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who love spiders say hi Rosie hey what's up creatures its em and I'm back today with a brand new video for you today today I'm going to be showing you how I hold my tarantulas if you are new to my channel welcome I'm M I'm a former zookeeper as well as an animal educator and I keep a variety of spiders at home typically speaking it is not a good idea to handle any of your spiders spiders are all venomous and they all have the ability to bite depending on your tolerance see for spider Venom's you might not know until it is too late that you have an allergic reaction to spiders to either their venom or they're educating heads which I'll come on to a bit later on but generally speaking is always better never to hold your pet spiders however if you wanted to give it a go it is entirely at your own risk I'm just gonna show you today how I personally do it when I need to move them from enclosure to enclosure for a veterinary exam and also on my presentations you are not a bad spider owner or keeper if you've never handled any of your spiders there's no more bravery or intelligence to someone who does hold a spider as opposed to someone who chooses not to spiders get absolutely no enjoyment or enrichment from being held by humans it's purely a selfish thing for us to hold them so with that in mind just remember that if you do get bitten it is always your fault never the spiders fault assisting me today with my video is miss Rosie the Rose hair tarantula before we get started you'll want to actually wash your hands do not use any kinds of soaps or alcoholic rubs because your spider actually smells through its legs spiders actually have hairs on their legs which are scent receptors so if you smell really really awful you have perfumes or foundation hairspray or something unfamiliar to them on your hands it may make them more prone to bite so buckle up because we are going to be holding miss Rosie so before you actually hold your spider it's really important to wash or hands washing your hands remove any nasty bacterias which could negatively impact your spider something else which spiders don't like when it comes to being held is having the little hooks on their legs catch onto your fabric so if you're wearing a jacket it's time to remove that next up just roll up your sleeves so that you don't get any fabric caught onto your spider and let's lift the lid of mystery to reveal our beautiful Rose hair tarantula although I know that miss Rosie usually has a very docile nature I'm actually going to just double-check that before I hold her the way that I'm going to do this is I'm going to be utilizing this blunt pencil and in particular the rubber tip on the end of its eraser let's see how she's feeling today so I'm just gonna gently tap her on these back legs over here hey sleepy there we go so she's alert now from tapping Rosie on the back of her feet using this very blunt eraser very very gently I can see that she's not in a bad bad mood because she's not spinning around and actually trying to hide she's not displaying her venomous fangs and she's not kicking any educating hairs so what I'm going to do next is I'm going to place one of my hands very gently inside her travel enclosure and see if she wants to maybe just walk onto my hand what's really key to remember when you do this is not to make any sudden or jerking movements because your spider needs to feel very secure that you know what you're doing – if you do move your hands suddenly it feels like an earthquake to them so let's see if we can get Rosie to walk very gently onto my hand so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to put one hand flat over here and I'm going to ask Rosie just to very gently walk onto my hand let's go the important thing is not to have any fear as well because if you have any kind of hesitation then she's gonna take that as a lot of fear there we go so I'm just gonna keep her on my hand and I'm gonna let her walk now bearing in mind every spider is going to walk at a different pace Rosie is very very used to walking on people's hands so she feels very safe can you see the way that I'm actually walking her across my hands like this I'm allowing her to move forward and she's able to feel that she's not being restrained in any way something else to remember when you're holding your spiders is to be very conscious of your breath not because it smells particularly bad but if I had Rosie right here and I was talking she'd be able to feel a practical tornado coming out of my mouth and that would really really upset her spiders don't like to have a lot of air on them at any one time they're very delicate so they don't want to be blown around by the wind which is why whenever I'm holding Rosie I'm very careful not to talk to her when she's right here in front of me say hi Rosie so right now Rosie is in a really really relaxed laid-back kind of mood but remember that this can change for whatever reason really quickly so you want to make sure that your attention is fully on your spider at all times if I were to accidentally drop Rosie which would be a terrible thing to do she could actually die the reason why is because spiders are very delicate creatures spiders have what's known as an exoskeleton so they have no hard bones on the inside their bones are technically on the outside holding everything together and if I were to accidentally drop Rosie from even this height despite leaning on a table which is no more than a foot beneath her she could still die what could happen is her abdomen this big tummy bit on the back here and that could actually rupture and she could bleed to death or any other parts of her her legs her cephalothorax any of that could actually shatter and she could bleed internally to death very slowly now let's talk very briefly about allergies some people if they're bitten by spiders have no kind of reaction whatsoever other people if they're bitten by the same spider actually can go into anaphylactic shock so if you do for whatever reason happened to get bitten by a pet spider or even a wild spider it's a very good idea to get checked out by a medical professional remember how I was speaking before about her educating hairs these are the patches of hairs on the back over here which if she was very upset she would use these back legs over here to kick them it almost looks like she's scratching her abdomen when she does it and that actually releases into the atmosphere and if I were then to inhale those I would have a very difficult time breathing if they get in your eyes your eyes become very