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(rock, guitar music) – Hi, I’m Casey Anderson. I’m a wildlife filmmaker,
adventurer, explorer. But nothing beats my home,
right here in Montana. (birds chirping) So I’m having my morning coffee and I look outside and I see something
tumbling down the hill. And at first, it was definitely a rabbit but as I looked a little bit closer there was something
attached to the rabbit. And just right up here, there is an ermine killing a cottontail rabbit. He’s right here. Now an ermine is a, in this
case, it’s a long-tailed weasel. But it’s turned from
this reddish-brown color that it is in the summer,
to this pure white color, so it’s camouflaged in the winter. And that’s why I didn’t
notice it at first. And it’s amazing, this rabbit
is much bigger than him, probably five times bigger than he is. He’s just killed it and now
he’s trying to drag it off and hide it in the bushes. These long-tailed weasels
will hunt just about anything, rabbits, grouse, squirrels. I’m gonna go up closer. Now this is cool. Okay, so he’s dropped the rabbit here. I’m gonna see how close
I can get to this guy. (tuba music) (wildlife chirping and chattering) (tuba and xylophone musical duet) Now it’s funny, ’cause
even though he’s a weasel, when he has this white fur coat like this, they give him a different
name, the ermine. And there are other weasels in Montana, like the short-tailed weasel
which also turns white. And when they’re white
like this little guy, all the weasels here get the name ermine. (rock, guitar music) I’m gonna let him have his breakfast and I’m gonna go finish mine.

19 thoughts on “Cute But Deadly Weasel | Animal Attacks | Love Nature

  1. I love these guys. They remind me of my ferrets. Despite the size they are fearless and can back it up. Even as pets you can still see the predatory nature in them. Great video!!!

  2. I love the #CountryWildlife…it doesn't matter which country you're from….they are ALL amazing and beautiful to watch❗️

  3. I don't get why the older generation use to call physically weak cowardly men weasels. Weasels are hard as nails these mf don't mess around

  4. Casey never do this again. The weasel struggled to move the rabbit 5x it's size to a barley-concealed hiding spot. Then you moved it, so he has to hid it again. Worse you play tug of war with him! Did you check on him later to see that he didn't die of exhaustion? Or die as prey, too tired to outlast his predator?

    You dont play tug-of-war with wildlife like it's some pet. This isn't a dog that gets fed by you and put in a warm house by you, this is wildlife, and he needs to manage his energy resources so he survives. If he dies of exhaustion it's on your karma.

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