Cryptozoology. Phantimals The ghost of long-extinct animals

We haven’t had a paranormal video in a while
so when I found this crossover topic I jumped on it. This theory spans the gaps between specters,
spirits, and ghouls along with mysterious creatures and cryptids. It is an idea that could explain some of the
strange phenomena that often occurs when an animal from cryptozoology is spotted. I am talking about
Phantimals The ghost of an animal. The word Combining phantom and animal, to
give a name to these paranormal beasts So let’s take a look Welcome to if………………………………………………………………………………. The idea of creatures being able to haunt the
living has been long established with paranormal sightings of black dogs and phantom horses. The variety of animals that have been seen
range from the small to the big and from the wild to everyday pets. A man who has written much on the topic is
JOSHUA p WARREN, over eight books he has documented the subject extensively. He tells of how he and a team of researchers
visited a South Carolina farm that was overrun with the spirits of deceased animals. His hypotheses is that the location was home
to some sort of gateway or portal to another realm and that the spirit of the animals which
died on the farm come and go through this bridge between dimensions. The idea of ghostly creatures also became
more personal for the man when his pet dog passed away, Joshua says that for a week after
the dog’s death it could be heard whimpering around the house. This event inspired the writer to turn scientist
and he set up a wide range of equipment to monitor the house, he said that he was able
to detect a number of objective anomalies proving that his perception of ghost was not
purely a subjective experience. So there is an established idea that animals
can come back and haunt the living but so far it has been pets and farm animals so how
does his link with cryptids and cryptozoology? One globally recognized creature of legend
is Nessie, the lake monster of the Scottish highlands has been featured here on the channel
in a couple of videos and she once again pops up for this subject. Just as in real life the animal seems to appear
and disappear and will and at random times, why could this be? One idea is that Nessie is an apparition. It has long been said that the loch ness monster
is some kind of plesiosaur, something which science says is impossible. The conditions of the lake do not offer an
environment that is suitable for such a large aquatic dinosaur, never mind the fact that
the last living plesiosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. One possible answer to the lake monster both
being seen and being able to live in such a place is that she is in fact a ghost a phantimal. The spirit of a long dead dinosaur haunting
the lake. This claim may not be as wild as it first
seems. Some have made the claim that there evidence
to prove this theory. Jim Marrs the famous researcher and author
on all things paranormal said in his book PSI spies that some of the U.S. government’s
experiments with remote viewing that the remote viewers were ordered to focus on Nessie and
detail what they saw: Several sessions targeting the famous Loch
Ness monster revealed physical traces of the beast – a wake in the water, movement of
a large body underwater. Their drawings even resembled a prehistoric
plesiosaur, often identified as matching descriptions of Nessie. But when the viewers tried to discover where
the object came from or returned to, they hit a dead end. The creature seemed to simply appear and disappear. Considering that reports of human ghosts date
back throughout man’s history, the Psi Spies seriously considered the possibility that
the Loch Ness monster is nothing less than a dinosaur’s ghost. If dinosaurs are haunting the planet it could
explain the appearance of similar beast across the planet and the lack of hard physical evidence
of their existence and this leads us to another famous cryptid one that has also been described
as a living fossil not as old as the dinosaurs but from around 100,000 years ago. Bigfoot! Big foot has long been associated with the
northern United States but recently there has been an increasing number of sightings
in the United Kingdom. Unless the Bigfoot somehow managed to stow
away on a plane or ship, there is real difficulty explaining his sudden appearance in the British
countryside. One person thinks that they have the answer. Jon Downes is a U.K.-based researcher working
for the Center for Fortean Zoology, he recently made a public comment on the strange, ape-like
animals seen in the U.K. Jon said:
“Unlike the phenomena in other parts of the world, each of the historic British Bigfoot
and mystery ape cases have a convenient little folk story, or ghost story, attached to them
to explain the presence of these apparitional creatures in the relevant region. Now, my theory is that none of these assertions
is correct. I earnestly believe that these stories were
invented by village folk in centuries past to try and explain the sightings of monkey-shaped
apparitions that would fleetingly appear from time to time and then would vanish as if into
thin air.” Could these sightings be the spirit of the
gigantipthicus or another extinct human ancestor? If dinosaurs, farm animals and pets all have
been seen why not the spirit of a long dead hominid? This brings us to the question of spirit or
soul, most except that humans possess a soul an essence of their character that survives
after death. This is the spirit that becomes a ghost according
to believers in the paranormal. So at what point to does a soul come into
being are animals soulless or do they too have a spirit which could live on after death? At what point do we draw line? Could we see ghostly insects or other small
animals haunting certain locations? This brings us back to Joshua and his thoughts
on Phantimals. Josh believes that the paranormal presence
of different long extinct animals may very well go some way in explaining at least a
few sightings of monstrous beasts, in particular those that seemingly appear and then vanish
in the blink of an eye. Joshua said
“Maybe Bigfoot is a ‘phantimal, perhaps even the ghost of a prehistoric creature,
similar to the enormous extinct ape, Gigantopithecus, or maybe even the spirits of primitive humans.” He also thinks that the idea of Nessie, being
a “ghostly plesiosaur,” is a plausible explanation for the creature. Neil Arnold an author who regularly writes
on the subject of cryptids and the paranormal says: “‘I’ve investigated numerous reports
of ghostly bears across England over the years. I’ve often been of the opinion that if people
see ghosts of humans then they must surely be able to see ghosts of animals, the most
common seem to be spectral pets: dogs, cats, and also horses and birds. However, I’ve gathered reports over the
years of a number of ghostly, wilder animals from lions to apes. Ghostly bears have been reported all over
the U.K. Maybe these are lost souls that suffered greatly at the hands of bear-baiting centuries
previous.” Neil does stress, that he doesn’t believe
the reports of alleged U.K. wild men cross into ghostly bear territory. He looks at the way in which bears are not
naturally bipedal. When they do stand on their two hind legs
they are not good at walking and can only cover short distances they also have no apparent
stride. In the few reports of phantom bears he says
that he has researched, in every case the bear has been described as being on all fours
and not standing in bipedal gate. So what do you think, are the spirits of long-extinct
animals roaming the woods and forests of the world? Are spirit of long dead dinos cruising the
depths of ancient lakes and oceans? Let me know you thoughts in the comments below

