Custom Storage Bed for Humans and Pets!

all right hello everyone my name is Jake and today I'm gonna be making a bed we're gonna be making a queen-sized storage platform kind of bed and we're gonna make it all a lot of plywood so I'm in the barn today because the e sheets of plywood are way too big to fit in through my window into the basement or to get maneuver around the house it's just easier to make the cuts here and then I will bring all the cuts back inside and assemble it in the house so I've got six sheets of 3/4 inch sanded plywood there 4 foot by 8 foot each and I did a 3d model and Sketchup of this entire plan and I'm gonna put that link in the description of the video here so there's no real reason to be spending you know hundreds and hundreds of dollars on premade bed where you can just make one yourself and you can design it exactly how you want it to be so I'm gonna put up the design now and I'll kind of run around it so it's basically a queen-size bed that's 60 inches by 80 inches long it's going to be drawers on either side for each person and there's going to be a pull-out platform to set things on just like like it would be a regular nightstand but it's also you can push it back in and save some space so it's gonna be a lot of storage and at the foot of the bed there's also gonna be a kind of a section for our pets to sleep under so we'll make them a little kind of cubby and put some nice bedding down for them there so 6 sheets of plywood I chose because I optimized all the cuts that would be making into those 6 sheets so it originally started as like 8 and I positioned each cut in CAD so that I could save as much space as possible and be the most efficient with my cuts so we have the CAD model we have all the plywood above everything we're gonna need to build the drawers let's get started here we go oh okay so I was gonna try to finish all the cuts up today in the barn but it's really cold out here right now as you can see the temperature just dropped drastically from like 60 down to like 30 so I'm gonna take all this stuff into the shop now since it's smaller I can fit it into my basement and I'm gonna finish up there so [Applause] okay so I got mostly all the plywood cut I got all the drawers cut out according to my plans we've got a big old pile of drawer bits there so those are going to be assembled into the six drawers that are going to be on either side of the bed now what we need to do is we need to take this big long brace piece there's going to be six of them right over there this is going to be six of those and those are going to make kind of the internal structure and they're going to be these half lap joints so I need to cut out eight inch notches on either side of them kind of like what I have drawn here so I'm going to be cutting out these notches and then they're going to slide together and then I'm going to join them with some angle brackets so we're going to make those cuts and then we're going to start assembling everything together cool all right so I got those lap joints done I kind of you know mocked it together right now with the support beam going through it you can kind of see it's taking shape a little bit so that's starting to work we solve all those drawers over there to take care of but next up I'm gonna cut up some two by threes to kind of do some support racing on the bottom kind of make everything nice and rigid and help they get a real strong okay time to build some drawers so we've got two sides front back so lots of ways to make a drawer out of the plywood but you can do like dovetails you pocket whole joinery I'm just gonna do the basic simple very short or it's just make a box and I'll put screws and what blue and stuff on it so should still be very secure that's gonna go a lot quicker so let's get to that I'm gonna build one and then it's pretty much the same all the way through let's get started okay so there's one drawer down like five to go that's one and God poop so now I'm just going to take up all the brackets and the platform top and bottom of the bed all the drawers and get everything put together in the bedroom off to install the drawer slides but it's coming along it's in pink coat of paint I'm gonna get all the stuff up to the bedroom and start assembling so let's get up there okay so we've got most all the parts in the bedroom here we've got a platform laid down I screwed those together with some brackets just to kind of hold the two halves together and then we're going to supporting anything with these pieces of 2×4 in between each section of grace on the inside so and then we have our end pieces on the head and foot of the bed as well and then we're gonna start putting our angle brackets in these guys button these angle brackets in inside each of the quarters and on to secure the braces to the bottom platform okay so I've got all the angle brackets all the brace pieces very well secured in there it's very rigid it's very heavy so the next I'm gonna do is build out this cubby section right here okay so the company is gonna be made up on one side two pieces of plywood I'm gonna glue them and kind of screw them together but this piece here has a notch cut out of it and that's going to be another 2×3 that's gonna span the length of the cubby the width of the bag basically and that's going to be kind of a support beam for the foot of the net so I'm gonna put these two together there's two more on the left side and then these are gonna basically speed the foot it's gonna sit right here on the bed just like that and the beams gonna run across cool so okay so that's gonna do it for now we have the it's the main structure built ready to go I still need to install the drawer slides and put the drawers themselves in and then lay the platform over top of it to finish the bed so I got the drawers installed and they seem to work pretty well I just got the cheapest drawer sides I can find from the hardware store they're like six bucks apiece and then you just follow the instructions in the packaging to get him installed you got to make sure they're level so in this plywood there was some warping that went on and I can you know look at it real close so you can kind of see it's a little bit all over the place and that's just me trying to account for the the bends and the board now the next thing to do is going to be to put on the faces of the drawers so that's gonna be these kind of bigger pieces of plywood that aren't gonna go over the drawer like that so you gotta mean by kind of the walk eNOS of the dress no the face just kind of helps to minimize the aesthetic impact of that George worked fine they could be better I'm not a I'm not an experienced this is the first time ever have done something with drawers it didn't turn out perfectly it could probably be better but I'm not so if you're making your own bed obviously you can get a lot more detail into sanding and routing the edges making it look very professional and very nice-looking it's gonna