Cursed Medieval Cat Paintings

what are we even doing about it the door we started oh it's gonna be like really bad no it's gonna be interesting we're gonna be looking at the most cursed fucking thing no we can't wait can't wait so today we're gonna be looking at medieval cat paintings I what the fuck that is the weirdest goddamn thing I've ever heard out of anyone's mouth for a video ever for some reason it makes perfect sense coming out of on his mouth fucked up if you know it makes perfect I mean look at her fucking pro oh there's something welcome back to another video today we have quite an wild Spartans yeah why the fuck am I here what my life have gone downhill wild Spartans profile picture I'm a that's reference with too soon no face looks like a person's face and it's really creepy it looks like the fucking moon emoji pressed cat and I also came across a weird phenomenon of snail cats that looks like they stuff a cat into a seashell a big season a big seashell okay Brendan say Sally sells seashells at the seashore Sally sells seashells at the seashore that was really hard the thumbnail cat this is a snail this looks like a combination between multiple animals it should not happen fuckin unit the people in medieval times like faint cats were like the size of Titans from attack on Titan clicks in my head I don't even watch that anime I haven't even watched that anime with my head dude a new Pokemon Jun's looking great like you could probably ride this motherfucker no he has like a little testicles hanging out that's great oh oh that's probably gonna be a lot of those this fucking video for some reason people in medieval times are like let's just draw a dick and everything I would say reddit but I don't I don't think anyone read it is this like crazy to make a subreddit called our slash medieval cat innings I don't think it ever happened no that's I can see that so easily happening why why okay why would someone draw a ferret looking cat stealing their dick and then trying to trade it with a fish rip something off that's very valuable oh my god is trying to bribe them with a no exactly no look look it's like you look like the top of the dick to right above the testicles it's like fuzzy like it doesn't that much attention to hey you're gonna send me these I'm gonna analyze them alright there's no ticking this one I'm not gonna lie I feel like this was a drawing of like some disabled cat they found because there are animals that kind of look like this that yeah heaven nobody no neck this is probably like an actual drawing of a cat look like this today with the long legs like that oh yeah dude they look long compared to his body cuz he's got like a node torso look at this no but that's definitely a cat he's a cutie-pie oh so like huggable I could like fucking pick him up wait let's let's find a cat let's find a necklace cat gave me this dude is that Garfield Garfield fucking steroids I can just imagine like I said in a satanic voice bring me to lasagna you John give it to me that's not a necklace cat I hate how many of these there are that you can make a full video but what if that's how cats actually looked like back then though are you sure so cats never looked like reptiles but they still made them look like fucking reptile so why would they look like that look at the Egyptian paintings they loved cats they worshiped cats why don't we worship cats anywhere they're beautiful because they don't do anything hey ma are you gonna look at that but but cat you just said and tell me it's fucking cute because that's your family it is not a realistic painting okay the doors beautiful though the door the back door I really like I like those stairs in the background how funny like vertical they are see like the dog looks normal I wouldn't go that far it looks like a three year old journalist I'm not gonna lie this drawing feels really innocent in a way cuz they both just seemed like happy to be there no I got the dog is staring down the chemical I think he's supposed to be hissing it looks oh my god it looks like I'm looking at a Thomas the Tank Engine characters face it literally doesn't have like an egg face so and here we have a very confused wealth forums and you know people look at this art and was like this is beautiful this is beautiful your house it's like I'm it news and it's like this fucking weird-looking cats they're in your soul that's not even a cat that's a fucking gremlin not even a cat that is a monster like something is wrong with that's not even a cat and that's not even a human and that's not even fruit and that's not even a chair this is all not real this is all made up bullshit goodnight you're always like this looks cool what's happening like none of these actually look like has they look like a monkey Liars like a fucking cat out of everything you said crazy that looks the most like a cat it looks the most like any kind of animal okay like this I guess like it's a monkey you know it's a monkey but because I can't expression that is a smaller white monkey it's barely a face that's fairly a face I mean the monkey doesn't look very happy either he's like it's like when they improve into some sections but they are they appealing their brothers no he's climbing up a tree there's just no person for you that's a tree will you make sensors wait I thought the head was at the bottom what the fuck is this there's no respect dude I could have been a famous like okay guys I got my stick figures of right away imagine making that painting only for it to be used in a king on a video 400 years later holy shit I just some of that all these people are dead and we're laughing at how bad their orders fucking sucks it's not a cat but like it has more have you seen well he's drowning well look at his face expression like what is that emotion it looks like he's trying really hard I'm focusing to get he'll the other spot he just looks like he actually fell into the water he's like trying to tiptoe across really though that cat you just sent hama is the most accurate cat today it has lips clear clearly these people have never seen a cat in my life no clearly can't certain exists in me double x okay they were they were new discovery no wonder they were today we're fantasizing there were a 21st century creation exactly and this is where it goes also do these look like cats fucking fish those are the fish they look like dicks why did you tell me it looks like dicks now that's always like no that's all I see but blue always that's the only thing I could assume what I personally did it here's a cat react and everything we just said

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