no matter what i buy for this cat, he still
likes that pizza box, i mean look he’s still there cleaning himself see, i buy him a treehouse does he like it? …………..nope maybe goes on it 5 percent of the time what would he rather do be on the pizza box got him a tent does he like it?……..nope would he go in it?……………nope what would he rather do rather be on the pizza box come on, i know you care know you caaarrreeeeee…. ah forget it i can even remove the pizza box and still, he’ll end up deciding to go on top of the pizza box. See. the simple things in life please him as long as he is happy.

100 thoughts on “CUTEST CAT LOVES PIZZA BOX!

  1. @plexptz r definitely is right. i seriously couldnt believe when my brother say this to me. and i can suggest u , i havent expect that i will get a cheque of $350 for surfing internet. if you wanna try just try now <<<

  2. awwww …your cat is cute 🙂 my cat comes to me when i kiss the air or whistle …she has dog like ways xD

  3. god i really like you and the cat..!! it's like there is enormous and a gigantic bond between you two and nothing will ever come in between you two..!!

    I really don't cared about cats…i thought i was a dog person…never had any!!
    But one day a feral cat gave birth in my veranda and i saw how she tried to hiss me not come near them.. like cat i was curious how those babies look like.. then gradually we all live happily together.. you wont believe i gave them my drawing room.. i them so much.

  4. Gotta subscribe!! I do know this behaviour! My cats were the same way. Thumbs wayyyyyyyyyyyy up! Best from Germany and pls say hi to Toffee! meaowwww

  5. It smells of pizza, its the correct size for him to curl upon, it's warm if it has pizza in it, it's still warm without the pizza, it's atop the counter at a higher level than the other cat furnature and it's in the kitchen which you frequent. Mystery solved.

  6. This right here makes my day. A man with a spoiled cat = amazingly attractive lol, hell a man who is an animal lover in general = epic.

  7. Toffee is adorable!

    Cats with boxes! They are just meant to be! My cats HAVE TO have every box that comes in our house.

    But one REALLY likes licking plastic bags. She could do it for hours. And yet if you pick the bag up she runs from you and will hide. Almost like she fears the bag has come to life.

    Thank you for this video, Mr Thomas and Toffee.

  8. Hahah..awesome cat dude! Cats are the best – as are cat owners. This is a non-disputable fact of life. I just lost my baby girl of 12 years a month ago. I think I am ready again for another now. Thanks, been a shitty day and I needed that.

  9. PS: I was going to respond about why cats love cardboard but I see the German Chemist beat me to it. My cats favourite toy was always the McDonalds straw, not the ball with a bell inside, or the catnip bean bag. Weird. That's why we love 'em.

  10. yep cats love cardboard… i have 7 cats and its a nightmare with just one box, i have to bring in a few, cheap and cheerful and cats love them!

  11. My orange tabby does that licking thing too…. it can drive one nuts, but is abominably cute…. Mine likes to do it just when I am falling asleep.

  12. I have six cats and four kittens. When I grocery shop I always pack my groceries in cardboard boxes. I put these boxes on the floor and all the cats/kittens LOVE to play in them. Hide and go seek seems their favorite game. I have regular cat toys but the boxes are their favorite.

  13. "As long as he´s happy!"…LOOOOL Priceless kitty! Had two kitties for almost 20 years and thus, I enjoy your vids a lot! Thumbs wayyyy up from far across the Atlantic ocean! Have a great weekend all of you! Meowwwwww 🙂

  14. This is my favorite of all the videos you've made. I first saw it on I wish more humans could take pleasure in the simple things in life the way Toffee does.

  15. I had an orange tabby I called Louie (after my favorite Jazz man, Louis Armstrong!), and he, too was a very mellow cat. This video was a hoot! I think orange tabby cats tend to have really hilarious personalities, though I've read there is no scientific support for this: I lived with one; I know otherwise! Ha! My Persian cats have loads of personality, too, but I'll always have a spot in my heart for orange tabbies, mine or other peoples'.

  16. cuteeeee…..wondering what will happen if any friend of yours accidentally throw that box as trash after a party at ur place, the cat gonna freak out…..! I got my cat fluffy pink house, sleeping pad, he doesn't like them either, he loves my bed! The queen size bed isn't big enough for us, cuz he likes to lie in the center with the head to left tail to right…..Poor me…glad I am slim….

  17. Have you ever tried laying its pizza box on the top of the cat tree to get it used to climb there?

    Nice vid, with nice editing ?

  18. I am not exactly sure why I love this video but I do.  It made me laugh and the cat is just so darn cute. Please do not throw the box away.  If it gives him pleasure to have the box why not let him have it? 

  19. OMGawd I LOVE UR CAT SO MUCH! The music your playing in the background is perfect!!!!!! Awesome post! This made me so Happy and I needed this!!!! Thank you! 

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