itchy and the urticating hairs can cause an allergic reaction anywhere they touch your body so it's a very important thing to remember that if your spider does for whatever reason start kicking hairs anywhere which they can do at any point even when they're stationary like this just put them away put them down and wash your hands with soap and water now Rosie's just started to move again at no point do I ever force her to walk so she's taking everything in her own time if I do need to entice her to move slightly forwards I move the hand she's on backwards ever so slightly and she moves forwards onto this hand now let's say you start to accidentally turn your hand like this this is something that a lot of spider keepers will do is they'll start to turn their hand like this don't worry if you do just keep your hand in a good space like this in front nice and flat and your spider will feel much happier being on a flat surface as opposed to your hand which is on its side this next technique is one that even I don't feel all that comfortable in doing just because I'm afraid of hurting the spider so I'm going to be asking my zoologist fiance Danny to step on in and help us out with this next technique hi it's me Danny and apparently you need me to show you the trench of the love group it's helpful for veterinary exams it's helpful if they have a very common parasitic infection of nematodes which tends to happen a lot in tarantulas it looks like white foaming around their mouth you're gonna have to hold them like this and dab that stuff off with a solvent to get them healthy again like I said it should really only be done if you have to do it there is a very high risk of harming this spider if you do this the wrong way not to mention if you drop them or if the spider gets agitated and bites you now we're really lucky that rosy kind of puts up with this because it's been a long time that we've been doing this together so she knows that I am NOT out to harm her but if you use this for a spider you have to be careful because once you release them they can actually get very defensive after that and you and be bitten so like I said don't do this unless you absolutely necessarily have to and rule number one is you must be calm and number two is you must be gentle remember they're actually really really frazzled creatures right that cephalothorax which is the area where we're gonna be grabbing them is actually really delicate it's kind of made with a dome shape which makes it vulnerable to breakage so if you squeeze or if the spider struggles in the wrong way and you crack that it is game over because that is where the spiders really an important parts are like its mouth it's a part of the suggestive tract it's eyes you its brain to an extent so I mean it should I have to do that um right now Rosie is positioned really nicely for this what you want to do is you want to grab in between the first set the first two legs and the last two legs all right so right here and right here are going to be the gripping points and we're going to grip on the cephalothorax and right in between the two leg sets um it's important that you grab that right at this point because if you grab it a symmetrically which means if you grab it unevenly at the wrong points you couldn't really hurt the spider by applying pressure in ways that you shouldn't apply right so what we're gonna do is I'm going to lean up a little bit here to attempt to grab and I'm gonna grab her and show her come on girls okay what I'm really trying to do most is prevent her from being agitated to the point where I have to worry about her kicking hair so which is what she would probably be prone to doing so you can see I've grabbed her in between the first set of legs in the last set of legs and this allows me to show off like some of her more sensitive areas which you don't get to see on a tarantula like her fangs in her mouth and then once again if you have to do a medical procedure this is how you would do it you would sit there and you would swab and clean the mouth and you can also examine the book lungs which are located right there it's those little slits on the abdomen that is where she actually breathes from and sometimes you can see if trenches are not doing well if they're sick by taking a look at their book lungs and of course they're spinnerets which is where trance or the group comes from yay um tarantula group comes from there and it can build up there and if it builds up in the back of their abdomen once again it's usually because of some kind of disease or parasite issue and you're gonna have to and cleaning that right but once again I do not recommend you do this hold on a spider unless you absolutely have to you see the way her legs are folded back comfortably on my hands that shows you that they're kind of in a position that's natural for the spider so I don't have to worry about her bending it at the wrong way and breaking and hurting her legs and the front legs are relaxed they're up there in the front right now they're free to move around but they're semi relaxed which shows me that she's okay she's not struggling she's not kicking I guarantee you that the first time you use this grab on a spider they're gonna start kicking around and it's kind of a harrowing experience right so you don't want to do this once again unless you need you so I'm gonna put her back down now and we're gonna be very very gentle and let her feel all her legs on the ground and you can see she's not agitated right she hasn't kicked off she's not trying to run away these are all really good signs that she's okay with this which is really important from the get-go when I started doing this with her so that was the choice a little of grab I hope you enjoyed it I enjoyed it did you I did Thank You Danny for showing us that other wonderful technique for how to examine a spider at the vet's office now another way you can actually do this is just by having a small perspex enclosure which makes it easy for the vet to actually hold up the spider and really examine in the light so if you don't want to actually hold your spider at the vest that's another hands-off way that you can give your vet a really good close-up look at what's going on with your spider now although rosie is not showing any kinds of signs of stress or aggravation I don't want to push her to that point where she is so I'm gonna wrap up a handling session now and leave her to rest if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them down in the comment section below thank you guys all so much for watching I will see you in another video soon bye

