Crochet animal blanket/crochet baby blanket/crochet play mat/crochet blanket/Part:1

Hi everyone today I bring a
beautiful baby blanket. I made another video before, how to connect the square
perfectly. Please click on my channel name and get more other videos .Ok
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Today I’m going to use this all yarn for my blanket. it’s very colourful
blanket. Mainly I’m using white and grey color you can use any color if you have. Basically they need different color yarn
and I’m using 4 millimetre crochet hook for the animal face. First we need the
magic ring. Into this magic ring, we made a 3 chain first .1 2 3 into this
ring we need 12 double crochet. I am using now little bit dark color because
you need to see the properly. I’m going to make today 30 animals. pull this yarn and conect it together
this is first round. join with the very first third chain. 12
double crochet. we’re going to start second round.
start with the three chain. In to the same space one more double crochet. this every
chain space need two double crochet. this round we need 12 sorry 24
double crochet. I have a 23 double crochet now. i’m going to make 24 double
crochet and join with the top of the third chain. join with slip stitch and this is my
second round. this is got 24 double crochet. Im gonna start third round now
start with the 3 chain into the next space one more double crochet and next
space to two more double crochet. this time
third round going one double crochet one double crochet two double crochet. one
second one is one third one and fourth one is together this round is going same
pattern 1 1 2 1 1 2 a thing you can understand this. that’s really easy.
you can use any colors and this the size for the animal face. I can show you
different color faces. I made this round with every round make to same size.
and 3 round I use third round to 36 double crochet. make sure this all the
circle need to same size I’m gonna make 30 color animal face. I decided to make
30 animals first we need to put this all circle for order and divide to the 15
color. 15 circle for the one color and 15
circle for another color. I am using mainly today for the
background white color and grey color. I’m using this 15 circle for the white
and this 15 I’m using for the gray color this 15 circle – I’m using gray color
squares for the background now I’m going to use this brown color
to grey color background and I’m using a stitch marker for this making
corner. first we need to divide this circle for the four corner I’m using
stitch marker. this 36 double crochet. I divide to 9 double crochet. so nine
double crocheted and one stitch marker. 4 5 8 9 and use the one more
stitch marker. when you make mark like this. this is very easy to make square. now
I’m going to join this yarn for the brown circle. we start with this stitch marker
space. go through the space and make three two three ,into the same space we need one more double crochet .10 2 1
2 into the same space we need two more double crochet .this is the first corner
we need one more double crochet into the next space .another double crochet four
double crochet five going a half double crochet six going a half double crochet seven going a half double crochet eight
gonna half double crochet four six seven eight next into the next space we need double
crocheted next space – one more double crochet into the next corner we need two
more double crochet into the same space we’re going to make it next corner chain
two into the same space two more double crochet .the stitch marker space again one more double crocheted one
more double crochet first fourth double crochet and five six seven eight half
double crochet nine ten eleven twelve double crocheted four seven eight double
crochet nine double crochet ten double crochet eleven and twelve together. chain
two into the same space two more double crochet. if you follow this step by step
you can get nice squares 4 double crocheted next four is half
double crochet so once I’d have a 12 double crochet and
half double crochet all together 12 chain two in the same space we need two
more double crochet. I think you can understand .what is going on this pattern 2,4, double crochet . This is last double
crochet ten and join with the very first third chain. that’s the first round use
the slip stitch go to the next corner – I am using 2 slip stitch I’m gonna use 3 chain for the next round. one more
double crochet chain two two more double crochet into the same space I’m going to
make next round to the this round I’m using only double crochet. if you follow
this step by step you can get the nice squares and beautiful blanket. next space – two
more double crochet & two chain into the same space two more double crochet second round we need 15 double crochet
each side .join with a slip stitch with the very first third chain go to the next corner with using by slip
stitch I’m gonna use three chain to the third
round one double crochet two three this time I’m using three chain for the
corner and two more double crochet it’s the third round first corner first and
second round I’m using two chain for the corner third round I’m using three chain
for the corner and I’m using this time only double crochet.
I need 18 double crochet for the each side for the last round make sure you how to make all the
squares and circles same size otherwise your blanket is not coming properly I’m
gonna make a second corner now into the chain two space make two more double
crochet and this time we used like a first corner three chain one two three
chain into the same space two more double crochet make sure this both side
need to same size stitch. I’m gonna show you this finish square now this
each side have a same stitch first twelve and second fifteen third round
18 double crochet join with that very first third chain This is the basic for this blanket .you can
see my order squares comment same size I’m made 15 circle for the white
background and 15 circle made with the gray color background this is the basic
things for this blanket I’m gonna make now a frog face I made four frog eyes
I’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook into this magic ring and make 12 double
crocheted this is my 12 double crochet i’m using 2.5 millimeter crochet hook
for the frog eyes I think you can see I’m using for the
ice background green color I’m using single crochet for the
background now I’m going to show you how to make a
lion face I think you can’t see properly with the white background I’ll show you
with the gray color background we need the slip stitch for this all round I’m using this orange color for face of lion.
first we need to make a this round chain. I think you can see properly
with this. I made like this with this all around
and after this each chain need to three double crochet i’m using 2.5
millimeter crochet hook for the lion each chain into the each chain I need 3
double crochet I think you can see here I’m gonna explain how to make couple of
animals using same method to use lion men. it’s same like a snail body
this time I’m using half double crochet into the each chain I made 2 half double
crochet I made snail face I use 2.5 millimeter crochet hook with the
12 double crocheted little circle and this bear I used two point five
millimeter crochet hook for the bear ears and Bear faced I make a little circle for
the face to eyes I’m used to point five millimeter crochet hook with the 12
double crochet now I’m going to show you how to make
the horsey face I use for this face 2.5 millimeter crochet hook I made 30 animals for this blanket quite
difficult to showing all the animals if you need more detail feel free to
comment below. this is for the frog eyes I made another video before how to
connect this squres properly please click on my channel name{CRAFT & CROCHET} to get the other videos thank you very much for watching if you
need to more detail feel free to comment below if you want to get more videos
please subscribe to my channel thank you. very much you

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