Cute Cats and dog /Adoption Clinic at Petsmart+ Looking for Dog Shampoo

your looks like Cooper [Music] these movies Opie stories that one is straight Cynthia she’s learning to see me small dogs Haley oh she’s a female you know you just been you oh you are so cute are you for adoption Oh cutie cutie what a beauty how are you today [Music] [Music] friendly we are so friendly friendly friendly friendly friendly [Music] hello toity oh she’s Authority really pretty looking for him again for Chelsea oh this one is a water lesion

39 thoughts on “Cute Cats and dog /Adoption Clinic at Petsmart+ Looking for Dog Shampoo

  1. The 2 cats in the same cage was too small for them both. The poor wee dog looked so hungry…none of the pets looked happy… so sad

  2. Aww how cute and adorable ???? thank you for sharing this. Hope your day is going good for you. Take Care and all my best to you. ☺?❤

  3. The ginger one looks like Cooper but too skinny….Cooper is chubby…I think they all looks in fear …
    God bless you and your family dear…

  4. You would really like to take them all home with you! I hope they all find home and be happy! Lovely video, my friend.

  5. God bless you sweetheart bi have not seen you ma in a long time. Beautiful dogs and kitty’s I don’t like to see in the small cages

  6. animal that so very cute… bagong kapit bahay nasipa ko na po ang dapat sipain at nanuod muna qt tinapos ung bidiyo weyt kita sa kubo ko paresbakk po bagong kapit bahay nuod muna bago sapak

  7. Repatz! Qng merong gnyang adoption clinic sa pinas at gnyan mga lahi, ubos agad mga pet panigurado haha! Wag mu q kalimutan pasalubungan ng pet ah!

  8. Hi my friend ! Thanks very much for visiting my channel. I loved it when you did that because I missed you. Wow you have a nice video here and I enjoyed it very much????????????????

  9. hello sis jazzy!!! pagka cute ba kayo ang cats .labi na ang dog gusto ko yan na klase na iro kay cute kayo..

  10. i enjoyed watching here, big liked one seven, pet lover din kc ako, thank you sissy for sharing

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