CUTE Talking Slap Band Pets – WRAPPLES from LITTLE LIVE PETS

today we have rifles my little life I've waited so long to cheat please out and if you guys don't check these out – you can find them on at Walmart Toys R Us and indigo and probably Amazon Oh probably you can find them anywhere just search their name all the links for these will be down in the description and don't forget to videos like this one this is what your Apple box will look like when you get one thank you for sending us these we want to fill it alive we want to thank more alive and red planet group for sending me notice oh they are there apples but Red Planet group also sent these to us I am so excited to check these out the batteries are included and therefore five-plus Riley is 3 by I'll watch her kids if you're using scissors to open these make sure you have an adult exactly [Applause] Molly this packaging is crazy there's Riley's holy hold on she's good at their home a couple you guys ever got one of these and look it's a snap ban yeah there's the battery's ready got a petting sensor sensor wears fur fly in it okay oh there's an on-off switch hold on there we go you see on the back it's got a flag I just figured that out we're gonna turn them on ready one two three they're iSchool we know we've known a minute oh my goodness he's obsessed of going by the color of their eyes and the sound I make tell you what meter is so green means they're happy let me search grumpy orange anxious and yellow calm my skull this thing is like all my goodness okay here we go here we go you can shake them oh no he is not happy okay they love to talk and chat with you and each other keep petting me though eventually sing and laugh laugh they're petting sensor is can you guys see right there we're hoping to sleep they're ticklish no guys have you guys got Rapids before secret weii oh no it is sleep in the eyes aren't lit up anymore that's cool if you don't you can wake up anytime by pressing the button behind my ear or switching me from on if you love these wrap those don't forget to check out down in the description all the details for them are down there and we will see you guys in the next video and make sure you subscribe

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