Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. BIG CATS, Alien worlds and Area 51

It’s time for another news video. I have found three stories that cover cryptozoology,
ufology, and how I could make another news video without including the outcome of the
notorious Naruto run on area 51. First up is subject that I have looked at
in a few dedicated video. Mystery cats. The sighting of large black felines has been
reported everywhere from Britain to the Australian outback. Most know of the many reports of big black
cats from the UK but has the animal somehow made its way across the channel? In recent news residents of Lille France saw
a large Black cat and snapped some clear pictures of the creature. Since the beginning of this cryptid mystery
it has been proposed that the mystery cat was a black panther and that is the exact
species that was eventually captured in France. The Black Panther was found roaming the rooftops
in the northern French city. The huge stray feline was captured after being
cornered inside a home, local authorities said. The local fire department posted pictures
of the big cat, one of these showed it peering in the top-floor window of a three-storey
red-brick building. Can you imagine waking and seeing those hot
orange eyes, black face and glistening teeth looking in at you!! In another photograph it was captured staring
out over the city, ears pricked, people comparing its appearance to that of a stone gargoyle. The regional La Voix du Nord newspaper reported
that the panther, had escaped from a private apartment
The police first threw up a security cordon around the building, and when the cat slipped
into the window of an apartment believed to be its home, a veterinarian was called in
to dart it with a tranquilizer. Drama obverted. What is interesting is that if these big cats
are being smuggled and kept as pets in France it is no far stretch to say the same is going
on in the UK. This also support the long held theory that
what has been seen in the English countryside are escaped pets. Given enough of these escaped animals it would
not take too long for a breeding population to be established. Next up we step off of the planet and into
the cosmos and take a look at idea that extraterrestrials could be observing us much in the same we
peer out into space from our planet. We have spotted over 4000 planets since the
1990s, so could someone be staring back? What if aliens have zeroed in on our blue
marble, what could they learn about us? The obvious answer is for those who search
the skies themselves hunting for signals from intelligent aliens they would not want their
work to be an exercise in futility, along with these astronomers and scientist are the
regular UFO enthusiast like you and I. It seems a safe bet that if advanced aliens
do exist in our galaxy, they would at least know our planet is here. If human astronomers can find thousands of
worlds in two dozen years, how many exoplanets —planets around other stars — will the
denizens of other solar systems find in, say, a millennium of slogging away? For anyone searching the universe for habitable
worlds it not the finding them which is difficult but the gathering of information about a new
planet once it is found. As of yet we don’t have the capabilities
of casually cruising past a planet and given it a class, like is seen in shows Like start
trek (insertclip) but we may do in the future. If ET has been around a few millennia more
than us and follows the same technological trajectory then they may be able to gather
such information. It can be speculated that they may possess
a class of instrument that would allow them to observe many exoplanets as dots of light
— maybe just a single pixel, imagine how many pixels are on the latest displays here
on Earth and then think about these pixels being planets. Theoretically the aliens could survey thousands
of worlds rather quickly maybe they could direct that light they pick up through a prism,
then analyze its spectral fingerprint and detail the planet’s atmosphere. This being a fast and efficient way to find
new habitable worlds. On this planet astronomers and researchers
recently, used spectroscopy ” the study of the interaction between matter and electromagnetic
radiation.” to find water vapor in the atmosphere of planet
K2-18b, which is a massive 110 light-years away from Earth. If the aliens’ and their telescopes are
more advanced than those on our planet, what they observe could be considerably more detailed. A telescope with a mirror that’s kilometers
in size would allow the extraterrestrial race to make actual detailed images of another
planet and possibly Earth. So maybe this is how things have played out,
could we soon find out? With the recent admission by the US navy to
the existence of UFO craft we are inching closer to disclosure. When or if disclosure arrives could we find
out that our planet has long been under the watchful gaze of an alien race? Still on an alien theme there is no way I
could make a news video without including one of the most viral UFO stories in years,
the raid on area 51! Let look at “the Storm area 51” aftermath. So September 20th came and went and after
all the hype the event crashed and burned just like the UFO at Roswell. A small group of people did gather close to
the entrance of the not so secret military installation but surprise, surprise no aliens
were busted out. The ‘Storm Area 51′ may have been somewhat
of a flop but it will go down in history it became cultural phenomenon over the weeks
that lead up to the “D Day” or maybe “A51 day” would be better a name. celebrities, late-night comedians, and national
news organizations all took notice of the event and jumped on the band wagon helping
promote and spread the plan with at its peak over 2 million people claiming that they would
attend. Authorities issued a number of stern warnings,
precautions were taken, examples were made, and festivals were formed all in an effort
to ensure that a massive group of people did and did not show up to the Groomlake facility. It seems the authorities won out or that people
were just full of bravery when sat behind their keyboards, around 75 to 100 people made
the trek all the way up to the gates of Area 51 early Friday morning at the planned time
for the ‘raid’ and their purpose appeared to be mostly so that they could take pictures
in front of the signage for the site. For those keeping score at home, two people
run afoul of the law: a woman who tried to circumvent a gate at the site and a man answering
the proverbial ‘call of nature’ at the entrance to the base. Some 1,500 people were expected to attend
the many festivals that people held in nearby towns celebrating the ‘Storm Area 51’ phenomenon
over the weekend. The event I feel was a failure and just shows
how online campaigns often fail to materialize in the real world. What did you think of the three stories featured
in the video, is there anything you would like to add? Let me know
in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. BIG CATS, Alien worlds and Area 51

  1. Hello IF I really enjoyed this video. That sure was a beautiful black panther in France. Poor baby was trying to get back in. I sure hope that they treat it well! They are out there. My son and I saw one in the road in front of the entrance of where we live. It was slightly bigger than a German Shepherd. ????❤️

  2. Damn, I would've had a ?seizure, if I found a panther in my home ???⚰️
    2K/2million was a bit of a let down, but at least no one got shot..
    Great news, Thank You IF ♥️

  3. Let's be honest here. The Area 51 raid will indeed go down in history–as the biggest flop of all time. All the hype, all the trash talking–You know what I'm talking about IF. You received more than a few comments from the kids eager to raid. And what happened? Nothing worthwhile. Those people were so intent on finding intelligent life at the raid. Maybe they should have looked for intelligent life here first.

  4. All of these 3 stories were amazing..
    I have a little "black panther" living with me..?
    The space is big and maybe it has some earth like planets out there..
    The storm at Area 51 at least some people made it.. But authorities were waiting for them.. Lol..
    Thanks for sharing another awesome content..?

  5. I knew the area 51 would end up becoming a festival, but I was hoping aliens would show up. Perhaps they knew it would flop.

  6. Black Panther is a bit of a misnomer implying that panthers come in other colours. They don't. Panthers are black. It is the least diversified cat species and the black is rarely true black but very dark brown. They do go grey with age and albinism can occur as with any "hairy" mammals.
    You mention that ET would have followed a similar technological development trajectory. I contend that is impossible unless ET is human. By definition ET is alien and thus would have taken a trajectory suitable for their species.

  7. It's not a stretch to think that we are being observed by ET's given the shift we are going through. NOT "aliens". They are us albeit more evolved. They are here to help us (through free will) to make it through the shift. They will NOT interfere and are NOT here to "save" us. That would be like helping the butterfly exit his chrysalis. There are many species of ET's observing us to see how we handle our evolution because this particular shift has never been done before! <3

  8. Can't believe people are stupid enough to think they can have a wild animal like a big cat. They are so beautiful! Yeah, area 51… I like to think that people just want the truth

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