeah?
Aphmau: Look! Aphmau: We got a kitty. Jason: Yeah, and he wants to kill me! Aphmau: It’s okay! Aphmau: I mean, you—you did—you did smack him a bit, so… Aphmau: He—he—well, you did get smacked back by the manticore, Aphmau: so I guess… Aphmau: you’re even now? Aphmau:Jojo! Aphmau: So, we’ve had, uh, Aphmau: one bizarre adventure today. Aphmau: We’ve, um, accomplished quite a bit. Aphmau: We’ve got a garden. Aphmau: And we got a better house. Jason: Yeah.
Aphmau: It’s coming along greatly. Jason: And a murderous cat Jason: that just wants to murder me. Aphmau: Yeah, he— Aphmau: He—he really does have it in for you.Aphmau: But—
Jason: And a manticore that lives around our mountaintop Jason: that just likes to swoop in and murder us. Aphmau: Yeah, that… Aphmau:Aphmau: It—it—
Jason: So, yeah, a lot has happened. Jason: And I’m afraid. Aphmau: Yeah.
Jason: I’m very afraid. Aphmau: But, we did make a new friend.

100 thoughts on “CUTEST PETS EVER! | MyCraft Minecraft Survival | Part 2

  1. The queen bees can be used to make honeycomb and/or more beehives which can give you more queen bees.

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    Me:Jason you should know this because silvanna tells you this all the time queen bee sings

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    That’s no help ;-;

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    Aphmau: No it's still alive.

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