Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet Tiger/Part:10

Hi everyone today and bring another video from Animal blanket series. In this video I am going to show you how to crochet this tiger if You miss my previous videos. Please click on my channel name CRAFT & CROCHET to get those videos also Don’t forget to join with my thousand of subscribers by clicking subscribe button and bell icon if you new for my channel If you like this video, please thumbs up Okay, let’s get start Okay for Tiger face I’m using orange for a circle and white color square this is the order for this blanket and orange white and black these three colors we need to make Tiger face And four millimetre crochet hook first I am gonna make slip stitch this each space This around the circle I am gonna make a slip stitch In my previous video I did explain how to do this circle with a square Please find out the link down below Like this around the circle Here I am I’m finish now Slip stitches for around circle Now I’m going to make a ears I’m using 3.5 millimeter crochet hook I’m using this two corner to make ears This corner to 2 chains down and 2 chain this this 4 chain I’m using to make ears, same color yarn Start with the three chain One two three into the same space one more double crochet Chain two double crochet Chain three 1 double crochet chain 4 1 double crocheted altogether 5 double crocheted This orange colour is little bit bright Chain 2 turn another side I’m gonna make each space 2 double crochet but last loop on the hook like this 1 again double crochet last loop on the hook. I have a 3 loops on the hook now 4 loops This is last one I have 5 loops on the hooks I am gonna go through these five loops and make one stitch And cut the yarn and tie this It’s like this Five double crochet and Same like other side start with this 4 chain to five double crochet Next I’m using black color yarn Start with the same chain Go through the same chain and chain one This Side I am gonna make a single crochet one single crochet Two single crochet Three single crochet Four single crochet and five single crochet One two three four five on the top going the last one six single crochet Next turn other side go down up two down One single crochet two single crochet Three single crochet Three four Four single crochet five single crochet and I’m gonna join with the last chain Like this both side have a five single crochet and a top have a one altogether have a 11 single crochet around the ears This yarn you have to tide like this Another side you have to do same way this is the Tiger years It is come like this. Next I’m gonna make a eyes. I’m using white color yarn and black color yarn to make eyes First I’m using black color yarn and 2.5 millimeter crochet hook Magic ring into the magic ring chain 1 and single Crochet 1 2 3 Four Five Six Seven altogether seven single crochet and join with the first chain Next I’m using white color yarn To this black circle. go through the single crochet space chain one In the same space single crochet one single crochet Into next space two single crochet One more like this First circle have a seven single crochet into each Single crochet I’m gonna make two single crochet Second round is coming all together fourteen single crochet Now we are going to make a last two single crochet I Have a 14 single crochet now join with the first chain and Cut the yarn it is come like this. we need two of these for tiger eyes Two looks like this next I’m gonna make a tiger nose I’m using same color white. Sorry same color size and 2.5 millimeter crochet hook I Need slim Yarn, but I’m using same yarn I am going to show you little trick Like pull yarn to both side then it is become slim. It’s like this you can see it bit closer looks like this See two different size and I’m using two point five millimetre crochet hook into magic ring three chain and I am gonna fill this magic ring with 12 double crochet We have a six seven eight 12 one two three, four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve, I have a 12 double crochet and go through the third chain Join and chain three into the same space two more double crochet all together three double crochet One two three Into the next space two half double crochet Next three space to half double crochet one half double crochet 2 half double crochet and three half double crochet again next space to I am gonna make two half double crochet Into the next space three double crochet Again 2 half double crochet 1 2 next three space I am gonna make again half double crochet Into the last space I gonna make two half double crochet And join with the third chain Then I can get like this shape This same yarn, I’m using This one I made Without pulling and this one is pulled. one become smaller size. you Can see this different I’m using a smaller one for this tiger If you have a small size yarn you can use it. This the one I’m using smaller size one Next I’m using black color yarn to make nose and mouth and Yarn needle I’m gonna show you how to stitch Mouth and nose, please Follow this video these are the all the parts we need for Tiger I’m gonna add these parts for his face I’m using normal needle and white color thread to add this parts make a little stitch to around the circle and hold two finger like this it is look like this same for these two eyes It’s come like this I’m gonna finish this tiger now. I’m using black color yarn and your needles I am gonna put two Three stitches long stitches like this One and two Three like this And tie this yarn in the backside Next I’m gonna show you how to do this for face both side and Please follow this video Okay this is my finish tighter For our blanket We finished this one in this video If you like this video, please thumbs up and share with your friends, thank you very much for watching see you again with another video.

33 thoughts on “Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet Tiger/Part:10

  1. I just love this blanket. I’m almost ready to start making the animal faces. Lol I get excited every time you post a new animal. Just trying to finish up the squares ??

  2. Very beautiful design. Looks very comfortable and a feeling of warmth is there. Nice tutorial video. Have a nice day friend.

  3. Bonjour, tout d'abord un grand merci pour votre partage c'est juste magnifique j'adore et en plus traduit en Français moi qui suis nul en langue sa me fait hyper plaisir merci beaucoup ! je voulais savoir combien de vidéo vous avez posté je me suis arrêté à 10 c'est bien cela ?je la ferais très certainement pour une prochaine naissance merci pour votre réponse belle après midi

  4. Thank you for providing tutorials for this blanket and all the animals. When will you be releasing your next ones and will you be doing the tutorial for the farm animals soon please? ? ? ?
    Thank you from
    Heather In the UK ?❤️

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