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  1. The premiere is all set. I hope you can make it. it feels like we haven't had a chat in the longest time. Please share the link with anyone that you think would enjoy the video. Have a great weekend catch you tomorrow. (don't forget to hit the reminder button)

  2. Alone and affaid in a world I never made Alan watts the nessie photo looks like big foots riding it

  3. This absolutely can and does happen. Though I have never experienced it myself, I have heard a large number of stories of people seeing, hearing and even smelling their deceased pets. I've actually wondered if some Cryptids were phantoms. It is possible that their former surroundings create some sort of tether. Would explain Jersey Devil a bit more as well. Fascinating stuff really.

  4. I think Nessy being a ghost is quite possible. As for Big foot, I think we have a mixture of physical and paranormal big foots, I think the ones that smell bad are physical, maybe a Neanderthal, and I think some are interdimesional. like the Grey Man of Macdhui, where people say things change, and feel bad, when he's around.

  5. In London Tower during the Elizabethan period a monk was attacked by the spectre of a gigantic brown bear and subsequently died from a heart attack caused by fear.

  6. I heard about pet / farm animal ghosts, but never about those long extinct animals ghosts..
    Nice content.. Thanks for sharing..?

  7. Now this is a VERY interesting theory, I don't think that bigfoot is a ghostly thing though (outside of Britain at least) something else I believe is that certain oddities like, say, Mothman pop in and out of other dimensions. All in all this video was very thought provoking, thank you as always ?

  8. Cool topic. I’ve heard a few stories of horse ghosts haunting old stables. Can’t see why not. Spewing missed the premier, I enjoy being envolved. Maybe next time.

  9. I totally believe in animal ghosts. I saw the ghost of my cat and when my dog died, I could hear him around the house for weeks afterward. I don't think that all these cryptids are just ghosts but some of them could be. Very interesting video.

  10. I remember some famous Nessie hunter thought the same thing. He even suspected some peeps involved with magic were conjuring him.

  11. Does anyone know where this video is it’s an alien in the woods and it’s got a laser pointer and it looks like a grey alien but it’s eyes are different

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