Cute Killer Kittens | BBC Earth

these kittens are just a dealed without mother they are useless they can't walk their eyes aren't even open just like the young spiderlings they are too small to be predators growth however is rapid from fluffball too many predator in just three weeks but this is where spiders and cats differ though physically the cats are now quite developed the predatory programming is incomplete now to start developing the mind first their instinct makes them curious instinct makes them plea plea links body with mind they start to look like predators focused fast allowed but at this stage the rules are simple catch anything that moves after all it could be anywhere and anything can be prey but I can't can't live on feathers and stones this simple instinct needs a focus enter mother she now comes back from hunts with dead prey this is the new focus of the kittens plea the kittens get what she can catch a sample of the world of prey outside she's programming the predatory machine preparing it for future hunting sight smell feel taste this is what should be eaten for the next stage live prey now the mind is focused on specific prey our lesson than handling how fast is it how does it move how do you catch it without this training kittens will never be good hunters this time live all escapes finally enter the field to put training into practice the go went to the outside world with skills that basic instinct can't provide alone they have the advantage of learning the predator hunts fueled by instinct fine-tuned by learning

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