Cute and Easy Origami Cat – Tutorial for Beginners #origami animal – DIY – Paper Cat

I am using origami paper 6 inch by 6 inch from Craft Haven available on

100 thoughts on “Cute and Easy Origami Cat – Tutorial for Beginners #origami animal – DIY – Paper Cat

  1. I think this might have been the first origami I made all by myself lol! And they are so simple, however cute….I made some for my friends and they TOTALLY loved them….I made a couple for myself and can even remember the steps, this was SUPER helpful…Thank you SO SO SO much! Keep up the great work!! 😉

  2. Very creative idea, it looks so nice, i liked it. I am new in this sector. Pls visit my channel.

  3. I usually couldn't do origami. Until I was bored and decided to use post-it notes. And now I have a paper cat and a paper dog, and soon I'll have a paper zoo. 🙂 Either you made it easy or post-it notes are my glory paper. LOL!

  4. Holy cow, thank you so much for having a sensible, explained , easy to follow video. Ive wasted paper time and energy on these videos, that the creator was not very courteous of the viewers. Each fold is so important and when their hand is in the way, or they go so fast even rewinding dosen't help OR they have same color paper , white paper …..I mean it's impossible! I rather not have something negative to say , especially on the internet but it just had to be pointed out cause some tubbers were just not thinking of others . So anyway ! Thank you soooo much for this amazing video, I bet you have healthy relationships with people at least on your side , since you are thought full. Bless your heart.

    Btw i think im singed on my boyfriends youtube , greetings from Danielle ?

  5. the head was super easy but when i saw the separate piece of paper im like nope not doing this (i don't have the craft haven origami paper)

  6. My teacher gave me paper in colours and told me to make what i want with them and bring it ti school! So i made a fox and this cat its so helpfull!! Im planning to make a crane and peacock maybe a butterfly too?

  7. Thank you! I am horrible at origami and the other tutorials go too fast so when they start doing confusing folds I can’t keep up. But this one went at great speed and I was able to make it

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