Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! Experiment: CHRISTMAS BUNNY RABBIT vs CAR vs FOOD

Many soft crunching sound are made. The Christmas light make loud popping sounds under the car tire. There are crackling sound made. Wet crushing sounds are made. There is a quick wet pop. Metal cracking sound are made from the toy cars. Pop! There are soft crushing sounds made with the Christmas present decor. Wet squishy sound are made. Some laughs off screen. Pop! You can hear plastic scooting across the concrete with some cracking sounds. Crack, smash crunch! Crunch! Loud crackling is made. Deep wet crushing sound. No no no! Never hurt a real animal! Loud gassy sound are made and someone laughs off screen. A deep crushing metal sound is made No sound is made. No sound is made again. Someone laughs off screen.

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