hey guys bill here this week I have a very interesting video that was submitted I want to make sure to get his name right anteus his son from Indonesia now it just came across a video that claims to show a crocodile trainer being killed by the very crocodiles that he cares for it what is this video real or is it fake that's what India's wants to know the first thing I did was look at the video three or four times to see the basic material on the surface it looks pretty authentic typical grainy mobile footage shot in the vertical position it shows a guy in a robe walking confidently among a dozen or so crocodiles for a few moments she's holding a stick or something so I'm assuming he's a trainer of some type at one point he even holds one of the crocodiles by the tail but a few minutes later he looks like he's on his way back out of the croc enclosure and crosses over one of the crops that's when the croc suddenly grabs him by the leg and the guy falls to the ground we don't really see what happens next because somebody steps in front of the camera recording all this when the view is clear again the man in the black rope is gone now the video goes on for a couple more minutes but we never see the man in the robe again and that's what makes me suspicious about this video I mean don't you think it's just a little too convenient that a man steps right in front of the camera view at the moment of truth and the person holding the camera does not try to get around the man somehow to see what's happening there's something fishy going on here but I can't quite put my finger on it leaving the video I went over to the world wide database for crocodile attacks and did an advanced search on this event I couldn't find any mention of it I then went to but there was nothing there either nor was there anything on hope sir fact hopes later I have to admit I was a little stumped by this one for a little while but then it occurred to me that maybe the best approach is the simple approach what I did was I ran a Google News search on Traynor killed by crocodile in three languages and suddenly there it was a BBC news article from September 2013 was still pictures that look like they came from the video I was researching but hey if you're thinking this is true just because the BBC reported it remember that video we did a couple of weeks ago about the testicle eating fish ten newspapers reported it was true but in reality it was false according to the article the trainer's name was dick Oh Toki and he was a crocodile feeder at the presidential palace in a West African country called the Ivory Coast the palace is not open to the public but the lake where the Crocs live is a tourist attraction at about 5 p.m. every day people pay to watch dico and his team feed live chickens through the waiting crocodiles okay now I know this is kind of gross you're probably wondering hey bill why are you showing me this well according to John James who wrote the article for the BBC News this is more than just feeding this is partly a sacrificial ritual which is tied very deeply to the dominant culture in this country this ethnic group originally came from Ghana three centuries ago they were under attack at the time and to escape they needed to cross a river filled with crocodiles the Queen sacrificed her only child to the river god as the legend goes and because the God was pleased they were all able to cross the river on the back of crocodiles so this is the reason why the presidential palace has a lake with crocodiles in front of it and it's also the reason why this feeding ceremony is also sort of a sacrificial ritual re-enacting the legend now Dickel fed the crocodiles for over 30 years and was said to know each one intimately he made a regular habit of posing for the tourists who liked to take his picture in his article mr. James wrote like many other Muslims that day he was wearing a long robe but still kept his rusty machete in one hand as he skipped over the last crocodile on his way to the barrier the reptile caught hold of his robe it wasn't anything he hadn't dealt with before but on this occasion he lost his balance and fell to the ground now you have to look closely but here you see there was another crocodile at the water's edge and this one was one of the biggest crocodiles in the land once it saw mr. Toki in a vulnerable position it grabbed him and dragged him into the water and devour here we can see the giant croc mauling Toki in the middle of the lake none of mr. Toki's remains were ever recovered okay now I said just because it's BBC doesn't mean we should actually believe this is true but buried in the article there was a mention that there was a second camera at this event on what crazy I looked all over the Internet and guess what I came up with the second video the second video shows everything the first video shows it even has mr. Toki crossing over the crocodile and then falling to the ground this camera pans away at the moment of truth but I think that's just the natural reaction of the person holding okay now based on the fact that there were two videos covering the same event and the fact that it would be highly unlikely that you would have to hoaxsters operating at the same time I'm declaring the video trainer killed by crocodile to be and you guessed it real and that my friends brings me to the question of the board why do you think none of mr. Toki's remains were ever found it seems a little bit mysterious to me let me know what your opinion is in the comment section below and hey if you've come across a picture or video and you can't quite tell whether it's real or fake send it over to Bill's channel @ or on my facebook at slash Phil's channel and I'll see you again real soon


  1. Where do u think his remains are?” Idk ask the person who said that man that got killed by a lot of crocs he cared for hmm? His body is in that crocs body he ATE HIM

  2. Snopes isnt always right either, like BBC and many msm outlets

    Salt ? crocs almost have a 4000 psi bite
    Most powerful bite in the animal kingdom, about 3x more powerful than a hippo

    Ima Cat ?


  4. Dont be stupid. They were on rocks, im sure it was hard to get around each other. And as for not seeing the man. If you know ANYTHING about crocodiles ot alligators..they LOVE pulling their food into the water where they have full control of it.

  5. Hey Bill, why don't you just go ahead and kill yourself? Seriously, delete all your videos. Suffocate yourself by running your car in the garage.

  6. I see comments saying "StOp KiLlInG tHe ChIcKeNs" they would have died anyway so… that's how nature works!

  7. well I guess this croc was not a croc of faith in the croc God.. sacrifying chickens meant just a snack to him. don't mess with crocs

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