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  1. SO. Let's talk about this for a second. In NO WAY do I encourage you to go outside your comfort zone to hold spiders. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HOLD SPIDERS TO BE A GOOD SPIDER PARENT. Your safety always comes first. Your pet tarantulas do not NEED or WISH to be held. But, imma show you how I do it in case you're interested or find it useful. The first technique is a standard technique which I demonstrate.. with the use of a pencil. The second… well, Danny helps me with it because even I don't feel comfortable with it. Danny calls this technique 'The Love Grip'.
    IF YOU HOLD ANY SPIDERS I do NOT accept any liability. If you hold spiders you are always taking a risk. If you are bitten, you must seek medical attention. DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO HOLD OLD WORLD SPIDERS (spiders from anywhere other than the Americas). When holding new world spiders (the americas) use extreme caution and don't be silly for likes/views/instagram. Respect your spiders. Respect yourselves. Respect the hobby. Thank you! x Em

  2. Actually you've just halped me a lot. I have a brachypelma boehmei at home and I absolutely adore her, she is such a gentle sweetheart (kicks a lot of hairs, but I still love her 😀 ), but I wouldn't feel comfortable handling her. I'm so glad someone told me that it doesn't make me a bad spider keeper…
    Anyway miss Rosie is so well-behaved, I've heard a lot about rosehair moodswings but she is just the most chill pet spider :3

  3. I have an extreme case of arachnophobia. I’m trying to learn to respect them (I have such a bad phobia it’s even hard to just say the name). I had a panic attack after watching this but it did make me feel better to know more about them as creatures. Thank you for all your knowledge and sharing so much!

  4. ?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️
    Can you collab with CatAleah
    #CreatureCrew ?

  5. You are amazing and I am so glad you gave that warning not to hold your tarantula because they can be venomous

  6. Will spiders with nematodes be more open to you doing the love grip? Or will they be even more agitated?

  7. I know this is a controversial topic but it makes me cringe. Whatever way you hold your T, it will stress it out

  8. I'm so scared of spiders but first of all, this video is great and even tho there's not a lot I can do with this new learned information, I'm still glad it was in my recommendations. Watching videos with big scary spiders in it is fun

  9. Thank you so much for your comments especially about being a good spider parent without handling i keep Mouse spiders and Australian funnel webs and would never dream of handling them as there not like tarantulas and i would certainly get bitten.

  10. I am very scared of spiders, but this video made me feel a bit more comfortable! Also, I am looking into getting pet rats, I have done my research but I would love to see a rat information or rat care video from you! <3

  11. I prefer to first press tarantula down on the middle of the carapace with my index finger so that way it can't move away, and then use my thumb and middle finger to grab sides. More effective then to chase tarantula around with fingers 😀

  12. Very good and helpful video
    Learned something today

    Very Beautyful spider

    Kinda Creepy Fangs but also they are interesting

    Keep doing what you do
    You're a really lovely person

  13. Can you do another cute or cruel video and react to “puppies meet baby animals”. I just watched it and it’s gave me such bad vibes, I don’t think a puppy should be that close to a frog or turtle especially when there are no people close enough to stop them

  14. I learned the hard way in 9th grade how allergic I am to spider hairs when my biology teacher asked me if I would like to hold his tarantula. It was my fault of course for being shakey and startling her but it was not fun

  15. If you're going to handle a tarantula, do it on the floor or a bed. If your T decided to jump from your hand during the video, it would be dead.

    Also, the two-finger pinch method isn't really accepted anymore. Never pick up a T like this. It's much safer to use a cup hold or anesthetic for veterinary procedures.

  16. I once picked up our Mexican Red Rump. She was smaller than my palm, but unlike our Chaco Golden Knee, who is always SUPER calm, she ran out of my hand and landed on the floor. I felt SO SO bad. I then put her back in her container and we don't handle her in any way any anymore. She and her container is small enough to relocate her if we need to rehouse her temporarily. Now that I've learnt that they can bleed to death coz of it, I'm in some way glad I didn't know it at THAT time, coz I was already so upset, I think I wouldn't have slept or maybe even breathe properly if I knew back then. Although we're careful, it's good to know now. We handle the Chaco Golden Knee when we put in new soil and clean her cadge, which is super small since she also isn't even the size of my palm yet, so the cleaning goes quick. Then we have our Purple Earth Tiger who scares the shit out of us when we have to clean his cadge. They're all still small and so are their containers, so we aren't able to go stick a smaller container into the cadge and keep them there in the moment. It gets a bit tricky. If anybody has advice I'm all open for it ☺

  17. So your saying…I get bitten by a spider for staring at it and it’s MY FAULT?

    tHaTs tRipPy

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