take some more time and more effort obviously I just happen to like this rough look we're gonna paint it white and I think that looks really nice for some reason immediately saves me a lot of time and labor but I I would prefer this look wherever something that looks like it came out of a factory or out of a store and that's just kind of how I like things to look so that's what we're going with but when you make your own look for you to do however much effort you want with the sanding and the routing and the Queen edges and whatnot [Applause] okay so I kind of changed my mind on the design of the bed so I mentioned I was just gonna have it be the platform and put up against the wall but now the wife and I we're talking we just had we wanted a headboard so I went ahead and I got some of these 1 by tens these big long pieces I'm gonna cut those down into sort of a bookcase headboard kind of deal with some shelves on it nothing too fancy very simple very quick to do and it's just gonna add some dimension to the bed and give us some more storage up in the back for our laptops and make things yeah so we're gonna do that really quick and then we're gonna get the bed put all together okay so that's the pieces all cut out I'm gonna probably assemble it down here and I can probably just carry it back upstairs um yeah yeah let's do that all right today we have it got a couple little developing areas the ones have a media platform and then nice headboard right there I am gonna drill a couple holes of the sides for power outlets just like that and now it's done I need to go to paint and needs to be attached to the bed but uh that's gonna do it let's get it upstairs all right so talk about the face it's just gonna be this this piece of flower that like covers up this little piece here so that's what that's gonna do and it's gonna those gonna be a drawer pole right here on the pot forms you can just grab it and pull it out while you're in bed a nice cool little nightstand area cool do the other one and then I'll put the face on and next time you see it it's gonna have the the top platforms on so it's it's so close so I came home from work today and my wife had painted the whole bed white oh I didn't want to match the paint and do all that so she went ahead and did it and I'm so grateful to her so all I have left to do is to put the drawer pulls and then the drawer pulls onto each of the doors so we got different drawer pulls for each door from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore if you ever looking for building materials be sure to check out a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore oh they have a lot of great stuff very cheap and you're helping that a great cause we do so anyways I'm gonna go ahead and get these put on very excited it's it's so close I'm stuffing with my wife you're doing that look how good that white looks that really who makes it work okay so for this pullout nightstand obviously there's there's nothing for it to for a bolt to come through and get into the threads so what I'm actually going to do is take this handle and drill a small hole just a little bit smaller than the diameter of that thread there then this diameter here and that way I can put some glue in that hole and then hammer this in and it'll hold it really tight and so long as you don't pull on it really hard it shouldn't come out so that's the plan Wow okay so that was a lot of work six sheets of plywood another couple of sheets of one by tens for the headboard a bunch of drawers a little space for the dogs to lay down check out this cool little cushion my wife found I put in there for the test to sleep in oh my gosh a lot of work this thing's heavy it's never going anywhere yeah let's do a little bit of b-roll okay so that is couldn't do it for this project thanks for sticking with me for getting through all this with me this video was brought to you by Casper mattresses they I'm just kidding this was not brought to you by Casper mattresses you know I'm gonna make my own mattress let's get to that so this is our mattress or it will be our mattress so I placed an order with foam by male calm and what they provide is it provides the layers of foam cut to the dimensions you want so we wanted a queen queen size dimension bed and we wanted five inches of a firm supporting foam three inches of a kind of a soft gel foam in the middle and the two inches of a supportive latex breathable foam on top that leads to a 10 inch mattress total and then it got like a 10 inch mattress cover everything is attend to so that's what you do you basically just stack the layers up how you want them you can completely customize whatever kind of mattress you want this is basically based off of like a tempur-pedic or a lessor caster kind of mattress but it was a lot cheaper to do it yourself so that's what we're gonna do I can't get this thing tore down and wrap it up and just throw it on the bed and that's that's how you dai a mattress guys okay okay so I'm packaging it to be a bit precarious but um need to let it off gas for like 24 to 48 hours just to make sure that any of the chemical they use to build the film has escaped from the foam so when you're sleeping on it you're not breathing that stuff in this company does use all that green materials or not they use all non-toxic materials so it is probably safe I'm just gonna let it let this smell there's a slight odor to it so just let it off gas for a couple days alright guys that's gonna do it for this bed bill thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please like it subscribe which I do a lot of different things different projects different skills different ideas things that just intrigue me taking stuff apart making or breaking here you know all sorts of things so feel free to subscribe to this channel if you made this bed if you made one of your own please leave a comment let me know how it goes for you to ask questions and all that so yeah thanks for watching then pick it up really like you it's like firm and springy yeah yeah no no uh-huh holy crap like uh like on a foam eyelid right now we got this nice like grid pattern like this latex is supposed to be really breathable and cool you're not gonna overheat sits foam like ii attractive I can't sleep unless I'm well below normal body keep sticking it different heads so work I'll get nothing on packaging it like as soon as you cut it open all those air rushes ahead in the sex I heard it you could hear it like I'm so glad that our rooms bigger than this room yeah I'm just letting off gas in here I would kill you in this room I think I'd kill me in this room boxy

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  1. Dude that bed is awesome!! Love the edit!

    The design is awesome…that pull out platform is awesome because we have a tendency to leave a lot of clutter on our nightstands…this kind of forces you to keep it clear!

    Great job man!!?✌️?

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