Cute Sugar Gliders!

my name is Annette Ramos I'm the fashion editor at vice and today you're at my house because I'm babysitting for my parents sugar gliders go I know that they're from Australia there are marsupials there are closely related to koalas they're called sugar gliders because of their preference for nectarous foods they basically just eat fruit and insects I'm feeding them peach yogurt they hate all other flavors though which is weird very easy to take care of apples Gatorade and grain and maybe some yogurt their tails are so long because they can actually use them to wrap around things and they have these crazy long tongues to they're like this long they clean themselves you'll see them huddled up in a ball together just like licking each other they have little flaps underneath both their arms to put on a high ledge they fly off no no no you're not going in my classic when we first got them it took a while to get used to them because they would just jump on you and sometimes if you're not turned right real it'll jump into your hair just like dangle there yeah during the day I let them crawl around because they're normally really tame and sleepy so they're not trying to experiment barely sleep most of the day they're nocturnal so they wake up at 10:00 p.m. normally and they go to bed around 10:00 p.m. but every now and then they wake up during the day just to play and then they go back to sleep but when they're awake they're away for like 12 hours they love this wheel which is extremely loud because they're awake all night it's a little difficult taking care of them in a studio apartment and then occasionally at night they'll bark if they want your attention like when they first wake up they want to see you my dogs they're fascinated by them I have an Italian Greyhound my little chihuahua really likes them too she would just sniff at them if you have them in your hands where you're feeding them I think they're about done with us for today they're going to go back to sleep and wake up at 10:00 they don't want to play with us anymore

35 thoughts on “Cute Sugar Gliders!

  1. lets take humans out of their habitat, put them in a freaking cage and feed them yogurt and GATORADE. WTF. really__?? i think humans make cute pets

  2. Gatorade has fake sugars and dyes that can cause serious health problems in your gliders, it is also advised to stay away from yogurt because of the high sugar and fat, they require fresh fruit and nectar to keep them healthy! Sugar gliders are an expensive high maintenance animal so unless you know your stuff don’t get one just because it’s cute and exotic

  3. 1:45 I don't know if people warned you (because the video is old) but you really need to change the running wheel.
    The size is great, it's just that wire in the middle of the wheel that is dangerous, their tail can get tangled in it and injure them

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